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  1. EDIT - All my problems have been fixed by SSG, Navigraph installed incorrectly and I was using a wrong cost index.
  2. "Even a 3rd party redid the whole lot of textures to which again I couldn't see the really big significant difference?" Sorry but I fail to understand how somebody could interpret Pumper's cockpit as anything else BUT a significant (positive) difference, the old FF 777 cockpit was out of proportion and switches were unrealistically modelled, not to mention a lot of corners were cut like mentioned in the review. I defiantly agree with the statements as to what SHOULD have been worked on, such as wingflex.
  3. Probably a failure... but it's weird that the problem is recurring. I would recommend making sure that no failures are active, do this by un-ticking 'Custom Failures' in the menu. Also, Flight Factor just released a new update of the 777, so if the above does not work try reinstalling the whole thing. For the rest... I can only advise making sure you fly the aircraft properly, and if the situation gets desperate send the 777 support team a mail with your log and they will help.
  4. Is the FMC on iPad included in the standard B777 or is it part of the 'extended package'? If so, I assume it is an app that you install that works in harmonay with an X-plane addon... can anybody confirm?
  5. "but you slowly sort of gradually sort of get there... eventually." This made my day, literally.
  6. What an incredible history... especially the retractable tail skid. Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess! And how Boeing dealt with 3 major airliners at once... satisfying them all, just amazing. It's hard to believe that this aircraft was built in the 60s, but then again, look at how far we have come with technology these days...
  7. Sorry I wasn't clear, my bad. I ment I had a dilemma between the 732 and the dash, but chose the dash because of the price difference... I was scared to buy the 732 because of the price, I had no idea what to expect since I don't buy many add-ons, so I pictured it as a risk. If I had found this review earlier, I almost certainly would have had the confidence to chose the 732 instead of the dash. But never the less, I'm still over the moon with the Dash, a very subtle introduction into the world of payware. I'll be interested to see what you guys think of it too! Very excited. Thanks for the reply!
  8. Looks like an amazing aircraft, so different compared to the newer 737-800s! I was looking at this, but then found FJS Dash 8. The only thing that stopped me was the price... might be starting to regret that decision now. Speaking of the Dash, have you guys ever done a review on it? If so I can't seem to find it...
  9. This is a very impressive site, shame I hadn't have found it earlier. Stephen Dutton has contributed so much to the X-Plane community, a very hard working man by the looks of it.
  10. Choice of Review Although I'm very new to this website (I was introduced via forums.x-plane.org). I've had a quick look at the content and I've chosen the since it is the review that I can most relate to. I've bought other products from this developer, and was considering this aircraft as a result. Motivation for Choice Speaking as a 13 year old wannabe pilot, one of the most exciting things about this article is how it links the simulation to the real world with historical references. The down to earth nature of the review raises its credibility and motivates me towards considering purchasing the 732. The fact that Stephen Dutton has conducted a full documented flight also adds value. His balance between opinion and fact is just right. eg."The chunky (and quite worn) Pilot and Co-Pilot yokes do take up a lot of the panel view, removed you can now see the instrumentation clearer." Good terminology, paints the picture, combined with vital information, exactly like you'd want it! Note Due to the quality of add ons and reviews here, I will be visiting this site often as long as I still fly on X-Plane (likely a long time, as I am starting gliding training this year!). Also, the community here is just superb, so far I feel very at home here and I admire how much effort the managers of the site put into communicating with the brilliant community they've created. Summary · Stephens review of the 732 offers an excellent balance of information, and personal opinion · Immersive and thorough review · Helpful when comparing products · Adding confidence to the consumer · Supplying advice/feedback to the seller/developer · Overall positive contribution to the X-Plane Community. Thanks for taking the time to read this, Max
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