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  1. BUG ! On taxiway instead to cross over bridge, autoroute is crossing aircraft taxi way. I am missing 2 vehicle tunnels ! This is ennoying, so I wrote to the developers and sent also an image but no respond !? Have you also seen this bug?
  2. In fact I love to simulate the B748! I purchased it as it came out first and made some beautiful flights with it over many airports in the (simulated) world. I have despite all the bags (and there were quite a few) this model continued flown and also participated in discussions about necessary improvements. Then at some point it was too much trouble with the FMC and the route planning, so I put this model in the hangar. Now after the last update I tried it again using 2 screens for simulation. At first the Xchecklist application didn't work (importer for start from cold and dark). Then I tried
  3. I am simulating X-Plane11 on my iMac high end (end 2015) and getting also low framerates between 11 - 15 fps. My graphic parameters are in the middle of range. Astonishing enough that the simulation itself is running smoothly. I think that simulating under real weather condition using SkyMAXX and my recording software are the main reason for it. Epic1000 new version is not the best aircraft model on X-Plane market, it is the best of the best - no doubt ! There is nothing to add or to wish (or maybe a landscape view on PFD)
  4. Very important review that challenges a reaction for a fruit discussion. First of all I (and probably many of X-Plane user) am constantly and often impatient awaiting X-Plane updates. With every update I get more exciting innovation that enrich my simulation. Better framerates result, extraordinary sceneries that come closer and closer to reality, cockpit equipment like modern flight computers that let simulation become futuristic, etc. Thinking about what Vulkan and Metal API's will bring with gives my imagination wings. On the other side of this golden medal exist the development worl
  5. FF 320U is a flop. I was at that time excited to acquire a deep in the systems going model, despite the bad experience with FF. What I feared came true. Just like the unfinished A350 (in particular MCDU without SID / STAR), the A320 model did not go beyond the unfinished beta development phase. The hysterical initial enthusiasm is transformed into a grave silence. And now not only a working adaptation to XP 11:32?! On the other side JAR A320 was developed step by step and has now a new MCDU , a co-pilot, X-Life-ATC, ground service (not like the FF toys) and excellent flight dynamic !
  6. I want to define it clearly again. Carenado is a recycling workshop. What I like in their models is just the seat upholstery. You should compare cockpit instruments with different models - it is a repeated recycling. You should compare the models with the real current edition and you would see that only older versions are displayed. For example, Carenado Citation II S550 (1978-2006) is now offered exclusively with the Garmin GTN 750! Even this system provided by X-Plane for developers (!) has not even been installed. I also deny the good dynamic flow characteristics of Carenado models (just re
  7. In my opinion, Carenado is suitable to make the upholstery of flight models. Everything else is recycling old instrument board plus some ads. Everything that Carenado brings out does not reflect the state of the art in the development of airplane models. It is time for this company to undergo training in modern flying technology.
  8. I enjoy reading your post. In many things I feel the same. I also have my flight routes in Europe and USA using X-Life since it came out. Personally I think that X-Life is a better solution because of it simple use and fascination of bringing with one click airports to be life. X-Life is restricted to checked airports and most of them are payware. But I didn't hesitated, bought them all and got the feeling of taking-off, landing and parking in a near real airport. I used to fly on short distances that the JAR net enables. As I wrote today in one of the other posts, my problem is t
  9. What the hell it has this short (and bad made) video to do with File a flight plan? Instead I am thinking about X-Plane user very poor use of one of the best and mostly near real dispatch software : SimBrief.com One extremely talented man has developed it and presented to us for free use! Nearly every important aspect of flight planing is included and flightplans can be directly downloaded to put into X-Plane FlightPlans folder (or X-Life FlightPlans folder as well). In fact I think that most of X-Plane user are gamer! They are not interested to dive deeper into
  10. I have waited for a long time to get ( also if with additional payment) an upgraded version of the B748. I am very disappointed from the SSG team because of neglecting the further development of this model. And yes I know that they have to make money, but I expect that parallel to their new Embraer, to refresh and improve this old model even as I said as upgraded payware... There are a lot of things that are not working as they should, especially the heart of the B748 - his FMC. While in other airliner such as the JAR products it is an easy task to program routes, th
  11. I would like to thank you Stephan for your great work. I enjoy reading your reviews. They also help me to made my purchase decisions and doing so, indeed I avoided disappointments ... Keep on doing...... ilankrt
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