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Aircraft Release : QPAC Airbus A320-232 version-2


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Aircraft Release : QPAC Airbus A320-232


QPAC (QualityPark AviationCenter) has released Version-2 (v2) of the Airbus A320-232.




The v2 release is based on the freeware (v1), but it has been extensively revised and it is to be noted that this first release "basic" version is focused on systems, and that systems and features will be added with more extensive procedures as the series progresses.


The current rollout is noted as such:


v2 will be available in three categories (releases noted here are forecasted and are not set definite dates):

- Basic (Now Available) - US$25.00 - Shop.OrgStore : QPAC Airbus A320
- Plus (available May 2014) - US$40.00
- Premium
(available December 2014) - US$70.00

The v1.1 version will still be freeware for X-Plane 9 and X-Plane 10 - 32bit.




Currently the cockpit is 2d and there will be a 3d cockpit and wing-flex will also be available in (late) 2014 at a noted additional cost. All payware versions will be 32bit-64bit but the premium version will not be available for X-Plane9.


Features Include:


General Features

  • Plugin in written in plain C to avoid conflicts - XP 10 performance and user interface tuning
  • QPAC’s ILS auto-align feature
  • Large choice of startup configurations
  • Improved PFD and ND synoptic - Large pop-up PFD and ND in 2D panel mode

3D model

  • Standard model  with 2D panel
  • 3D Cockpit will be available via an upgrade (small fee) in early 2014

Fly-by-wire implementation

  • Highly realistic implementation of the Airbus “normal law”
  • Additional FBW fine-tuning based on real-life pilot feedback

Flight management implementation

  • Basic flight planning (based on X-plane FMS) - Compatible with UFMC and XFMC
  • “What you see is what you fly” flight path indication on ND
  • 2 fully independent MCDUs with pages INIT, FPLN (main page), DIR, and PERF. Also pages MCDU Menu, RADNAV and DATA

Autopilot implementation

  • Implementation of all Airbus AP modes (except non-precision approach and LOC backcourse)
  • Choice between HDG-VS and TRK-FPA (includes FPV indication on PFD, if TRK-FPA selected)
  • Fully independent AP1 and AP2

Other aircraft systems

  • Complete ADIRU model
  • Ability to simultaneously tune 1 ILS and 2 VOR
  • Complete fuel system model, including gravity feed, fuel transfer and center tank pump logic
  • Complete hydraulic system model, including electrical pump, PTU engagement and RAT deployment logics
  • Complete electrical system model, including all bus reconfigurations upon failure.
  • Basic air-conditioning model, including custom cabin pressure and temperature regulation
  • FBW flight control computer simulation - Basic electrical interdependency package

For a full description of these features then read X-Plane Reviews Aircraft Development article :


QPAC Overview and release notes are here :  QPAC Airbus A320-232 V2 Overview


X-Plane.Org Support: QPAC A320 Support forum


The Freeware QPAC A320-232 (v1.1) is available here : QPAC A320 X-Plane Freeware


Feature and Plans pdf download :  QPAC A320-232 features and plans.pdf





Technical Requirements:
Windows , Mac or Linux
X-Plane 10 fully updated. 32 or 64 bit. X-Plane 9.70
Current version : 2.01 (last updated October 31st, 2013)


Stephen Dutton


1st November 2013

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   Hey nice review, good plane.    However, I am confused,   there are opposite vague times stated for the 3d pit, 3d cockpit and wing-flex will also be available in (late) 2014     AND  

3D model

  • 3D Cockpit will be available via an upgrade (small fee) in EARLY2014


which is it, early or late?   if early, May is not early imo, Jan-March?   Thanks

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