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  1. Stephen, I was wondering if you could tell me which GA aircraft to look in to that won’t drop my frame rates as much as the Ovation. I have a current rig - a GEforce 1080 runs three 27 inch monitors: It allows me to enjoy X-plane 11.20 at max resolution running at medium settings: 60s in the rural areas, and just enough in the tank to run 30 in cities. This Mooney drops me down to 20 in cities and 40 in the rural. Are there any payware planes for v 11 that you would recommend that aren’t as resource intensive as the Mooney? Thank you. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. The tide is turning. Every month, the community is constructing the world piece by piece, city by city, downtown skyline by downtown skyline, World Traffic 3 ground route by World Traffic 3 ground route. And there a handful of community leaders that are leading the charge. They seem to have limitless time and energy. And I want to thank you, Stephen, because you too are a community leader. You are The guide through the rapidly expanding catalog of aircraft payware and plugins. Having followed X-plane ever since I first read about it in Popular Mechanics, the progress has been staggering,
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