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Update Review : Evektor EV-55 Outback v1.25 G1000 by Auctusdelineations

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Evektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_Header.jpg


Update Review : Evektor EV-55 Outback v1.25 G1000 by Auctusdelineations


Some aircraft languish for years, but others leap and bound forwards within a short period of time. The secondary point is certainly Auctusdelineations interesting Evektor EV-55 Outback. Here we already now have version v1.25, another update, but this is more a version update than a single figure digit as there is quite a few changes and a completely new version.


Evektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_Head 1.jpgEvektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_Head 2.jpg

Evektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_Head 3.jpgEvektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_Head 4.jpg



The new version is the G1000 avionics version. The native X-Plane G1000 layout is now part of the EV-55's DNA.


Evektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_G1000 1.jpgEvektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_G1000 2.jpg


The layout is three panels with two PFD (Primary Flight Displays) and the NAV/MAP display centre. And all three display's pop-out for ease of use.


Evektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_G1000 3.jpgEvektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_G1000 4.jpg


A nice touch is that between the three displays is the two Comm panels and with them moved off the G1000 display and over on to the instrument panel it leaves spaces on the G1000 displays for the AP (Autopilot) / FD (Flight Director) switch bars, which makes it easy for direct AP use.


The G1000 install to get all three displays and Comm panels across the instrument panel does however cause a slight visual difference.


Evektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_G1000 5.jpgEvektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_G1000 6.jpg


The G1000 displays are smaller and further away from your point of view, so the text and detail is quite small? A few times I had to pop-out the panel to check a detail. A note is that the EV-55 G1000 version is X-Plane11 only. And there is a slight difference with this version as it also uses the XP11 dynamics and better sound capability as with the FMOD sound that was also available in the last v1.2 update. The X-Plane10 version is still included, but in reality for how long as more XP11 features are added into the aircraft and as the XP10 versions will now stay static in development.


Evektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_XP11 7.jpg


Yes the sounds certainly feel and are far better again in this v1.25 version, as the distinctive Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-21 turboprops sound far better than I remember them with the also new effective doppler effects, and the smaller sounds and minute noises are more refined as well.


There was also a blank area in the aircraft's performance as I noted in the EV-55 earlier review...


"Around 100knts then you start to stall were as the stall speed is around 64knts, this EV-55 is a STOL or Short Takeoff and Landing aircraft, but you can't get down to those slower speeds at around 70knts to 80knts without losing height and sometimes pretty quickly. So you play it safe and even with full flap down at around 100knts and throttle power is still needed to control your height."


Evektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_XP11 8.jpgEvektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_XP11 12.jpg


The X-Plane11 refinement and a focus on this area by the developer has made this crucial zone more flyable. You can now adjust down to 85knts and even lower and still the aircraft is stable, in fact it is quite nice in this approach zone and the aircraft far more better handling and those adjustments also feel better right thoughout the whole of the aircraft's performance parameters and flight envelope and including autopilot constants which are adjusted for smoother use. There is maybe still slightly a bit more room for improvement here, but the overall feel now is far, far better.


Evektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_XP11 9.jpgEvektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_XP11 10.jpg


Evektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_XP11 11.jpg


The aircraft's lighting has also been refined, it is now more brighter and sharper as they are LED's and not the usual halogen. The doors in animation and handle movements have been refined with a nice catch sound now as they open or close, this makes them now also easier to operate.


Evektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_Door 1.jpgEvektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_Door 2.jpg


The original liveries work on all versions of the default "Outback" and "Prototype" and the new "G1000" version


Evektor EV 55 Outback_Livery default White.jpgEvektor EV 55 Outback_Livery default Chrome.jpg

Evektor EV 55 Outback_Livery OK-DRM White.jpgEvektor EV 55 Outback_Livery OK-DRM Chrome.jpg


The four choices on the original aircraft consisted of both white or chrome spinners (white is better)


Three other liveries in the package are: Forward (wavy lines), Camouflage (Very nice) and "The Raven" which is quite arty striking.


Evektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_Livery 1.jpgEvektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_Livery 2.jpg

Evektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_Livery 3.jpgEvektor EV 55 Outback_1.2_Livery 4.jpg


X-PlaneReviews original release review is here for more extensive details on the aircraft: Aircraft Review : Evektor EV-55 Outback by Auctusdelineations



Constant updates and refinements can make a huge difference to any aircraft. Certainly this excellent EV-55 utility aircraft has come a seriously long way since it's release mid-last year.


The addition here of the native X-Plane11 G1000 avionics system, is another huge bonus for this aircraft and the installation is very well done and it is very versatile to use, but the display's are slightly smaller than the usual G1000 fit-outs to make it all fit in to the required space, and that makes for a slightly smaller text and the smaller detail is harder on the eyes.


Flight performance and dynamics are very much improved, but more so on the X-Plane11 version with the better dynamics than the older X-Plane10 version, which is still included in the package and for how longer is now up for debate. FMOD sound is also more improved and is aurally noticeably better.


So this Evektor is an all round nice modern utility aircraft with STOL capabilities to add into the flying environment. And this EV-55 Outback by Auctusdelineations  is coming along quite nicely thank you and if you like these sort of aircraft it is now an on going nice and different investment to fly and enjoy.


X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg

The Evektor EV-55 Outback v1.25 by Auctusdelineations is NOW available! from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


Evektor EV-55 Outback


Your Price: $19.95
  • New 3D Sounds using FMOD Technology (X-Plane 11 only)
  • Accurate flight model
  • Detailed, animated 3D model inside and out
  • High quality textures
  • Animated pilot
  • Fully functioning cockpit
  • Cabin doors open/close
  • Wreckage model
  • PBR reflective metal and transparent glass
  • Start-up sheet and control map included
  • 5 liveries



X-Plane 11 or X-Plane 10

Windows, Mac or Linux
2GB+ VRAM Video card
X-Plane11 is required for X-Plane11 features and dynamics
Current version: 1.25 (last updated Feb 8th 2018)



Download for the Evektor EV-55 Outback is 318.58 mb and the unzipped file is deposited in the "General Aviation" X-Plane folder at 414mb in size.



Documents provided are:


  • EV-55 CONTROL MAP (panel diagram)
  • EV-55 spec sheet
  • EV-55 Startup Procedure (checklist)
  • Startup checklist
  • EV-55 painkit (gimp)


Update Review by Stephen Dutton
14th February 2018
Copyright©2018: X-PlaneReviews
(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)
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