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News! - Now Released! - XP11 Aircraft Update for Carenado F33A Bonanza

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News! - Now Released! - XP11 Aircraft Update for Carenado F33A Bonanza


In my list of the best of the best of my favourite aircraft in X-Plane, then the Beechcraft F33A Bonanza came in at Num1#, yes the best of the best of all my GA aircraft. Of course everything is debatable and I am sure that most of you totally disagree on many points of that choice, but it is my always go to aircraft for serious practice or refining my flying skills, and there is also a very good chance it will be the same aircraft pick if I have a few lazy hours of personal flying time. Now I do accept the F33A is not the best in X-Plane11 at this point in time, as it did have a quick touchover last year to allow it to fly in X-Plane11, but not the full makeover.


The XP11 version of the F33A has now been released by Carenado... Enjoy.






Special Features
Version 1.0
Only for X-Plane 11
State-of-the-art configurable FPS-friendly logic system.
Fully VR compatible
Full PBR (Superb material shines and reflections).


Specially designed engine dynamics for XP11.
Flight physics optimized for XP11 standards.
Ground handling adapted for XP11 ground physics.
Physically Based Rendering materials and textures throughout.
PBR materials authored with industry-standard software used by the film and gaming industries.
X-Plane GNS430 (FPS friendly)
Support for RealityXP's GTN750* (integrated into 3D cockpit, when available).
Goodway Compatible.
Realistic behavior compared to the real airplane. Realistic weight and balance. Tested by several pilots for maximum accuracy.

*RealityXP GTN 750 is sold separately


Recommended System Requirements
Windows XP - Vista - 7 -10 or MAC OS 10.10 (or higher) or Linux
X-Plane 11
CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K at 3.5 ghz or faster.
Memory: 16-24 GB RAM or more.
Video Card: a DirectX 12-capable video card from NVIDIA, AMD or Intel with at least 4 GB VRAM (GeForce GTX 1070 or better or similar from AMD)
370 MB available hard disk space


Images are courtesy of Carenado




News Updated by Stephen Dutton

13th May 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews


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