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News! - Updated to XP11 : Alabeo C207 Skywagon XP11

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News! - Updated to XP11 : Alabeo C207 Skywagon XP11


After the re-emergence of Alabeo with their M20R Ovation in March, here is their second release with the C207 Skywagon XP11. If you read the review of the Ovation I was quite shocked on how good it really was, it was a cracker of an aircraft. The C207 Skywagon was originally a Carenado release, so this Alabeo is noted as a "Licensed by Alabeo" from Carenado, which is just another way of saying that what was a Carenado design that is now under the Alabeo banner and this release is an an update to X-Plane11 of that original X-Plane10 Alabeo conversion.





If I remember the review correctly, then the C207 is noted as the "Wagon" or "Estate" in UK parlance, which is a stretched saloon. The Cessna series 205, 206, and 207, are also known variously as the Super Skywagon, Skywagon, Stationair, and Super Skylane are all of aircraft with larger spaces in the cabin.





A very 70's/80's design, you could call the Skywagon...  traditional.





Version 1.0
Custom sounds (FMOD)
Full Xplane 11 compatible
RealityXP GTN750 compatible.
GoodWay Compatible
Superb material shines and reflections (full PBR).
High quality 3D model and textures.
Blank texture for creating your own designs
Accurately reproduced flight characteristics
End-user configurability (via Manifest.json file)
FPS-optimized model





Technical Requirements
Windows XP -7-8 (or higher) or MAC OS 10.8 (or higher) or Linux
X-Plane 11
i5 (or equivalent) 2.5 GHz – 8GB RAM – 2GB Video card
345MB available hard disk space

INTERNET CONNECTION is required for installing this product.




Original X-PlaneReviews, X-Plane10 C207 Skywagon review is here: Aircraft Review : Cessna 207 Skywagon by Alabeo


Note: this is a completely new upgrade to X-Plane11, so a full price is required, but the aircraft is valid for free updates throughout the X-Plane11 version run.


Available Now here at Alabeo: C207 SKYWAGON XPLANE 11


Price is US$29.95


Images and text are courtesy of Alabeo




News by Stephen Dutton

4th June 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews


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