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News! - SoundPack Released : A320 Ultimate by BlueSkyStar

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News! - SoundPack Released : A320 Ultimate by BlueSkyStar Simulations


We all knew it was being developed and now it has been released! This is the "Sound Expansion" package for the FlightFactor Airbus A320 Ultimate by BlueSkyStar Simulations (BSS).


This is the fifth sound pack for the A320 Series from BSS with two versions for FS/P3D with the Aerosoft A320 and the FS Labs Airbus aircraft. X-Plane is catered for with the JARDesign A320neo that has two sound packs for both engines including the IAE 2500 and the PW G1000. This new FlightFactor A320U sound pack here covers the CFM56-5B4 engine which are the same sounds as the FS/P3D FSLabs A320 CFM engine installation.




Currently there are no detailed notes on the sound features or what sounds are actually covered in this release, but BSS do note the sound package is not yet completely complete either. For one, X-Plane11 is still in beta (11.20) and two more adjustments are required by Flightfactor.


On installation you will need to run the A320U updater to update to the current release version which is 0.8. 71-2034, and to note the BSS sound pack does not work with any lower version releases.


A320U_Head 3.jpgA320U_Head 2.jpg


First Impressions? very good and I should know as in the last month I have flown on three Jetstar A320's, but on the ground the FlightFactor GPU does drown out a lot of the BSS sounds. In the air it sounds really good with 380º sounds in the cabin and the cockpit, the sounds do certainly feel realistic and don't give me a headache over a two hour flight and that is a great start. Externally they are good as well, but quite loud.


A320U_Head 4.jpg


This brings up the point of which would we like more control over the sounds? personally yes I would, certainly not all of them, but at least the main items like internal and external areas, APU and minor system noises and sounds. Overall I still feel there is still a few more areas to be adjusted, but I loved my flight and the feeling the sounds gave back to me...  a video is available!



The FlightFactor Airbus A320 Ultimate BSS Sound Package is available now from the X-Plane.OrgStore...



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Blue Sky Star Simulation Sound Packages is now available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :



a320bss_sm.jpg.c238fd32f091461be2175e32e   BSS Flight Factor A320 Ultimate Sound Pack


Price is US$19.98 (Yes! you do need the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate aircraft and it is Required for the use of this sound pack US$89.95)




Blue Sky Star Developer Site : Blue Sky Star Simulations

News by Stephen Dutton

22nd April 2018

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