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NEWS! - Sound Pack Released : BSS FF A320 Pro Sounds by BlueSkyStar Simulations

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NEWS! - Sound Pack Released : BSS FF A320 PRO Sounds by BlueSkyStar Simulations


NEWS! BSS PRO sound pack.jpg


When I first started in X-Plane I considered the sound aspect of the Simulator as not the most important if, or if a decisive point of purchasing an aircraft, more so was the fact that...   why buy sounds?


That all changed with BSS or BlueSkyStar Simulations and their sound packages. BBS took sound and changed the acoustics of an aircraft to levels above of what we were used to. So aircraft and their systems came alive, but more so was the more personal aspect of realism of flying in aircraft. I have flown on a lot of Airbus A320s, most of us have, but BSS sounds allow you to relive that same experience now daily on your desktop...  they are that good.


Now here is a "PRO" version of the earlier Airbus A320 sound package from BSS. The old A320 package is still available and priced at now only US$10, so it is still a great even brilliant sound pack choice at a budget price.  


The PRO line is a complete remake with 70% more systems simulation and a more fluid sound simulation. The original A320 sound pack will still be working and offered for sale and still will get compatibility updates, but more attention will now be towards the more expansive PRO sound package.


The FlightFactor.Aero Airbus A320Ultimate IS required to use this addon soundpack.


BSS notes include:


All buttons have their own position and specific sound for each position
If a selector has 3 positions each position will have their own unique sound recorded from real corresponding selector
Each switch has unique sound with detail even to the spring
Each lever has unique sound, some levers, for example spoiler lever even has the sound of isolation brushes while lever travels
Every mechanical object that has sound, was recorded and has its own corresponding location
Explore with battery shutodown
ff, because some button or switch you don't want to press, unless for emergency or to see how the sound works
Doors, armrests, traytables
Most of the mechanical stuff, even buttons have the sound feature that depends how you press, select or switch.
Try for example pushing button on mcdu with battery off and hold each key, then release, the sound will follow
Ventilation System
Cabin fans inside work with cab fans button, to fans installed in A320
AEVC self test system will boost avionic fans when give power to aircraft
Ventilation system work as per real A320, with logic of blower and extractor fans
Inlet and outlet valves located below front doors that will open and close externally and internally will change the sound of avionic fans, experiment with blower and extractor override buttons to see how it change
On pressurization page on ecam you can see if the state is closed loop or open, depending on many condition and the sound will follow. This is why the A320 cockpit avionic fans sometimes sound louder or more quiet
You have "alive" breathing cockpit every flight.
Outflow valve have the sound too and located in the back of aircraft, you can experiment with manual control of outflow valve to see how
Lavatory and galley extraction fan works everytime you have power and is not controllable
Walk around the cabin and cockpit as well as outside with different configurations of vent system
With open left front door you can hear the blower fan starts working depending on configuration, stand by the door to hear it
One can notice how cockpit ambience becoms differnt when from ground state vent system becomes to closed loop. With engines off
switch ignition to start and move throttle to TOGA and you will hear how open loop changes to closed
Also blower has resets when switching from AC to DC and vice versa, you will hear a slight whistle with the contactor sounds
A320 has Honeywell 131-9A and it was recorded from that specific type
When you press master button, the apu inlet will mechanically open and you can hear the sound of it from outside or in aft galley
When you press start, ignition will sound like ticks and turbine will get started with cabin door opened you can hear the apu from outside as it spools up
APU also has exhaust sound and is 360 degree modeled with a sound, if you rotate around the apu
Electrical system
Electrical system features 28v and 400hz hum that will modulate depending on the load of the system
To check it out, override blower, so it will be a less noise in cockpit and with power on, put a load on it by selecting a fuel pump or window heat for example, then you will hear electrical hum change, so you electrical system is alive by the means of sound as well
All contactor sounds, relays depending on what bus you are switching, try to switch between engines(automatic), apu, and external power
Fwd and aft galley equipment also has a sound
Transformers and rectifiers have also sounds and they are located in E&E bay below, you can tell by high pitch electrical noise. More or less each A320 has it's own volume of those, some louder, some not.
All bus ties have sounds
Random systems some of them , too many to list
Electrically operated are for example Landing lights, you can hear the mechanical extension/retraction of it by the wings
You can also try the evac by pressing command button and then pressing it again and then horn shut button to get evacuation signal
Also you can hear CVR test by pressing ground control button and then pressing test
You can check windshield wiper motor by selecting wipers selector, you can hear the park motor and 2 speeds of operation
You can play with cockpit door lock/unlock mechanism by closing and opening the cockpit doors and selecting lock switch, dont lock yourself out, there is a door code that also has sounds on CDLCU
Brake fans do have the sound, outside, and a bit inside when door is open
All doors have sounds of opening, closing and locking
Fuel system
Consists of 6 pumps, each produce the sound when operative. Bass and vibration is dependent on altitude speed.
Much more full features are the same as real A320
Installation is easy, just over-write the earlier sound pack install and add in the new sound files in three folders; data, plugins and sounds. Options include if you want the passenger chatter (boarding, on board) can be adjusted via the menu/plugin "Sound3D" in the "people" option 0% to 100%, announcements are controlled from the EFB "PA" tab.
A walk around the FFA320 and it is an exceptional experience, you really feel you are out there on the tarmac, engine startup and shutdown procedures are again all excellent, certainly from the cabin. Switchgear and cockpit sounds are as per real.
A320 - BSS Head 1.jpgA320 - BSS Head 2.jpgA320 - BSS Head 3.jpgA320 - BSS Head 4.jpgA320 - BSS Head 5.jpg
Two videos are provided by BSS to experience the PRO package.


There are currently no notes on an upgrade discount price, so it is noted here to be a full upgrade cost of US$24.95 to the PRO version.


I don't need to recommend the PRO pack for the FF320Ultimate, that is a given, loved them before...   adore them now!



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Blue Sky Star Simulation Sound PRO Package is now available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


bssa320pro-001.jpg  BSS Flight Factor A320 PRO Sound Pack


Price is US$24.95 (Yes! you do need the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate aircraft and it is Required for the use of this sound pack US$89.95)



FF A320 Ultimate is required for this sound pack.
Will not work on any other A320 aircraft
Download Size: 820 MB   
Current Version: 1.0 (May 26th 2022)


a320bss_sm.jpg.c238fd32f091461be2175e32e   BSS Flight Factor A320 Ultimate Sound Pack US$10


Blue Sky Star Developer Site : Blue Sky Star Simulations
Blue Sky Star Developer Facebook : Blue Sky Star Simulations


NEWS! by Stephen Dutton

27th May 2022

Copyright©2022: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)


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