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News! - Coming Soon! : Diamond DA-62 by Aerobask

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DA-62 Image 1.jpg


News! - Coming Soon! : Diamond DA-62 by Aerobask


Aerobask have release images and information about their next release which is the Diamond DA-62. This aircraft is not to be mixed up with Aerobask's other Diamond the DA-42? This is the larger five to seven seat version of the aircraft.


DA-62 Image 2.jpgDA-62 Image 3.jpg

DA-62 Image 4.jpgDA-62 Image 5.jpg


The flight model has been done by X-Aerodynamics for more closely matching real performance from the DA-62. The aircraft is fully featured and with a Garmin G1000 avionics system. It is based on the Laminar (native) version and includes custom EIS and annunciations.


DA-62 Image 8.jpgDA-62 Image 9.jpgDA-62 Image 10.jpgDA-62 Image 11.jpg


Quality is astounding!, Last year's Aerobask Panthera v3 was a significant leap forward in texture quality, but again it looks like Aerobask have gone even better again in cloth/material texture detail...


DA-62 Image 12.jpgDA-62 Image 13.jpg

DA-62 Image 14.jpgDA-62 Image 15.jpg


Fixtures and chrome fittings are unbeliviably realistic.  Great effects as well with realistic rain and icing, not only inside on the glass but also on the actual aircraft as well.


DA-62 Image 16.jpgDA-62 Image 17.jpg


Full menu features and static elements...


DA-62 Image 6.jpgDA-62 Image 7.jpg


Here is the  full feature list:


  • Flight model by X-Aerodynamics, very closely matching real performance (based on public data).
  • Fully Integrated Laminar Garmin G1000 with custom EIS and annunciations (In 3D only).
  • Fully functional virtual 3D cockpit, with smooth and VR-friendly manipulators.
  • High quality 3D model with high resolution PBR textures (4K).
  • FMOD High Quality Enhanced 3D system sounds, including Doppler and Flanger effects.
  • Customized FADEC/ECU with test procedure.
  • Simulated oxygen system.
  • Simulated ice protection system.
  • MD302: custom coded Standby Attitude Module.
  • Fully functional breakers (configurable reliability).
  • Windshield effects: reflections, rain and frost.
  • Many parameters saved between flights.
  • Configurable pilots, passengers and luggage.
  • Optimized to save FPS.



Available for X-Plane 11 | Windows/Mac/Linux. 4GB+ VRAM Recommended


DA-62 Image 18.jpgDA-62 Image 19.jpg


DA-62 Image 20 800.jpg


Release of this Aerobask DA-62 has been noted as Mid-March!


DA-62 Image 21.jpg




News by Stephen Dutton

23rd February 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews


Images and info text are courtesy of Aerobask


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