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  1. Hi Stephen. I'm a fairly new X-Plane user and I've taken it a step further with the Oculus Rift headset...the best 3D experience ever, using the Flyinside app. The reason for my post on the site and topic is, the LOWI Innsbruck airport is just my favorite place to be. So I purchased and downloaded the scenery app from the X-Plane store. As simple as it sounded to install, I've clearly screwed something up. It says it was for XP10 but I'm using XP11. Now I can't even get the airport to come up at all. Perhaps something went wrong with my file order in Custom Scenery/Scenery Pack.ini iteration. I tried using my installation disk to reload the LOWI component but that hasn't been successful either. Now I'm just frustrated that I can't even use it. Is there anything you can suggest or provide...like what exactly needs to be in the file structure and how the Custom Scenery/Scenery Pack.ini folder should look like?? The Innsbruck installation seemed simple enough, but maybe it's an XP10 to XP11 issue. It should work. Now I just want to get it back to where it was when I installed it...to work at all. Just not knowing is a real drag. What can you suggest on how to do this to get the Innsbruck XP11 up and running?? I also purchased the Night Xp Switzerland scenery pack and not getting that to work either. Gotta be something or some way to get these two packs up and running. Please HELP! I really would appreciate it. Regards, Steve
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