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  1. Thanks for this review. Raleigh is my home, and I've been hoping to see a good RDU for quite a long time now--especially after our beautiful new terminal was completed. At its current quality level, I would say this product is overpriced. I do wish these designers would spend more time on modeling the most prominent structures (i.e., the beautiful arch roof features of Terminal 2), instead of putting drink machines and passenger paraphernalia inside the terminals.
  2. Stephen, thanks for your kind reply--and for allowing a bit of a critique of your reviews! Many people nowadays have zero tolerance for anything but flattery.
  3. Speaking as a longtime fan and loyal Carenado customer (easily $1K lifetime purchases), this is without question one of the worst products Carenado has ever released. There are enormous system simulation errors in this model (CTOT, entire autopilot interface, aerodynamic holes in the plane modeling), and the cockpit textures are, to be generous, perhaps up to X-Plane 9 standards. It's disappointing when a review misses the mark this badly. We would all benefit from more honest, thorough product reviews.
  4. Photos are nice, but SSG won't fool me twice--if this product doesn't have realistic systems (especially on the avionics front) from the get-go, then I'll be spending my cash on something else. And I hate to say this, as I've been waiting a decade for a CRJ7 in X-Plane.
  5. Really wish Carenado would focus less on aesthetics and more on airfoil modeling and avionics. With their previous jet aircraft, modeling has been poor at best. There are of course tons of customers who fly in X-Plane with regard for nothing other than appearances--and that's fine. But I suspect many among the rest of us sure would love to see Carenado release a jet that flew like one.
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