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11.30 notice! : Non working aircraft and upgrades

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11.30 notice! : Non working aircraft and upgrades


Most users were flummoxed when they did their X-Plane 11.30 upgrade into finding a lot of their aircraft don't work? Mainly the FlightFactor A320 U and a few others... First be aware that updating to 11.30 will create a different set of rules for the aircraft behaviour. And unlike the earlier days of X-Plane many developers now side on the defense of caution than putting out upgrade fixes before X-Plane goes final with a new version.


It does totally bewilder me that users expect everything to running as per the older version when upgrading to a newer more advanced version? The aircraft and in some cases even sceneries need to be upgraded to the newer rules before operating as normal. AND DON"T go back to 11.28 as you will just totally confuse the simulator with both 11.30 and 11.28 rules..  stay in 11.30 and you will quickly resolve most of the issues.


So yes there are aircraft not currently viable with X-Plane 11.30, and yes they won't work either, but note that developers will update very quickly to resolve the issues, as already there has been a flurry of updates from Aerobask, FJS and Magknight.


So currently check your updaters regularly and keep an eye on the X-Plane.OrgStore for version changes.


I recommend to update to Skunkcraft's Updater v2.2 and run the updater currently to reset your current upgrades to 11.30.


The FlightFactor A320 U is a different case because the aircraft does not run under the X-Plane simulator specifications but under a CEF or Chromium Framework. So the issues are completely different and won't be resolved quickly, but I will note that Flightfactor are working to resolve all the issues , but I am as so flummoxed that they didn't start early as well when the aircraft was in RC (Release Candidate)? but to wait for a total final release... as most developers seems to have started their update changes earlier...


A "storm in a tea cup" and with this comment it is basically yes on the 11.30 release, in a week or so it will all be forgotten...




Notice by Stephen Dutton

16th January 2019

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