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Carenado Aircraft update : A36 Bonanza v2.0 HD Series

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Carenado : A36 Bonanza v2.0 HD Series 


Carenado has announced the update of the A36 Bonanza HD series to version 2.0, including an update to the SASL plugin system to v2.0.1.




The A36 Bonanza is now full  v10.20 - 64bit compatibility.  and it is also compatible in Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems for v9.70 and v10-32bit.


The highlight of the A36 is the Aspen EFD1000 display, it is a highly featured glass cockpit display for General Aviation Aircraft.




The Aspen EFD1000 also pops out for ease of use and settings. The A36 is the most modern of the Bonanza Family and Carenado have again produced a version of high quality and functionality.






The v2.0 A36 Bonanza update is now available at the X-Plane .Org Store : Carenado A36 Bonanza HD series


The A36 Bonanza is available for both X-Plane 9 and X-Plane10 (note for some effects and features you require X-Plane10)


Price is US$26.95


Developer Site : Carenado


A full Mini-Review of the v2 A36 Bonanza is coming soon!


9th October 2013


v2.0 list of changes:

-32-bit and 64-bit Mac, Windows, and Linux support.  
-Updated SASL to official v2.0.1 release, which contains optimizations that benefit from Laminar's X-Plane 10.22 release.

-Overhauled lighting system.  Lighting halos for nav and strobe lights are now more visible under certain viewing angles.
-Landing light features tightly-focused "glare" effect when viewed from the right angle.
-Nav lights have been improved for a more realistic appearance.
-Improved ground handling

-No longer has inverted fuel and oil systems. More realistic.
-Optimized "options" menu, to use less memory.
-Optimized "Cameras" menu to use less memory
-Tweaked volume knob for engine sounds ("Vol" knob on GNS430)
-Tweaked turning radius on ground to compensate for new v10 no-toe-brake-with-rudder setting.
-Adjusted trim time from centre to max for v10, as this setting, left un-addressed, will cause the same plane to take twice as long to trim.
-tweaked gauges, such as fuel and oil pressure, vacuum, etc. to conform to v10's new way of calculating "Nominal pressure/temperature" as opposed to "Max pressure/temperature".
-Programmed default camera snap points for v10 (on top of existing ones via "Cameras" pop-up menu)

2 Different .acf files: one for v9 and one for v10.
-v10 .acf features optimized objects.  Interior/exterior shading is applied only where needed, saving resources.
-v10 .acf has further optimizations to objects that don't need the background (clouds, skies) to be drawn through them, if they're not transparent, saving further resources.
-v10 .acf also protects certain textures from resolution degradation at low rendering settings.  This guarantees that the panel instruments and text are always crisp and clear, no matter what rendering settings are chosen for the sim.
-v10 .acf is optimized to make use of HDR rendering, especially in terms of lighting.  This includes spill lights, which illuminate the surroundings, coming from Nav and Strobe lights.  
-When HDR mode is turned off, care has been taken to optimize the appearance of the plane without the enhancement benefits of HDR.

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