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Aircraft Updated : Airbus A340-600 v1.1.1 by Toliss


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A340-600 - v1.1.1_Header.jpg


Aircraft Updated : Airbus A340-600 v1.1.1 by Toliss


ToLiSS has again done an update to the Airbus A340-600. It has only been 7 weeks since the last v1.1 changes (20th June), and yet here is another single digit v1.1.1 update, and and there is a lot in here for such a short time span. I doubt there will be another until the X-Plane12 version as the ToLiSS A346 is already basically X-Plane12 compatible. Updates can now be via the SkunkCraft's updater.


So lets get straight into the changes.


A340-600_XP11 - v111_Head.jpg


There are a few nice new features in this v1.1.1, so it is not restricted to just bug fixing and adjustments.



Biggest new feature is the Refueling truck(s) that add in "Slow" refueling to the aircraft. It is controlled by the ever expanding

Interactive Audio Control Panel (IACP) on the radio "Intercom" and "Cabin Communication" buttons. (Made easier for VR users).


Dial in your Fuel load via -- / ++ selectors and press "Request Fuel", to load the aircraft


A340-600_XP11 - v111_Refuel 2.jpgA340-600_XP11 - v111_Refuel 3.jpg


You now get some very nice animated fuel truck vehicles, one for under each wing that manoeuvre into place and start loading the set fuel load. The Fuel truck detail is very good, but with no fuel hoses to the wings? I wouldn't think this would be noticeable, but it is?


A340-600_XP11 - v111_Refuel 1.jpgA340-600_XP11 - v111_Refuel 4.jpgA340-600_XP11 - v111_Refuel 5.jpgA340-600_XP11 - v111_Refuel 6.jpg


Nice touches are the ECAM messages "Refuel in Progress" and "Refuel Panel", while your fuel numbers go up slowly as per a slow refueling pattern. The Fuel amount is adjusted on the main TISCS menu, but you can't do it the other way around.


A340-600_XP11 - v111_Refuel 7.jpg


Overall the Refueling is a great addition.



The PushBack Truck has also had attention with a redesigned tug. Again it is set on the IACP with "Distance" and " Rotation" (Radius) adjustable. Notable though on the TISCS is the "Manual" option to steer the aircraft by your (Nosewheel) tiller, which is far better as the numbered auto version is hard to get right, as seen here. Overall I would still probably use the BetterPushBack tool as it works very well with the A346.


A340-600_XP11 - v111_Pushback 1.jpgA340-600_XP11 - v111_Pushback 2.jpgA340-600_XP11 - v111_Pushback 7.jpg


A340-600_XP11 - v111_Pushback 3.jpgA340-600_XP11 - v111_Pushback 4.jpgA340-600_XP11 - v111_Pushback 5.jpgA340-600_XP11 - v111_Pushback 6.jpg


Cockpit Textures

Again like in v1.1, here the cockpit textures have had more work done on them. Now we are seeing a more authentic Airbus texture feel...


A340-600_XP11 - v111_Textures 1.jpgA340-600_XP11 - v111_Textures 2.jpg


...  the textures are now starting to feel very, very good, and they should do because they have had a lot of attention in the A346, and a far cry from the earlier ToLiSS styled cockpits earlier. ToLiSS are experimenting here, but expect the same quality to flow into the other Airbus fleet from ToLiSS. Notable is that they are also more focused on X-Plane12's better more active lighting system than the current average X-Plane11 effects, so don't expect them to be really outstanding until we are in X-Plane12, then they should be glorious.


Window Effects

Added has been the option to have either the window reflections and scratches effect, or clean windows. Selection is on the "General Settings/Visual Settings menu.


A340-600_XP11 - v111_Windscreen 1.jpgA340-600_XP11 - v111_Windscreen 2.jpg


Two other features added are; DDRMI now shows the flags for HDG and invalid bearings as needed, and the custom engine model now writes to x-plane's native "engine running" dataref for improved compatibility with 3rd party addons.



One of the great new features in V1.1 was the intergration of SimBrief into the ACARS or "Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System".


This allowed you to easily transfer route data and flight details directly into the FMGS - Flight Management and Guidance System. As a time saver it is a precious tool, and I really love it. In v1.1 there have been two fixes...


The first one is the change from the Flight Number to the callsign in the INIT, directly from SimBrief.


The second change is the most important. In v1.1 the imported Ocean Tracks (NATS) didn't convert very well into the FMGS Flightplan, that has now been fixed. With the correct coordinates now inserted in the right order and data language, so any oceanic crossing is now far easier to install. Selective Runways and SID/STARS still have to set separately.


