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  1. The answer is for the developer not for you, Their is alot of issues that it need to be fixed and they are not doing a thing yet to able to fix it right. They could fix it and update just like Zibo does he always update with his new version patch. but magknight not giving us a week update.
  2. we need landing performance too all we got is take off try to complete this aircraft make just like Qualtywings same as FMC try to follow the steps too. try to get the calculations right. calculate aircraft performance - time/speed/distance/course/fuel/wind. Try to Test it first do not release it yet first See how it work for you, ONCE It works out pretty good then ever was before same as Qualtywings then release and make everyone happy so they don't get very disappointed, I am not even flying my magknight so I am just being patient till everything works well as Realistic as it gets. The
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