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  1. Just a small correction: the instrument is Turn Coordinator, not Artificial Horizon.
  2. Dear Stephen, thank you for the great article, but I was left very surprised with you totally ignoring Hotstart’s TBM900, which to my humble opinion stood out this year with its innovation and total design. I don’t know if there is some “bad blood” between .ORG users to X-Aviation products that causes this treatment to the above product, but as an unbiased reader (and real world pilot) I’m expecting a true journalism integrity when reading professional reviews. Again thank you for the great (and rare) website.
  3. http://simvrlabs.com/in-the-lab/ has great freeware upgrade for VR to all kind of aircraft, enabling use of VR controlers. For the PC-12 I think it works only with the XP11 version of the plane.
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