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  1. right, our 412 is deeply bound to v10 of x-plane backporting would mean a substantial rewrite of the entire thing
  2. 0.9.1 will (probably) be distributed next week. Main changes are: - fix of the collective disengage issue - fix of the system failure reset on exit issue - experimental support for hardware throttles - paintkit (some independently developed liveries are already out but you need 0.9.1 to fully enjoy those) Regards
  3. Thank you for the accurate review (and for helping us tune the AP) I am currently working to fix the biggest issue of v0.9 (the collective disengage) - with help from the beta testers I found the issie and I am testing the best fix. There will be soon a v0.9.1 Version 1.0 will probably be some time in september Regards Alberto (x-trident)
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