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  1. I come back to you it's good I solved the problem I put my plane in extra aircraft I see the arrow and the plane is activated !!!! by cons I have no sound not his engine nothing at all
  2. Mon avion est activer actuellement mais je n'ai pas de son moteur, ni la flèche de configuration de l'avion.
  3. I do not understand I have to add the ficihier "SASL3_Tbient" in resources / plugins for the plane to activate. it always gives me the same thing and I can not activate the plane. Why? problem.dib
  4. I can not wait to test the plane I am a fan of the piper pa28-161 i downloaded the c ++ 2017 i added the F_PA28_Warrior_ll_v1.5.2 again in general aviation i will launch Xplane i will tell you what's going on.
  5. hello my friend yes I am on windows 7 full edition. I have all the microsoft c ++ except 2017 I will download them
  6. I'm sorry it does not do anything wheel or no wheel I have no arrow that I have to spend 34 € anyway I'm not able to fly with the plane. Explain me the installation procedures of the plane to see if I did exactly the same as you
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