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Aircraft Update : ToLiSS319 v1.3 by ToLiSS


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Aircraft Update : ToLiSS319 v1.3 by ToLiSS


"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you....  Happy Birthday ToliSS319... Happy Birthday to youuuu" Yes ToliSS are celebrating the first anniversary of the release of the ToliSS319 and with guess what? Yes another update...  this is version v1.3 or the X-Plane11.30 version of the chubby little airbus.


The developer admitted on release that it was not completed but to say 85% of what the aircraft's roadmap was supposed to be. For most of us with developers this would be groan street, in that you knew it would be a fair (to a long) while before any sort of completion or update was going to be forthcoming. Not so with the ToLiss though, as throughtout the year in 2018 the updates came thick and fast and all were brilliant in marking up the aircraft to it's full compatibility. Are we completely there yet? well close but no cigar, but close in this aircraft as it is already far ahead of most of the others.... the ToliSS A319 is one of X-Plane's real benchmark for small passenger jets.

Many will note the excellent FlightFactor A320 Ultimate, and yes it is as good in study detail, but the A319 is the best automated manual flying jet aircraft in X-Plane, if that statement sorta makes sense... in when you turn off the excellent automation, the baby bus will fly (actually still sort of automated in Airbus's "Flight Control Laws" Fly by wire (FBW)) in a manual control sense... does that still make any sense. Notable is that the aircraft feels like manual control in the way you fly the aircraft. (this is Direct law which is the lowest level of computer flight control laws and occurs with certain multiple failures).


Note since posting this update review ToLiSS has issued a new update in build 10006 - v1.3.1... the changes are now noted within the review.


Update v1.3

As updates go this release is not a long list of changes. Most of the detail changes are hidden in the switch to the X-Plane v11.30 performance and new features. The developer notes however to leave the X-Plane 11.30 “experimental flight model” checkbox off as it is not required here.

Engine performance (both engine variants) now adheres to the new engine dynamics of twin-spool tracking of the n1 and n2 engine outputs. So the readouts are now far more authentic, and so is the actual output performance. Many complained that in a lot of aircraft the performance details were not accurate, but the fact was the actual X-Plane turbine engine performance was not accurate either? 11.30 has gone a long way into fixing this issue.


There is a mixture of fixes and new features in the systems, some relating to 11.30, but most are not. ECAM action items now include "ADR DISAGREE" ECAM caution, and also added is the ECAM "SPD BRK STILL OUT" caution. MCDU PROG page now supports airport/runway for the Distance/Bearing function. ECAM ALL button now works for all repetitive pushes. activating the fire extinguish bottles, the DISCH light will now comes up at the right time.

The FMS now also parses Custom Scenery/Global Airports/Earth Nav data/earth_nav.dat to get the best ILS placement. (in other words checks the two datas are correct but selects the correct one for a more aligned ILS).


As 11.30 redid the Oxygen systems in X-Plane, then now the "Cabin pressure and whether you are wearing the oxygen mask now ties into the pilot felt altitude" dataref...  so that means the enabled hypoxia selection in X-Plane setting now works for maximum realism. And the FBW system drops to "alternate mode" when in EMER ELEC configuration.


Pulling the SPD knob, the speed target now synchronizes to the current speed (a yes from me) and the GEN 1 Line push button is now functional. Finally the 2D Cockpit is back in because too many users complained about it being taken out, I can't actually remember the last time I used a 2D cockpit?


All these system items are nips and tucks but they are all worthwhile.


VR has had some attention with better manipulators for the sidestick and tiller (v1.3.1) that has been changed again from the v1.3 release.


A319_v1_3_Head 1.jpgA319_v1_3_Head 2.jpgA319_v1_3_Head 3.jpgA319_v1_3_Head 4.jpg


Visual features now included are the 11.30 particle effects...


A319_v1_3_Effects 1.jpgA319_v1_3_Effects 2.jpgA319_v1_3_Effects 3.jpgA319_v1_3_Effects 4.jpg


...  contrails are glorious, but the engine output effects are the best I have seen yet (the Carenado Citation was very good), as they seem more well refined and realistic on takeoff and when the power is applied, note the APU effect output, it is hard to see but it is very effective... "I wonder if X-Plane is now contributing more to the planet's carbon output? with these new effects" In v1.3.1 the heat blur with the thrust reversers have been changed to a more realistic blur length, and engine hear blur.


