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  1. Thanks to the author of the review for such an impartial and honest review. Regarding the conservation of constants is a good idea. But every time you have to refill the aircraft tank. If you have 15 kg of gasoline left with the tank, you have parked it, then you should have 15 kg. Personally, I did not find much difficulty. The model was tested by a real pilot who owns the SP-30. And I know his review. The plane was tested, even the most insignificant bugs were detected and corrected. So, I know what a fantastic job was done. From the very beginning, I personally understood that the SP-30 is not a game. This is a very accurate digital copy of the aircraft. Let a very small plane, but the level of PMDG. After ten hours of flights, many difficulties will be a thing of the past and you will only enjoy the pleasure of flying.
  2. DC-3 / C-47 Vskylabs. Despite some flaws, the plane is well made, flies perfectly. Possesses completeness. I contacted the author directly, having learned that the project is constantly developing, I decided to do something for the aircraft myself. Thus, a completely new visual perception was born, which was so lacking for this aircraft - panels and rivets. I know that there will be version 3.0 and with the author we have already agreed on my feasible help in working on the cockpit. My name is Oleg Tronov and for me it's DC-3 / C-47 Vskylabs.
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