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  1. My aircraft review: Jardesign A320 Neo First off all may i personally say a massive thank you for your excellent reviews the reviews you do are easy to understand easy to read and give a really great review and insight into the product in question so thank you from me to you for your input to the community. I was a long time FSX user before i switched to XP11 and boy am i glad i did. I was a big airbus fan in FSX with the aerosoft airbus bundle and was really looking for a great detailed and in-depth A320. I spent many a hour googling reviews etc then came across your website and read your review fully and it helped me finally decide on the Jardesign A320. I absolutely love the aircraft the level of detail is incredible even the small things really help you enjoy the flight more from the metar computer (something the aerosoft airbus does not do) to the simple and easy to use push back. Every bit of thought as been put into the aircraft to make it as real as possible. The choice of wing tips is great as well as the two engine types you can select. Then there is the huge catalogue of free liveries available on the jardesign website to help enhance the fleet even more. The added feature of cabin crew announcements enhances the realism as does the co pilot who can assit you with the checklists from cold and dark right up to the landing. The developers have really thought of everything with this aircraft where if the temperature is to hot or cold in the aircraft the crew will complain about it and you have to adjust the temperatures. There is a really nice cabin view as well that lets you set up some amazing wing views to watch your flights from the passenger cabin. Would i recommend the Jardesign A320 to people yes i would and would tell anyone out there who is thinking of getting it to go out there and get it as soon as you can.