Two new additions are first with the LIbrain rain effects...  


A319_v1_3_Effects 5.jpgA319_v1_3_Effects 6.jpg


...  the watery effects look really good in here, but I still think the water drops are too large, however the cabin windows don't use the rain effect? which makes it all feel a bit odd in that it looks really wet and in the cockpit, but you are looking out of the cabin at a completely different weather system, and in the v1.3.1 update if you are in the cabin, the effects are not seen now in the cockpit? Personally I would rather have them the other way around and have the choice of the rain on all the windows, but as ToLiSS notes the effects on the cabin windows had too much a negative effect on the framerate, but overall the Librain effect plugin still needs work and refining.


Second new addition is the use of the Avitab pdf viewer plugin...


A319_v1_3_AviTab 1.jpgA319_v1_3_AviTab 2.jpgA319_v1_3_AviTab 3.jpgA319_v1_3_AviTab 4.jpg


This AviTab has become an essential tool for X-Plane, but I wish there was a "Portrait" mode as most charts are in that layout. Navigraph charts are also now in there if you have an account with Navigraph and they are intergrated really well for functionality here. There is a window popup...


A319_v1_3_AviTab 5.jpgA319_v1_3_AviTab 6.jpg


....  in case you don't want the bulky iPad sitting there while flying... the iPad can be hidden via the TISCS menu panel (Audio-Visual Tab).


The external lighting has had refinement, with great results. Gone are the blobby lights and have been replaced with sharper more realistic lighting...


A319_v1_3_Lighting 1.jpgA319_v1_3_Lighting 2.jpgA319_v1_3_Lighting 3.jpgA319_v1_3_Lighting 4.jpg


....   navigation lights, taxi and turnoff lighting is now excellent... the huge past blobby wing lights now look really good (surprising how many developers get the wing lighting installation wrong) and the landing lights are also excellent, and all lighting now has different tones to reflect the different types of lighting.


A quick hop (is three hour flight a quick hop?) from EGKK (Gatwick) to LMML (Malta) showed off the bus to it's very best, and the new features felt really well intergrated and the A319 now feels really well sorted at it's offical first birthday. I still find the HDR effect a little to dramatic in being too dark unless there is some indirect light coming into the cockpit, and the instrument panel lighting nowhere effective in the daylight. So aircraft set up sometimes requires a torch to find anything. There was some more texture work done in this update, but the lighting is still well below par.


A319_v1_3_Cockpit 3.jpgA319_v1_3_Cockpit 4.jpg

A319_v1_3_Cockpit 1.jpgA319_v1_3_Cockpit 2.jpg

A319_v1_3_Cockpit 5.jpgA319_v1_3_Cockpit 6.jpg


I was very impressed by the performance. The Baby Bus followed the performance and fuel burn numbers on the SimBrief flightplan almost to the number, and the the cross reference during the flight to the brief was faultless, which makes flightplanning a very exact affair and all with very satisfactory results, the engine performance readouts were notably far better with the new 11.30 performance adjustments. It will be interesting to compare the FF A320 U performance when their 11.30 version is released.


A319_v1_3_LMML 1.jpgA319_v1_3_LMML 2.jpg


All ECAM (Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor) readout pages are now excellent (note the brake heat warning), but also now look totally authentic and realistic. I will note the excessive braking was caused by an X-Plane joystick input "Hold Brakes Regular" which if held too long now will also park brake as well? 


A319_v1_3_LMML 5.jpgA319_v1_3_LMML 6.jpg


A319_v1_3_LMML 3.jpg


Overall the new v1.3 of the ToLiSS319 was very impressive.



Not a big update for this new version of the ToLiSS319, and mostly to adjust to the performance and effects of the X-Plane 11.30 release. Engine performance is now hugely improved twin-spool tracking of the n1 and n2 engine outputs, and the numbers are now mostly absolutely perfect.

Particle effects, Rain effects (via the Librain plugin) and AviTab have also been added, with the external lighting also having some nice refinement.


The rest of the update  includes some system refinements and a few bugs sorted or fixed, overall a very nice update that lifts the aircraft to a nice if almost complete level of simulation.


