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Aircraft Update : Boeing 757 Professional v2.1.13 by FlightFactor/VMax


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757RR-300 v2.1.3_Header.jpg


Aircraft Update : Boeing 757 Professional v2.1.13 by FlightFactor/VMax


X-Plane is a movement, always morphing, changing and always moving forward. We wouldn't want that aspect any other way, as it means that the simulator grows, becomes better and more involving. In fact if you sit back and think it though the changes in and around the X-Plane simulator over the last, say... three years have been phenomenal, and it feels sometimes even an eon ago, but you have to even go a long way further back to November 2013 for time the Boeing 757 from FlightFactor/VMax first emerged, yes five years ago, that feels now like the Jurassic period in X-Plane terms, okay if only stone/bronze age.


In sales terms it is one of the biggest sellers of payware aircraft in X-Plane and it lead the simulator for the very best of in depth quality and you would even note the aircraft as the first "Study" aircraft as well with its in depth systems and flying capabilities, but that is still a big five years ago since it's first release...


So you think that with all the extreme changes in the X-Plane simulator the aircraft or the design would now be hopelessly out of date, but in reality the aircraft is very far from that point, as there has not only been a lot of updates through the years including the major version two release in 2016. Added also into the this Boeing 757 package is the "Extended" option of not only the original -200 version but also the added choice of a - 300 version and a -200SF Freighter and the option of two engine choices of the RR RB211-535E4 and the Pratt & Whitney PW2037.


The introduction of X-Plane11 was very significant for FlightFactor's B757/B767 series aircraft. On the one hand the PBR (Physically Based Rendering) effects gave them a new lease of life in a dynamic sense, bringing them alive, and giving them more realism. But the X-Plane11 more detailed flight and engine dynamics didn't translate as good, patches came to keep the B757/B767 birds flying, but with their complex system algorithms it was not an easy fix, especially more so as Laminar Research changed their refinements as often as their minds. And so the updates keep coming, but that is good thing and not a negative, refinement is written all over this aircraft and here we cover not one but two updates as they are only a few months apart with v2.1.11 and v2.1.13


Boeing 757 Professional v2.1.13


The updates cover again mostly system fixes, but as the v2.1.10 update was the most significant one that addressed most of the X-Plane11 refinements, I still found that aircraft still quite buggy in the way it flew. The X-Plane11 versions of the "Extended" options with the -300 and 200SF were now also X-Plane11 rated was a huge addition and bonus to the B757 Series. Here I am going to concentrate on the basic aircraft the B757-200.


757RR-300 v2.1.3_Head 1.jpg


757RR-300 v2.1.3_Head 2.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Head 3.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Head 4.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Head 5.jpg


With a few nips and tucks over the years the B757 still looks as good as the day it was released. But the dynamic lighting really brings the aircraft to life, like with the B767 the optional blended winglets from Aviation Partners Incorporated that look very good on this aircraft, but also extended its service life.


757RR-300 v2.1.3_Head 8.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Head 9.jpg


The tall 757 stance when standing on its gear is as famous as its long tube body gave the aircraft some interesting nicknames like... Stick Insect, AtariFerrari, Slippery Snake, Flying Pencil and Long Tall Sally.


757RR-300 v2.1.3_Head 6.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Head 7.jpg


But the B757 is a very but highly successful but niche aircraft and that has made it very hard to replace in the commercial world and that is why so many are still flying in what is essentially an early 80's aircraft. The new Airbus A321 LR neo is now a possible replacement, but Boeing are wanting their new design in the B797 to cover the B757 requirements as well.


The B757-300 version is as spectacular.


757RR-300 v2.1.3_-300 1.jpg

757RR-300 v2.1.3 -300 2.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3 -300 3.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3 -300 4.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3 -300 5.jpg


The aircraft shown here has the optional Roll Royce RB211-535E4 engines.


You can check your current FF B757 version by the version number on the top right of the pop-up iPad menu system.


757RR-300 v2.1.3_iPad.jpg


Update 2.1.12 was not a large amount of changes and mostly small issue fixes, the sound volume was jumping to zero and the engines behaved a bit strange on an engine change. The boarding door co-ordinates were wrong but fixed for the -300 version, but the -200 version was missed but it is now done in v2.1.13...


757RR-300 v2.1.3_Door 1.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Door 2.jpg


Who doesn't love BetterPushBack...  The BetterPushBack Truck is now adjusted to work well with the FF B757, as before it had rocking issues?


757RR-300 v2.1.3_BPush 1.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_BPush 2.jpg


The B757 does already come with a really good pushback truck that is controlled by your joystick, but who could do without that "Have a great Day!" from the betterpushback driver.


Freighter SF version is also very good, and there is a GHD (Ground Handling) .set available for the aircraft (for the -200 and -300 versions as well). Note there is a bug if you use the GHD in that it conflicts with the FF A757 GPU and power to the aircraft, to get around the issue you have to use the APU.


757RR-300 v2.1.3_GHD 1.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_GHD 2.jpg


Boeing 757 cockpit still delivers in quality and detail...


