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Developer Blog : Beta 10.25 is next!


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Ben Supnik noted in the last developer post (Rumors of My Death…) on beta updates. There there will be an intern beta before b10.30 is rolled out. That beta will now be called b10.25.


And juicy it will be because besides a few bug fixes, the main focus of the release will be on a lot of new "Terrain Textures" and mostly focused on "cold wet climates", by which is the current underlaid urban textures that make up the urban areas (usually grey) to define the differences from the totally green carpet look. More of these regional textures are promised as well as they become available. 


The texture optimization for the airport scenery library will hopefully stop a lot of those flashing textures that get really annoying and ruins the effect at the "lego-brick airports", few of these submitted airports are also going to be in the beta as well. I welcome a small test of this system because a huge download of "lego-brick airports" my be a problem of a library blow-out with so many airports then over writing each over. (If you have the Aerosoft created airports in your Scenery Library you can see the problem).


Coming also is Alpilotx new "new terrain textures" that I covered in this post: and that the aim is that b10.25 will hopefully also have those DSF (Distribution Scenery Format) recuts to fix the flaws (Botany Bay anyone?)


No date has yet been given for the release of beta10.25


Stephen Dutton


5th October 2013


The full post text from the Laminar Research - Developer Blog is here : Now That Breaking Bad Is Over…

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