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  1. Happy Birthday dear X-Plane Reviews ! I read every review and I can't choose only one, I like your reviews of the Bell 412, the FJS 722/732, FF birds, ... I read them cause you help me to buy only the really good ones "for me" ! So, thanks to you, for your time and work. See you in the comments of a review or another ;-) Christophe. EBBE.
  2. Hi Stephen, Really nice review, thanks ! Just a note about: "This aircraft is the first aircraft from Carenado that is not available for X-Plane9®, Only X-Plane10® from this release forward." I think that's the third aircraft available only for XP10: right after the Malibu and the B200. Christophe
  3. Another detail: I think Carenado makes its last step with the v9 since this is the first aircraft available for v10 only...
  4. Hi Stephen, Great review as always. Are you sure about this: "You won't even want to use the prominent extended range tank under the right wing that will give you an extra hour's range." I think that is a weather radar pod like this one: http://bennettavionics.com/4848x2v1.html Christophe.
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