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News! - STMA... All aircraft are now X-Plane11

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News! - STMA...  All aircraft are now X-Plane11


All Shade Tree Micro Aviation aircraft (STMA) are all now compatible with X-Plane11, the only exception is the Kaman Kmax Helicopter.


The list includes the...


  • DHC-2 Beaver Turbo
  • Piper PA-18 Super Cub
  • Husky A-1A Husky
  • Sherpa K650T Turbine Bush
  • North American Rockwell OV-10
  • Lockheed U-2s Dragon Lady
  • F-86E Sabrejet


The PC12 - 47G, DHC3 Otter's and the Beech D18S or Beech AT11 are already X-Plane11 compatible.


All aircraft now come with STMA's AutoUpdate (AU) which is the same as X-Updater, for direct updates to all future X-Plane11 updates. And all aircraft have been tuned to the new X-Plane11 dynamics and incorporate many of the X-Plane11 features.


All Shade Tree Micro Aviation aircraft aircraft are now available at the X-Plane.OrgStore here: STMA - X-Plane.OrgStore






STMA has also released the Diamond DA40-180 Diamond Star for X-Plane11. This Diamond DA40-180 Diamond Star was originally commissioned by Precision Flight Controls, Inc, and was developed using the airplane’s Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS), the DA40 Flight Manual (POH), and has gone through extensive development and flight testing by DA40-qualified pilots.


Features include:

  • Two models:  The original one with analog (“steam”) gauges and a new G1000 glass panel model.
  • STMA’s unique AutoUpdate (AU) which automatically downloads any changes to the aircraft when it’s loaded into X-Plane.
  •  Transparent windows, realistic instrument panel with accurately positioned gauges.
  • Detailed, fully animated 3D cockpit& instrument panel!
  • Animated canopy and window/door.
  • Airframe,flight model, speeds, performance and super realistic handling.
  • Realistic landing gear struts and structures.
  • Another superior paint job by master painter Peter Fisher, another superb fully animated pilot figure by Bob Feaver.
  • Operational tips, the actual pilot checklist in Word format, and an extract copy of the airplane'sPOH is in the documents folder.





X-Plane 11+
Windows , Mac or Linux
2Gb  VRAM Video Card. 4Gb+ VRAM Recommended 


X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


The Diamond DA40-180 Diamond Star for X-Plane11 is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

Diamond DA40-180 Diamond Star XP11


Price is US$29.95




News by Stephen Dutton
1st December 2017
Copyright©2017: X-PlaneReviews
Images are courtesy of STMA
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