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  1. In case anyone has forgotten, the day MSFS 2020 was released, there was absolutely NO user guide or manual of any kind. We had to search YouTube for any kind of help we could get. The release of MSFS 2020 was HUGE, and I think most of us expected some bugs, but certainly nothing like we waltzed into. So many settings, so much tweaking, and what turned out for many was so little control of the aircraft. We were given "promises" of scenery that was way beyond anything in any other flight sim. However, we were not told at that time that we would need to have a computer that would make NASA jealous! Yes, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it makes a point. We were a bit mislead. To achieve the results we wanted....and expected...would require a video card that would cost more than our original PC!! On top of that, good luck finding one of those video cards. I have often wondered if MSFS 2020 and its graphics capability and the requirements to reach those graphics has helped create the shortage of the video cards we need. I have used X-Plane since X-Plane 9, and I will continue to use X-Plane 11. I fly the C-172 almost exclusively, since I am a licensed pilot and that is the plane I usually fly. I found the setup of X-Plane to be very easy, and my settings do not change after every update. I can't say the same for MSFS 2020. Not everyone has the same experiences, since we all don't have the exact same PC and setup. I can only relate what MY experiences have been with MSFS 2020. I like the stability of X-Plane. There are no surprises. I get frame rates in the area of 35-50fps consistently. All I can say is if X-Plane comes up with graphics close to what MSFS 2020 has out of the box, then I will delete MSFS 2020 from my PC.
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