It has been twelve months since the ToLiSS319 burst into X-Plane, everyone noted including the developer that there was some work still to do, but a year on it is a quite now an all round sorted aircraft, with more added new features (not fixes) still only to come. My only gripe is the dark cockpit and average adjustable cockpit lighting in the daytime.


From the release this Airbus A310 from ToLiSS was always destined to be an X-Plane classic, if you don't fly it then you are doing yourself a big disservice of how good X-Plane aircraft in today's form really are, and it is not just in the actual study detail that makes this aircraft such a brilliant simulation, it is in the perfection of flying big jets like this that you get a real reflection of the real world aircraft... a classic.




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the ToLiSS319 (A319-122) v1.3.1 by ToLiSS is available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

ToLiss A319


Price is US$69.00 (currently on sale for US$62.00)


Note make sure you have v1.3.1 when downloading, All previous purchasers can now update via your X-Plane.OrgStore Account


Both the LIbrain rain effects and Avitab pdf viewer plugins are required to use the new features.


Also available is the internal IAE Sound Pack that can be purchased here:

IAE Sound Pack for Toliss A319


Price is US$9.95

TSS IAE Sound Pack is activated by inserting the key activation code in the "ADDON" tab on the ToLiSS Interactive Simulation Control System panel


Full v1.3 Changelog

  • Changes for build 981 (V1.2.2) to build 1003 (V1.3)
  • Major new features:
  • - Rain effects (Thanks to Saso Kiselkov) - experimental for now
  • - Created custom XP11.30 particle effects
  • - Engine performance adaptation to new XP11.30 engine dynamics model
  • - VR manipulator support
  • - Avitab support is integrated now.
  • Minor new features:
  • - Added bulb dynamics to the integrated lights. (On/Off is not instantaneous anymore.)
  • - Added ECAM action items to ADR DISAGREE ECAM caution, added ECAM caution SPD BRK STILL OUT
  • - GEN 1 Line push button is now functional
  • - MCDU PROG page now supports airport/runway for the Distance/Bearing function
  • - The FMS now also parses Custom Scenery/Global Airports/Earth Nav data/earth_nav.dat to get the best ILS placement.
  • - Cabin pressure and whether you are wearing the oxygen mask now ties into the "pilot felt altitude" dataref. Enable hypoxia in Xplane setting for maximum realism
  • - Texture rework from Matthew
  • Bug fixes:
  • - When using the fire extingushing bottles, the DISCH light now comes up at the right time.
  • - Fixed an issue with import of altitude and speed constraints in newer CFIP files.
  • - After entering the TO/FROM ICAO codes, the ALTN airport now shows "NONE" rather than red boxes
  • - When Pulling the SPD knob, the speed target synchronizes to the current speed.
  • - Fixed a bug to make sure that FBW system drops to alternate mode when in EMER ELEC configuration
  • - Fixed behaviour of the ECAM ALL button for repetitive pushes.
  • - Fixed EIS switching behaviour when all screens are available.
  • - Fixed airplane symbol location in PLAN mode
  • - Upon go-around the AP reverts now to HDG/VS mode (if it was in TRK/FPA before)
  • - Made the pitch down notion when approaching stall in alternate mode more noticeable
  • - Improved flap/slat extension times and Normal law compensation of flap movement
  • - Allowed the activation of managed Descent during the Cruise phase now. (at -1000fpm)
  • - Fixed a bug that could lead to loss of correct ILS data on approach, if the flight plan asks for tuning an ILS DME in VOR1.


Changes from build 1003 (V1.3) to build 1006 (V1.3.1)

Minor new features:

  • - Added sidestick and tiller to the VR manipulators
  • Bug fixes:
  • - Fixed the unintended reset of FCU and GPS during power transients
  • - Fixed an issue with the transponder/TCAS when using 19 AI aircraft leading to quite weird random behaviour
  • - Fixed engine heat blur: More realistic length of the heat blur, heat blur now also present when thrust is reversed
  • - Removed cockpit rain effects when in the cabin.
  • - Fixed a bug in the FMGS that could lead to crashes/hangups, if an alternate plan exists and transition altitude at departure and destination are not the same




Update by Stephen Dutton

4th March 2019

Copyright©2019 : X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)


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