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  1. Very nice review always enjoy reading your reviews, I must say i am very tempted to purchase this i fly the 319 and 320 quite allot and yes i am one of those 2-3 hour pilots :D A321 being that bit longer makes landings more fun in some of those holiday destination airports in europe. Thank you for a fantastic review.
  2. My aircraft review: Jardesign A320 Neo First off all may i personally say a massive thank you for your excellent reviews the reviews you do are easy to understand easy to read and give a really great review and insight into the product in question so thank you from me to you for your input to the community. I was a long time FSX user before i switched to XP11 and boy am i glad i did. I was a big airbus fan in FSX with the aerosoft airbus bundle and was really looking for a great detailed and in-depth A320. I spent many a hour googling reviews etc then came across you
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