A340-600_XP11 - v111_SimBrief 1.jpgA340-600_XP11 - v111_SimBrief 2.jpgA340-600_XP11 - v111_SimBrief 3.jpg

Finally the Destination airport elevation import with SimBrief import has also been fixed as well.


Seat Movements

We all really, loved those seat movements with v1.1, well okay, but I am really crazy about them. Two things have been adjusted here, and includes that now the seat (or motors) don't work if the power is off. Secondly is that the animation (switch) hot area is now much larger, making it easier to find the controls and use them, even from above the seats without changing your viewpoint to operate them.


A340-600_XP11 - v111_Seat 1.jpgA340-600_XP11 - v111_Seat 2.jpg


Window Lever

v1.1 also brought us the opening side cockpit windows, but the handle used to go into the side of the EFB, that has now been fixed.


A340-600_XP11 - v111_Window 1.jpgA340-600_XP11 - v111_Window 2.jpg


Last v1.1 notes include; IACP will now work in VR, and the white pointer on the ALT 100/1000ft selector and the baro unit selector is back.


Full Changelog v1.1.1

Minor new features:
- Cockpit texture retuning
- DDRMI now shows the flags for HDG and invalid bearings as needed
- Custom engine model writes to x-plane's native "engine running" dataref for improved compatibility with 3rd party addons
- Option to remove window reflections and scratches for those who do not like it
- Improved pushback truck
- Added fuel truck animations for slow refueling via IACP.
Bug fixes:
- Simbrief import now imports callsign instead of flight number
- Simbrief import now correctly imports waypoints on NAT tracks
- Destination airport elevation import with simbrief import fixed
- No more "seat motor" sound if the aircraft is actually off (motor not powered)
- No more shutdown of engines 1 and 2 when exiting replay
- Improved size of seat adjustment size to allow finding it more easily.
- IACP should now work in VR also
- the white pointer on the ALT 100/1000ft selector and the baro unit selector is back.
- Fixed the side window lever going through the EFB when opening the window.
For the short time period this a nice and even substantial update.
A340-600 - v1.1.1 Flying 1.jpgA340-600 - v1.1.1 Flying 2.jpgA340-600 - v1.1.1 Flying 3.jpgA340-600 - v1.1.1 Flying 4.jpgA340-600 - v1.1.1 Flying 5.jpgA340-600 - v1.1.1 Flying 6.jpg

Comprehensive release review of the ToLiSS A340-600 is here: Aircraft Review : Airbus A340-600 by ToLiSS



This is the fifth update to the ToLiSS Airbus A340-600 since it's release in the Q3 2021, and another great one.


If only an incremental update. v1.1.1 has a few nice new features. There is now a slow refueling operation with two animated tankers, and an upgraded PushBack truck. Cockpit textures have again been revised, and the SimBrief intergation through the ACARS has been refined including fixing the important NATS waypoints. Seats and Window adjustments are done as well.


The changes and fixes here is another step ready for X-Plane12 (A small update for the new features will be released at the same time as the new X-Plane12 Simulator). Notable is that you can now update via the SkunkCrafts updater without downloading/reloading of the whole of the aircraft files.


Extremely popular, the ToLiSS Airbus A340-600 is one of the very best Airbus Simulations in the X-Plane Simulator, even exceptional. And they haven't finished yet. Now also X-Plane12 ready is a big step forward, and to be flying in X-Plane12 from day one is certainly a great attraction, and also a great current investment in that the changeover for the aircraft to X-Plane12 will be free to all current purchasers.


"Highly Recommended!"



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Airbus A340-600 v1.1.1 by ToLiSS is available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

Airbus A340-600 by ToLiSS

Price is US$89.99


Most accurate system functionality for any A340 aircraft in the flight simulation world


X-Plane only - not available for MSFS
Support for X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12 when available
Windows, Mac or Linux
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Download Size: 1.2 GB
Current version: 1.1.1  (August 9th  2022)
Changelog v1.1.1
Full changelog details are here



Update Review by Stephen Dutton

10th August 2022

Copyright©2022: X-Plane Reviews


Review System Specifications: 

Computer System: Windows  -S1700 Core i7 12700K 12 Core 3.60 GHz CPU / 64bit -32 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8Gb - Samsung Evo M2 2TB SSD - Sound : Yamaha Speakers YST-M200SP

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.55

Plugins: Global SFD plugin US$30.00 : RK Apps XPRealistic v2 - US$34.99

Scenery or Aircraft

- EGKK - London Gatwick Airport v2 by Pilot+Plus (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$21.00


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Rights Reserved


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