757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cockpit 1.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cockpit 2.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cockpit 3.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cockpit 4.jpg


But the B757 and the B767 have a tendency to switch between light and dark lighting conditions, sometimes perfect, but then you get a snap and the cockpit (or panel) feels darker and then it snaps back to normal again, it doesn't help in that the cockpit is also quite a dark design. There has been few tries by FlightFactor to rein in this lighting condition in changes in both 2.0.25 and 2.1.10 but the PBR just highlights it more.


757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cockpit 9.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cockpit 10.jpg


Over the years there has been a lot of work done on the B757/B767 FMS. It is highly detailed and was for years one of the best in flight management systems and like noted almost "Study" deep in what you can set up and input into the aircraft's systems.


757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cockpit 5.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cockpit 6.jpg


The arrival this year of FlightFactor's A320 Ultimate and the ToLiSS319 has raised the bar in this flight management area, but this system is still one of the best to use and programme, all areas are covered with SID/STAR DEP and ARR, fix and airway inputs, ECON (Economy) CLB, CRZ and DES settings, DIR-INTC (Direct-To) and the PROG (Progress) has two pages of information with Wind and Fuel info on page 2. The aircraft's weather and terrain radar is also still one of the best in X-Plane.


Notable is the option of having both white and red instruments. There is a choice between mixed (white and red) or full in that certain digital instruments are red on the main instrument panel and on the OHP (OverHead Panel). The red looks very nice at night.


757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cockpit 8.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cockpit 7.jpg


In v2.1.13 few cockpit mis-spellings have also been rectified and corrected, with the ELC and EEC buttons now on (useable) if the fuel pumps (switches) are off.


The original X-Plane11 throttle hunting issue has been mostly tuned out (the B767 was the worst), the throttles still intermittently moves and reduce power, then increases the power again for no absolute reason, but it is not even close as the constant (annoying) movement you had before...  climbing to altitude was the worse.


757RR-300 v2.1.3_engines.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_engines 2.jpg


Cabin Fitout

You can see the changes to the FlightFactor B757 over the years by the different cabins installed in the aircraft... Starting with the 2013 version. This original version had a very Russian feel to the design, even down to the odd "Gazprom" logos?


757RR-200_Cabin 1.jpg757RR-200_Cabin 2.jpg757RR-200_Cabin 3a.jpg757RR-200_Cabin 2a.jpg


Thankfully another cabin change came with the v2 upgrade...  and the cabin went more modern and an early 2000's in design.


757-200_Start 4.jpg757-200_Start 5.jpg


But very quickly (twelve months) we already have another latest B757 cabin version that is now bang up to date...  with a very smart looking business class...


757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cabin 1.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cabin 4.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cabin 2.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cabin 3.jpg


....   and an even better designed main economy class.


757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cabin 5.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cabin 6.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cabin 7.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cabin 8.jpg


It is now all very modern in the back cabin as the economy seats are exceptional in design and they come with these lovely seating textures. Even the crew stations are very different from the past FlightFactor layouts (finally the cheap bottles of wine have gone) and all also are very modern and efficient looking. Same goes for the cabin wall panels, they are now separate styled panels with those nasty openings (gaps) from around the window frames are now also gone. Cabin lighting (adjustable) was good before, but now excellent with great down lighting.


757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cabin 9.jpg757RR-300 v2.1.3_Cabin 10.jpg


Look back to the original earlier cabins and you can see the total transformation of the same aircraft, the -300 version also has had the same changes done to the cabin layouts, and how long is it before the Boeing 767 get the same fitout makeover as well?


The above cabin changes are far more significant than they appear, as they are very unFlightFactor in design and appearance, this is most likely the new direction of internal design, including cockpit textures from the developers and a move away from the original more Slavic feel to a more western approach, my guess is that in time all the FlightFactor fleet in the B777, B767 and even their A350 will adopt these more western layouts and all to the better and the proof is right here in this cabin, and it is amazing how changes like this can bring an older design to a much more up to date feel and experience.


Virtual Reality

FlightFactor has also noted that the Boeing 757 will soon be available for VR (Virtual Reality), and FF note "We have developed our unique cockpit interaction in VR just like we did with the 3d cockpit, and if I may say so, it is very intuitive."


That announcement sounds exciting, but my comment would be what would VR be like in using the current B757 cockpit textures, as they are quite dark in design and the noted points in that (both) cockpits of the B757/B767 have that tendency to switch under X-Plane11 from light to dark lighting conditions?  My gut feeling is that with a VR headset on then it would highlight that aspect, and to the dark, more than the light?


757RR-300 v2.1.3_Land LG.jpg



The motto of this review tale is that the reality is the FlightFactor/Vmax Boeing 757 Series is now five years old. But the truth is that with constant and clever updates, it could have been released only late last year. I am not going to hide the fact that in a very few areas it does show its original age, but there is no doubt that in it's current form that the aircraft will certainly stay there at the top of the list as one of the best simulations in X-Plane and that is with the newer Airbuses also now available.


The trip down memory lane of the three different cabin layouts describes the whole situation very clearly, as the earlier cabin version was to say the least quite average (but good for the time), as the curent latest cabin layout is now quite sensational and like the real aircraft will keep it in service well past its used by date.


