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Laminar Research : New airport and nav-aid data available for X-Plane (2013.10)


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Robin Peel has updated X-Plane's Airport and Nav-aid data. Robin's notes are :


"New data is now available for X-Plane. This is data cycle 2013.10. This data is for X-Plane 9 and for X-Plane 10.

This contains many updates. For details of the new additions see the change log on the “Download the Data http://data.x-plane.com/get_data.html” (15-Oct-2013 (AIRAC 2013.10) page of my website for complete details.

We are transitioning to a new process for designing, submitting, reviewing and distributing airports, using the new “Global Airports” process. New features in X-Plane's airport editing tool - World Editor (WED) http://developer.x-plane.com/tools/worldeditor/ - now allow buildings and other objects to be defined at an airport, and these can be distributed with the new "Global Scenery" process whenever you perform a routine update of X-Plane. The simulator already includes an example of this - look at KATL in X-Plane and then explore your "Custom Scenery | Global Airports" folder. We will publish details of the submission process as we develop them over the next few weeks. Finally, many of your X-Plane airports will begin to sprout buildings!

These files will work under Windows, Mac OS or Linux. If you wait until the next incremental release of X-Plane 10 then this data will be installed automatically if you use the "X-Plane Installer" - this avoids the need to download my files and install the files into the correct folders - this method is highly recommended!

As always, this new data for X-Plane 9 and X-Plane 10 is available from my website at:

X-Plane Airport & Navigation Data

Please join me in thanking those who keep contributing to the X-Plane database. Helpful feedback is always appreciated.

Robin Peel"


17th October 2013

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