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Carenado : 3 years and counting... Carenado’s Current fleet

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Carenado : 3 years and counting... Carenado’s Current fleet

I read a thread on the .Org that went “Carenado’s Coming Yippie!” and thought “okay”...  but I didn’t really understand the real implications of the comment at the time. To a point I don’t think that the X-Plane community understood either as at now just over 3 years ago on how much this studio would change X-Plane in so many ways.

Certainly the Studio already had an immensely large reputation in the Flight Simulator realm but that does not always translate over to the X-Plane platform. Most FS companies over-promise and under-deliver for X-Plane, or mostly not to even deliver at all. For Carenado that notion has been the other way round, and mostly in that they have under-promised and over-delivered. But not only that as they also have lifted the quality of aircraft in the simulator to very high standards, and not only to have those high standards but to still refine and push even into the higher boundaries of quality and features.

There are 15 plus two expansion packs of different models now available as listed below. And uniquely every one is different, and that includes aircraft of their own variants. Every aircraft here has its own flavor and feel. It is also becoming increasingly impossible to choose a favorite or to single out one aircraft to really love. The 208B Caravan is simply exceptional, but any on offer here is not going to disappoint in any aspect.

This point in time also completes the revision of all the Carenado aircraft to v2 (Version 2) specification. In that they are all 64bit compliant and with fly in both X-Plane9 and X-Plane10 and on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer platforms. This v2 compliance means updated graphics (HD Textures), new sounds, a completely new lighting system and all are 64bit enhanced. (Although hints have been made that Carenado may stop support for X-Plane9 to deliver aircraft quicker without the extra complexity of supporting that X-Plane platform).

Daniel Klaue has compiled a video of all the current aircraft available from Carenado.


Listed here are all the aircraft from the current fleet available from Carenado for X-Plane. The Shop.OrgStore links are listed and so are links to the reviews for the aircraft that X-Plane Reviews have covered. (Every aircraft will be eventually covered).
I have added also a few quick summery notes on my own views on each of the aircraft for you to consider.
Mooney M20J

The M20J is known as the “Porsche of the Skies” and goes at 200mph but I found it heavy (It is made of wood). Very different it is to other aircraft, I really liked the comprehensive equipment stack and the fact you get the full width of the panel stacked with these instruments, That then makes the Mooney great with all this instrumentation for very long VOR flights across country.

Shop.OrgStore Price US$26.95 - Mooney M20J
Review : None





Saratoga PA32R

 A big wide 70’s style single-engined aircraft with white seats and a lot of black inside. The wing is broad and the cabin is long, but it felt slightly dated and has little in the way of equipment (A great instrument popup is a good feature). The challenge of the Saratoga is to fly a classic without the all gizmo’s and what have-you’s and find the pure flight of an aircraft.

Shop.OrgStore Price US$26.95 - Saratoga PA32R
Review : None




C152 II

 The smallest and the easiest aircraft to fly from Carenado, the C152II is as basic as they come. Detailing is perfect on this small trainer as Carenado gets the feel just right.

Shop.OrgStore Price US$26.95 - C152 II
Review : None



PA28 181 Archer II

The Piper Archer is one of the most popular aircraft in the world. If you liked the Saratoga. Then this smaller version will in many ways feel very similar. Cabin is dirty and worn beyond belief and is showing its age, and also like the Saratoga you don’t get a lot of radio equipment. It comes at a good price for a Carenado aircraft.

Shop.OrgStore Price US$24.95 - PA28 181 Archer II PA28 181 Archer II
Review : None



C172N Skyhawk II

 More students have trained on the highwing Skyhawk than any other aircraft built, It is the backbone of any training school, Carenado’s version is sublime for your own practise and first flight in a simulator. Detailing is exceptional and the C172N comes with different variants in Wheels (covered), Ski’s and Floats. The panel is first rate with lovely backlighting. For the money you get a lot of extras and incredible value.

Shop.OrgStore Price US$24.95 - C172N Skyhawk II
Review : None




Bonanza F33A

The first Carenado aircraft I bought was the F33A and it is still one of my favorites. Overwhelming quality (cabin is breathtaking) and packed with equipment, the F33A is a perfect personal aircraft to get straight into and just fly. It flies very nice as well. A classic aircraft no doubt - but a Carenado classic as well.

Shop.OrgStore Price US$26.95 - Bonanza F33A
Review : None




V35 Bonanza (V-Tail)

It was nicknamed the “V-tail doctor killer”. But most accidents in the V35 were caused by pilots flying them outside their performance boundries that caused the structural failures. You get those long-range 20 Gal tip-tanks that allows you to double your range and still have all the quality and detail that comes with the F33A. And it looks simply fantastic.

Shop.OrgStore Price US$26.95 - V35 Bonanza
Review : None



C185F Skywagon

The C186F is a nifty taildragger. A great aircraft for flying from one dirt strip to another dirt strip - it is also very nice and light in the air. Don’t forget to lock that rear wheel from the menu options and you have optional wheel covers as well. The aircraft comes with (thankfully) VOR (2) instruments to find your way home.

Shop.OrgStore Price US$26.95 - C185F Skywagon
Review : None



C185F Skywagon Bush Extension Pack

You must own the C185F Skywagon to be able to use this expansion pack. This pack will give the standard C185F more variants in Tundra Tires, Ski’s and Floats, The extension pack is excellent for flying around the frozen north and the lakes and passages of Alaska/Western Canada

Shop.OrgStore Price US$12.95 - C185F Skywagon Bush Extension Pack
Review : None




PA34 200T Seneca II

This large Piper Twin is a powerful way to fly. This is great detailing and is also an authentic design from Carenado, the highlights are the complex panel with pop-out autopilot controls and an excellent cabin in the rear. And with all that power it climbs like hell at 1300fpm and can go as high as 24,000ft (10,000ft recommended) .

