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News! - Another EMB! : Embraer 120 by Dreamfoil Creations

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News! - Another EMB! : Embraer 120 by Dreamfoil Creations


It was a shock to the system!  Dreamfoil Creations did an aircraft, as the chopper maestro went all "Fixed Wing"? Once you got over that shock, then there was the secondary hit to the system in that it was brilliantly good, if quite difficult to fly.


That aircraft was the Embraer 110 Bandeirante, that had an X-Plane11 update only recently back in August 2018. Yes I loved that aircraft, but now here comes the next aircraft in the Embraer linage with the Embraer 120 which is still a turboporp, but a larger if next size up in commercial aviation circles.


A few images were posted on Dreamfoil's facebook page, but I would recommend NOT to go and look at the nice images, because you will want it right now! It looks like a beautiful, beautiful thing...


EMB 120 promo 5.jpg

EMB 120 promo 4.jpgEMB 120 promo 3.jpgEMB 120 promo 2.jpgEMB 120 promo 1.jpg


...  look away now as you DO NOT want this aircraft! as It will eat away at your soul....   LOOK away... you don't want it.


Of course you do!


All images are courtesy of Dreamfoil Creations




News by Stephen Dutton

19th November 2018

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