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News! - Now Released! - Ikarus C42 by vFlyteAir

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News! - Now Released! - Ikarus C42 by vFlyteAir


As per their usual coda in creating aircraft that vFlyteAir use, own or fly personally comes the ultraweight Ikarus C42. This aircraft is a light, light weight trainer that is flown personally by Mario Donick.


IkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 1.jpgIkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 2.jpgIkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 3.jpgIkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 4.jpg


First impressions are that this is an extraordinary sweet aircraft to fly, and if you want to learn the very early basics of flying in X-Plane with a quality aircraft, then it is very hard to go past this C42. For the pro pilot, then they will love it as well if you are really into the "seat of the pant's" feeling the frame sort of flying.


IkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 7.jpgIkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 8.jpg


The aircraft comes in two versions with the basic (and it is VERY basic) trainer, and the more avionic equipped "Full" version.


IkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 9.jpgIkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 10.jpg


Full version has addition of a electronic attitude indicator, a transponder, an electronic engine monitoring device, a traffic warning device, and a simple GPS system with flightplan with coloured moving map.


IkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 11.jpgIkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 12.jpg


There are a lot of exclusive new features, and a highlight is the see-though and highly realistic canvas wings.


IkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 5.jpgIkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 6.jpg


Detailing is excellent, as is the pop-up instruments. The C42 is highly evolved for VR (Virtual Reality) flight with even a VR menu and clipboard in English and German.


IkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 13.jpgIkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 14.jpgIkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 15.jpgIkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 16.jpg


Static elements are basic and the doors work manually, but it is highly realistic.


IkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 17.jpgIkarusC42C_BasicTrainer_head 18.jpg




The list of features is long and huge, but overall it is in the way this little aircraft flies that really stays in your mind....  brilliant!




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Ikarus C42 by vFlyteAir is now available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

Ikarus C42


Price is US$27.95


  • Created from actual hands-on experience flying an Ikarus C42C (D-MYSF)
  • VR compatible – fully optimized for VR use
  • Two different panels included:
  •  The Basic Trainer has the essential gauges and instruments for VFR training flights (Altimeter, Airspeed, Vertical Speed (variometer), Slip Indicator, Magnetic Compass, COM radio (no NAV radio), and engine monitor gauges
  •  The Full Panel version adds a transponder and a “vfamap L” glass panel instrument loosely modeled from the flymap L® – includes a simple GPS Flight Planner, an Artifical Horizon with waypoint information, and a moving-map display with GPS flight plan overlay (used the X-Plane G1000 moving map). The Full Panel version also has a simulated FLARM traffic alert monitor that will track your AI aircraft
  • Accurate flight characteristics based on input from our own in-house C42C student pilot Mario
  • Semi-transparent fabric-covered wings and empennage
  • FMOD sounds – more than 85 original, actual sound recordings used for FMOD sounds, including engine running (forward, aft, left and right), flaps, switches, doors, ground roll, propeller turn-by-hand, sun visors, engine starter, engine shut-down and many more
  • Fully animated hi-res model with PBR effects inside and out, HDR lighting and very highly detailed modeling creates an immersive, realistic experience
  • Interactive, animated virtual pre-flight inspection takes you on guided walk-around of the Ikarus (VR compatible using teleport hot-spots) using interactive check lists. If you conduct your pre-flight in early morning or late evening, spot lights are automatically provided at each of the six inspection stations. We even simulated the famous Rotax engine “burp”!
  • User-customizable air charts feature allows you create a matrix of nine air charts that can be scrolled up/down and left/right and “stitched together” to form a large, virtual “paper” chart that can be popped up inside the cockpit
  • Pop-out gauges make it easier to see and operate the gauges and instruments (VR friendly)
  • COM radio allows you to save up to (30) radio frequencies in memory and recall them for use anytime you fly. Store your most-used frequencies!
  • Choice of female or male animated copilot
  • Engine choke operation is functional (simulated)
  • Realistic engine effects unique to the Rotax 912, such as slow idle after first starting the engine
  • Realistic BRS parachute, including safety pin that must be removed prior to operating the BRS, and a blow-off parachute hatch with actual BRS rocket sound
  • Choice of metric or imperial units for gauges and instruments (your choice is saved each time you quit X-Plane or unload the airplane)
  • Choice of English or German language for instruments and menus (your choice is saved each time you quit X-Plane or unload the airplane)
  • Kneeboard allows the pilot to choose Options and settings, remove ground elements, select nose gear steering, select a copilot (or none), add or reduce fuel payload, adjust pilot and copilot weights, select your language choice (English or German), and select your units preference (metric or imperial)
  • 14 different liveries provided, including the two actual liveries flown by Mario (D-MYSF and D-MNLN)
  • Over 75 different save-states are recorded each time you quit X-Plane or unload the Ikarus. Save-states are reloaded the next time you fly. Save-states include options choices, settings, switches, doors, vents, etc.
  • Pop-out check list for quick reference
  • Realistic vibrations on control surfaces due to prop wash and engine vibration
  • Realistic vibration effects inside the cockpit due to engine vibration
  • Illustrated User Manual provided
  • German and English-language POH provided (not for real flight!)
  • Custom 3D propeller disc effect
  • Paint kit available – create your own livery
  • Supports the wonderful, free AviTab plugin – available at X-Plane.org (https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/145820-avitab-moving-maps-and-pdf-charts-in-vr/)
  • ShadeTree Micro Aviation Autoupdate plugin included – stay up to date with new features and fixes, right to your desktop



X-Plane 11.20+

Windows, Mac or Linux
2Gb VRAM Minimum - 4Gb+ VRAM Rcommended



News by Stephen Dutton

11th September 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)


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