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  1. Enjoyed the review, have bought the Hawk very pleased, have sat in a Hawk, very good copy. Did the Lake District earlier this afternoon, and very pleased with the scenery downloaded off Flightsim.com for free that upgraded the standard system. Managed to identify Striding Edge and Helvellyn. Question, I can only seem to get in the back seat by 'leaning back' with the head tracker, Trackir. The handbook only states 'try the back seat' but I cannot find a reference where you can get there in a more acceptable "stable" view, it kinda shakes about and I'm not comfortable, I'm doing something wrong, but being older, I can't find the right instruction. Otherwise it's fine. Yes it's a handful on landing and the brakes on ground steering are a bit twitchy, but I'm very pleased with the purchase. No problem if it's not possible to answer the question
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