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  1. Hi Jan...I have the plane and i too had the problem... I assume you have properly registered the plane after purchase... If memory serves me, there is a tool tab, accessible on the left-hand side of the screen that has some Alabeo settings...one of those is the culprit...like an open door or something like that... Hope this helps... John H.
  2. Great plane...beautiful... I am using XP 11 and the plane will not fly a flight plan... Am working with Alabeo on a fix....a popular on-line fix does not seem to work...failure of plane to fly flight plan is a bummer for me... The DA 40, which I also purchased, will fly a flight plan...
  3. Hi Donsol...thanks for your reply and you are spot on about AP not workig well at or near maximum speed.... Fro further researching this topic on line, I prepared the following...the "fix" is from 2012...I tried it on the Evictor and it and the speed issue seemed to have helped a lot... "First: what is your altitude and airspeed? The autopilot will have a hard time maintaining the altitude if you are flying near-redline airspeed. Open the X-Plane folder - don't start X-Plane itself. Open Plane-Maker. Click on Expert tab at top middle. Select Artificial Stability. Click on Autopilot at top middle. Tick the box at top left: use custom autopilot constants (to undo changes untick this box, close window and save). Make the changes as I suggested. Close window. Click on File. Choose Save. Start X-Plane and see if the autopilot works now. In the autopilot settings for X-Plane, change the parameters for the pitch-controller: special/set autopilot constants/use custom autopilot constants. Change to this: pitch prediction: 2.4 seconds pitch error for full elevator: 28 pitch response time: 6 seconds pitch rate: 5 degrees/second." The above categories have to be interpreted slightly for XP 11... I assume no responsibility if the above does not work for anyone or causes any uninteended consequences... Cheers, John H.
  4. Nice plane...good value....using XP-11 and cannot get the autopilot to hold altitude.... porpoises up and down...if anyone has a solution, please let me know...wrote X-Plane org about it and no reply..
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