If you opt for the recommended extended version with not only the -200 version, but with the very long -300 and that nice freighter version as well, then you are getting overall a very nice aircraft package and as the B757 has been around for a fair then all the niceties like the GHD (Ground Handling) and BetterPushBack plugins all work very well as well.


In flying, then most of the X-Plane11 issues have been dealt with or refined, but updates are also constant to cover any other changes that Laminar Research might throw our way. I will admit the B757 requires a bit of skill and dedication to fly really well, you have to go to the aircraft, and not that the aircraft comes to you, but when both skills and flying ability merge then it is very good and deep simulation of this aircraft.... certainly highly recommended.




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Boeing 757-200ER Professional & Extended versions by VMAX and FlightFactor Aero is NOW! Available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


Boeing 757-200ER v2 Professional


Price is US$64.95


Boeing 757-200ER v2 Professional Extended


Price is US$84.95


Boeing 757-200ER v2 Professional Extended Upgrade


Price is US$64.95 + US$20

You must already have purchased and own the current Boeing 757-200 v2 version for any updates to the aircraft



X-Plane 11.05 or latter (also X-Plane 10 compatible)
Windows 7+, Mac OS 10.10+ or Linux 14.04+ LTS or compatible. running in 64bit mode
1Gb VRAM Video Card Minimum. 2Gb+ VRAM Recommended. 3Gb+ VRAM Preferred.
Current Version : 2.1.13 Free auto-updates for the entire XP11 lifecycle




Update Review by Stephen Dutton
18th April 2018
Copyright©2018: X-PlaneReviews
(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)

Review System Specifications:

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8Gb - Samsung Evo 512gb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.20

Addons: Saitek x56 Rhino Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini

Plugins: Environment Engine by xEnviro v1.09 US$69.90 : XPRealistic Pro v1.0.9  effects US$19.95 : WorldTraffic 3.0 Plugin - US$29.95 : BetterPushBack - Free : : JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe plugin

Scenery or Aircraft

- KABQ - Albuquerque International Sunport by ShortFinal Design (X-Plane.OrgStore) US$19.95 (review of KABQ is here : Scenery Review : KABQ - Albuquerque International Sunport by ShortFinal Design



- boarding door fix
- exhaust gas colour fix
- fixed a small bug with cargo version weight
- fixed the 753 beacon
- fixed a bug with disappearing ELC and EEC buttons on fuel pump off
- trimmer mouse wheel control fix
- power back is now possible again
- made the start sound quieter - to match the engine idle
- EGT limiter on high OAT GA fixed
- fixed x-plane hanging when you use the fix page during your fpl has DISCOs
- corrected brakes for xp11.10
- improved flch ap mode logic and reengaging at logic
- made some things for better integration with the VoiceCommander profiles by sloboda.

- fixed the issue with volume jumping to zero
- fixed an issue with engine controller behaving incorrectly after an engine change
- fixed an issue with BetterPushback rocking back and forth
- fixed an issue with inversed stab animation
- fixed the 300 door location (extended only)
- add 300 and cargo to the livery packs
- fixed misspelling in the cockpit
- added higher realism level requirement for hung start


Logo Header X-PlaneReviews 200px.jpg


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Yes I am eagerly awaiting the MD11 as well :) From flightfactor's point of view for updates there are two directions to go in... A350 or the said B777 Series, and remember the B767 is still needing an upgrade as well, but that is small compared to the work on the two others and it is already in beta? The point about the B777 is that it will be a very extensive upgrade as there will be a lot of changes and a lot of new systems, if it goes as far as a "Study" version I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me. If it is on the table then I doubt it will not be until the end of the year anyway, unless the work has already started a fair while ago which in case the usual release is around August, but the end of the year would more exact. My guess is the A350 will actually be next. To get the B757 is a good step up anyway if the B777 goes more system orientated as you can learn the deeper FMS and fight programming and then the transition to the larger aircraft would be more seemless...  SD

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And I thought about the fact that the system and the generation are different between the 777 and MD11. 

They're built are for long hauls while the 757 is dedicated for medium hauls.


So I guess I should go to the 757 while waiting the MD11... but I own their 767 and if it's OK, I don't have (yet?) the expected "sparkle in the eyes" and then I'm afraid to have the same feeling with their 757.


Well, I'll think about a bit more before pulling the trigger.


Thanks for your advice !

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  • 2 years later...

Thanks for this review. I would like to get this plane, but because I live in Australia, the $92US becomes $140AU. Even though this is quite steep, I still think it would be a worthwhile investment, but I may have to wait until my wallet becomes happy enough.

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38 minutes ago, Planedude07 said:

Thanks for this review. I would like to get this plane, but because I live in Australia, the $92US becomes $140AU. Even though this is quite steep, I still think it would be a worthwhile investment, but I may have to wait until my wallet becomes happy enough.


Yes I very much feel your pain (I live on the Gold Coast, QLD) Australia does not get a fair deal in the exchange rates compared to the rest of the world, there is always a sale to help a little in creating a more balanced price... but yes it hurts.

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