Shop.OrgStore Price US$27.95 - PA34 200T Seneca II
Review : None




C208B Grand Caravan HD Series

All Carenado aircraft are excellent. But the Grand Caravan is something else. Without doubt the most successful release from the studio. Versatility is its main feature as you can fly this aircraft in so many different scenarios and on so many different short-haul low altitude routes is not funny. brilliant panel and excellent lighting, the Caravan is a must have in any hangar.

Shop.OrgStore Price US$29.95 - C208B Grand Caravan HD Series
Review :




C208B Super Cargomaster Exp. Pack

You must own the C208B Grand Caravan to be able to use this expansion pack. Adding on this expansion pack gives you more of even more Caravan versatility. Cargo (packages) loading is a great feature and there are three great liveries in FedEx, DHL and Civil. This is the best feeder experience you can do.

Shop.OrgStore Price US$7.95 - C208B Super Cargomaster Exp.
Review :



Beechcraft B58 Baron

It is highly debatable on which is the best light-twin in Carenado’s fleet in the Seneca or the B58 Baron. Both are excellent but if I had to close my eyes and choose then the B58 Baron would be my choice. I like the clean modern panel and the chunky yokes. It is dream to fly, stable and very smooth and it is also very fast and has an excellent KFC225 autopilot installed.

Shop.OrgStore Price US$27.95 - Carenado B58 Baron  

Review :




C337 Skymaster HD Series

The iconic (and very noisy) C337 Skymaster is truly a one of a kind. It is a twin-engined (inline) Push-Pull configuration. Those twin-boom tails are magnificent and this is a great aircraft. I loved the authentic autopilot and it is well equipped and the impressive 3d sounds are first rate.

Shop.OrgStore Price US$29.95 - C337 Skymaster HD Series
Review :




Bonanza A36

A bigger better Bonanza with a semi-Glass cockpit. The A36 is longer than the standard Bonanza and it flies more sturdy as well. The main feature is the Aspen EFD1000 (pop-out) that makes this aircraft very modern in not only the visual sense but in the way you actually fly the aircraft and this gives you a very comprehensive equipment package.

Shop.OrgStore Price US$26.95 - Bonanza A36

Review :




CT210M Centurian II

The CT210M is a turbo powerhouse. It climbs and flies like no other aircraft. It is a hang-on and enjoy the ride sort of machine. The panel lighting is gorgeous and the aircraft just oozes quality. Equipment is excellent and at anytime you want to go across a state or a small country quickly, then this is your rocketship. A favorite.

Shop.OrgStore Price US$29.95 - CT210M Centurian II HD Series

Review :




C340 II HD series

The Cessna C340 II was not included in the v2 upgrade series as it was released only in July 2013. It is however already v2 compatible and what a great large twin-engine aircraft this is. Carenado’s larger aircraft just seem to be that little bit all round better and the C340 II also benefits from having all the better textures (2048 x 2048) and improvements without going through older versions to get there. It is a sweet flying aircraft as well considering its size and the panel is excellent in both night and day functions.

Shop.OrgStore Price US$29.95 - C340 II HD series
Review :




Future Carenado X-Plane Release possibilities

We have noted above the Carenado releases over the last three years and so what may also come our way in the future. One item we hope will come out will be the Garmin G1000 glass panels, The reason the G1000 is important is because it will open the flood gates to many other aircraft not available right now in X-Plane.

Currently available for the FSX/P3D platform are these tantalizing aircraft.


CT206H Stationair G1000 Extension Pack.




This is the G1000 expansion pack for the CT206H... but you would need the standard CT206H to add in the Expansion park!  For both versions...  Yes please.

Another aircraft that has just been released from Carenado is another version of the Grand Caravan, called the EX (Executive).




Here you have the full panel three screen version of the G1000 and the expensive leather chairs and wood paneling in the rear. Could this be another great new 208B GC version to add to your current fleet.

King Airs are very popular and may we get them in X-Plane from Carenado?  There are two in FSX/P3D that we hope will make the transition. First is the C90B...




The C90B is a beautiful aircraft that even has opening engine cowlings?  Another King Air is the B200 high T-Tail.




This is a stunning aircraft in the B200 that would certainly fit in any X-Plane hangar... And at the top of any wish list. The trend lately coming out of the Carenado studio is towards larger aircraft other than the usual General Aviation aircraft the studio is renowned for. One aircraft that shows this new direction is the B1900D which is now under development.




Does Carenado do jets?  Well they do now, as another aircraft in production for FSX/P3D is the Phenom 100. Can you imagine the quality of this small jet with the Carenado detailing and textures?  




The B1900D or the Phenom light-jet won’t be available for X-Plane for some time yet. But if we can look back in another three years and if a few or all of the above become available for X-Plane, then the next three years will certainly be as exciting and fulfilling as the last three years.

Carenado is an exciting studio. They deliver outstanding aircraft that make our simulation world come very much alive. So can you imagine the last three years without them?...  I can’t, and I thank them for their incredible contribution to our world of simulation.

Stephen Dutton

18th October 2013

Developer Site: Carenado

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