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  1. Hi Stephen, You're right, it's a great great news ! I guess you'll be in some troubles when you'll have to choose between your 777 cargo and this one for your F1 world tour Regards, Christophe
  2. My question was more about the depth of the simulated systems. Without looking for a CBT, I'm looking for an aircraft where I have to read and practice before mastering it. My heart would choose the 757 but the Maddog is, well, the Mad Dog. ;-)
  3. Hi Stephen, I love the 757 by default in the "after-the-737-classic-jet-era", but I didn't (yet) bought the FF757. As I like to use the default MD from v11, on a pure procedure/system point of view, do you prefer to use the FF757 or the Rotate bird ? Thanks ! Christophe
  4. I'm balanced between: - no one killer feature when coming from v4 and then we wait that long for only that ? - where were those developers when they disappeared after v4, leaving their customers as-is ? (what if the same scenario occurs with v5 ?) Other than that, a bit expensive when we see the online offer. Anyway, all the best to v5, I used v4 nearly everyday with pleasure.
  5. Thank you for this review. Beti-X did a marvelous job at Stewart and again at Bella Coola. I didn't know about the Generic Mod Enabler, thanks. Christophe
  6. Thanks to you Stephen for the all work you do each... week ? :-) All the best for this new year, Christophe.
  7. Hi Stephen, Nice review! Just a tiny bit: "Vertigo" is driven by Bertrand (beber) while Laurent drives "Avia71" Thanks for your time
  8. Hi, Do you talk about Carenado or SimCoders ? I guess SimCoders will not integrate the GNS530 since it requires to work on the 3D cockpit for the least, it's a job for the original author: Carenado.
  9. Hi Stephen, You're right, IMHO, the Graphics set up page is far too simple to be able to tweak maybe the most tricky part of the sim. We'll see how LR will receive the calls from the community (see on .org: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/109921-xp11-advanced-rendering-settings/ ) I'm still looking for the (missing?) feature of the local map to be able to change the location (drag-n-drop), the speed, the altitude and the heading... It was useful when you want to debug a scene. Maybe I didn't looked deeply enough :-) (edit> right after this post, I found the solution, thanks to the community: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/110186-maps-are-lacking/&do=findComment&comment=1082732 ) Anyway, I thought that the Canadair CL415 could be updated, maybe Javier is a bit late ? And what about the Citation X ? Cheers, Christophe
  10. Thanks for the nice review, Stephen. Is the G1000 faster than the (last?) v3.3 evolution of the TBM 850 ?
  11. Have a nice trip Stephen and I wish you already an happy 60th birthday! Read you soon!
  12. What? we could hear the falls from an airplane or even a glider ? There is soooooo much things to fix that the fall sound could wait *a bit* IMHO.
  13. Thanks Stephen, nice quick flight review as always. I love weathered aircrafts in general but here I have a problem: the weathering of the panel and interior is really nice but absolutely not in phase with the absolutely perfect fuselage painting. Another thing, I still don't know what to do: purchasing from Nimbus to help them to take-off (nice features overall) or purchasing to Carenado and secretly hoping that SimCoders will release a REP package for this marvelous bird Damn.
  14. Oh. by the way, Javier Rollon is upgrading the Canadair for now:
  15. Geez. My creativity lets me add a Aircrafts.mine/ folder *besides* Aircrafts... with a shorter but quite similar hierarchy. The only one exception is coming from the PMDG DC-6, installed into Aircrafts/ by the installer. Fingers crossed too. :-)
  16. If we stay on the new aircrafts topic, I was surprised to see they'll ship a 737NG and a MD82. Do you think that LR bought the EADT 737NG ? Same question about the Rotate MD-80, modified into a MD82 ? About the Cessna Citation X, the XPv10 showed a 737 without one in the defaults, so I guess that the Citation X could be shipped in the v12...
  17. Good news! But we still wait LR to iron the "runway follows contours" since the feature is released ! And the seasons feature is a must to have too. Those are mandatory (like smooth weather engine) to complete a flight simulator in 2016. In the mean time, they do a great work BTW.
  18. Hi Stephen, It's always a pleasure to read the "Behind the scenes" résumé, thanks! Sad to read that ASN will shutdown. Maybe Angelique could write some reviews here times to times, her reviews are really fin like yours :-) Do you plan to write a review of the IXEG 737 Classic ? Thanks for your time, Christophe.
  19. And, for the records, they planned to implement REP for the A36 too: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=91351&p=978136 woot! :-)
  20. Great overview Stephen, thanks ! I'm more GA for now and I have to say that the Beaver from SMS's Pete is wonderful. I bought the AirfoilLabs's C172 but if it's good, I prefer the Carenado/REP C210 Combo. Thanks to you for those articles! Christophe, EBBE Just a typo in your rsume: GA honorable mention is the CT206 with G1000 I guess.
  21. Dag Stefaan, I flew since few months with the "normal" 210 and I just got the REP package. I only have few hours with it but it's already a real pleasure. I don't use the F33A but the A36 with the Aspen and I hope that SimCoders will dedicate a REP version for the A36. Anyway, if you can't choose, SimCoders post a nice article about: http://www.simcoders.com/2015/10/10/f33a-bonanza-vs-t210-centurion/ Have a nice flight ! (when chosen :-) ) chrstph EBBE
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