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News! - In Development : FlyJSim Dash Q400 - Q4XP

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News! - In Development : FlyJSim Dash Q400 - Q4XP


After a landmark year, then what would FlyJSim focus on next? The lost child was the Bombardier Dash 8 - Q400... would it be the Q4 be getting the same full makeover treatment? Well go to bed on Christmas Eve very content now, that yes it is the Dashy Q400 that will get a complete makeover and a new name in the process "FlyJSim Q4XP". FJS released a few images that showed that this aircraft will get the full monty in makeovers.


Q400-Experiment- head 1.jpgQ400-Experiment- head 2.jpg


To stop all the repetitive questions then FJS has answered a few of them on the development.


Q. When is the release?

A. There is no release date for the aircraft, and won’t be for a considerable amount of time. When we have further information, we’ll be sure to let you know on our social media pages.


Q. Will it be compatible with X-Plane 10?

A. Unfortunately no. As of our recent series line-up, all our aircraft are X-Plane 11 only, due to the advancements in technology of the sim, and the rendering engine.


Q. Will it be VR compatible?

A. Yes, the Q4XP will be fully VR ready.


Q. Will you be using the X-Plane 11 default FMC?

A. Not at all, there will be a custom coded navigation system.


Two notes are important here. The new Dashy will not be compatible with X-Plane10, so if you want to fly it, you will have to upgrade to X-Plane11, which to be honest is not a bad idea anyway, or a nice Christmas present for yourself...

Second in is the note that the new Dashy will have a "custom coded navigation system" and not the generic X-Plane FMC... that alone is worth the purchase price. The current Dash8-400 uses the Universal Avionics Systems Corp UNS-1E with the aircraft’s Thales avionics suite, so "custom" is the word and the reason for the non-stated release dates.


This is going to be brilliant... all my Christmas's have certainly come all at once.




News by Stephen Dutton

21st December 2018

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