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News! - Now Available! : Freeware Japanese autogen from Misterx6

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News! - Freeware Japanese autogen from Misterx6


I saw an early version of Misterx6's (Shortfinal Design) Japan project a month ago and was simply absolutely blown away, but was sworn to secrecy as it was a coming Christmas present for X-Plane users, yes Japan Pro has been announced, but there is much more going on here with this release than just giving users a nice free Christmas bonus....  first of all some nice images.


Japan XP 4.jpg


Japan XP 1.jpgJapan XP 2.jpgJapan XP 3.jpgJapan XP 6.jpgJapan XP 5.jpgJapan XP 7.jpg


The images you are looking at is autogen, and not scenery, and that is a significant difference. Laminar since the start of X-Plane11 did then allow third parties to access the default X-Plane autogen system to allow just this sort of project...  regional autogen.


The really odd thing was that no one took up the offer? or even tried to fill a major void in the X-Plane landscape, which is sheer lunacy in the fact of how successful the Laminar European or German autogen has been? Not only that, but here was a payware business just waiting to be started, but no one wanted or again took up the offer, even if I have in these posts rallied on about the idea for years? Still there is no Greek, Arab, Asian or anything else of regional autogen still not available to X-Plane users? Crazy, yes but I think the obsession with the North American and European centric is the blame, I mean hell, who fly's to Eygpt?


This Japan Pro shows you not only what X-Plane is missing in regional autogen, but also how on it should be done...  in context it is simply brilliant.


Not only does Japan Pro create a Japanese environment with the add on with Tokyo city skyline, the biggest feature is that there are no autogen boundaries in the fact of that the autogen works not only in every area of Japan (the images above are Osaka) but is also simply all there in every direction you look, filling out the total landscape at the Maximum X-Plane settings with no limitations!

Obviously that is still under the requirements that your computer can handle the huge autogen spread, but my personal running was that Japan Pro didn't have a major significant impact on my system than it usually has at these settings...  so the autogen is extremely efficient and still gives you a very high grade quality landscape... this IS X-Plane visual nirvana.


The problem is also that? This project is a one off by Misterx6, so would you buy it if a developer did the same detail and autogen for other regional areas... certainly I would in an instant. But would you? or just expect more free stuff? I hope someone else takes up the challenge, as this significant project by Misterx6 and shows what and how it should be done, and the future of the X-Plane simulator if you really want it? 


Feature list provided is:


  • Completely new set of high-quality autogen buildings

                  - Baked ambient occlusion

                  -  Night textures

                  -  PBR materials

  • Complete autogen tiles

                  -  High-resolution ground textures

                  -  Details like cars, trees and fences

  • Different kinds of houses, large apartments and industries
  • Enhanced cities

                  - Naha: cruise terminal, cargo harbor, photoreal scenery

                  - Tokyo: Skytree, Tokyo Tower, harbor

  • Highway signs
  • Vehicles

                  - Cars and trucks (dynamic and static)

                  - Shinkansen (bullet train)

  • Fully compatible with Ortho4XP/HD Mesh
  • FPS optimized models
  • Small portions of orthophoto included


But as noted the biggest feature is not listed above and that is the wall to wall city size autogen...  brilliant!



Copy the “Japan Pro” folder into “X-Plane 11/Custom Scenery”

Make sure you have MisterX Library 1.6 (or higher) installed


Now Available here: Japan Pro 1.02




News by Stephen Dutton

18th December 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews


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