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News! - Coming! - Citation S550 from Carenado

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News! - Coming! - Citation S550 from Carenado


Carenado have announced their next release in the S550 Citation personal jet. In the personal jet category then X-Plane11 is seriously unfulfilled. Yes there is the lovely Challenger 300, and the now outdated Hawker 4000, but most jets released are in that VLJ (Very Light Jet) category and not in the larger medium sized aircraft.


Carenado did release the Phenom 100, but I was very underwhelmed by the aircraft, as it was insipidly slow and had a few really annoying bugs that were never attended to, it looks nice though as all Carenado's do.


It was also a big surprise for a leading edge simulator in that X-Plane had no Cessna Citations either as they are bountiful in the real world, but that hole maybe now be filled...


Careando_Citaion preview 11.jpg


Careando_Citaion preview 5.jpgCareando_Citaion preview 6.jpgCareando_Citaion preview 4.jpgCareando_Citaion preview 2.jpg


Careando quality is to the usual high quality and the avionics package looks very good, with a semi-glass instrument panel, which is about correct for this generation and age of aircraft.


Careando_Citaion preview 7.jpgCareando_Citaion preview 1.jpg

Careando_Citaion preview 12.jpgCareando_Citaion preview 15.jpg


Interior luxury is guaranteed to keep the one percenters happy as they are comforted and flashed to their next expensive deal making meeting


Careando_Citaion preview 3.jpgCareando_Citaion preview 9.jpg


Careando_Citaion preview 8.jpgCareando_Citaion preview 10.jpg


Careando_Citaion preview 14.jpgCareando_Citaion preview 13.jpg


No specifications or price is available yet from Carenado, but the Phenom 100 was US$37.95, and the price should be around that for the Citation, if slightly higher to the US$40 mark.


Release date is also not noted, but expect soon, or in a week or two.


Images and text are courtesy of Carenado



News by Stephen Dutton

8th October 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews


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Really wish Carenado would focus less on aesthetics and more on airfoil modeling and avionics. With their previous jet aircraft, modeling has been poor at best. There are of course tons of customers who fly in X-Plane with regard for nothing other than appearances--and that's fine. But I suspect many among the rest of us sure would love to see Carenado release a jet that flew like one.

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