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Aircraft Update Overview : Pipistel Panthera v3.1.2 by Aerobask


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panthera 312_Header.jpg


Aircraft Update Overview : Pipistel Panthera v3.1.2 by Aerobask


The version three series of Aerobask's Pipistel Panthera was a real shock to the system when it was released earlier this year in March 2017. Not withstanding with also the excellent "Dynon SkyView" (G1000 based) and the newer complimentary GTN750 and GTN650 systems.


No it was the visible potential the aircraft gave of X-Plane11's future, as this aircraft was the very first one released that took the huge advantage of X-Plane11's extraordinary Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials, textures and lighting effects. Looking again at this updated v3.1.2 you can still see why it was such a revelation or revolution in the way your simulation ideals had changed into another new era.


panthera 312_Head 1.jpgpanthera 312_Head 2.jpg

panthera 312_Head 3.jpgpanthera 312_Head 4.jpg


Outwardly the Panthera doesn't look like a really exciting or highly detailed aircraft either, and that is mostly because of its modern composite skin. But look deeper and the detailing starts to come alive...  and in a very big way.


Textures and materials are just out of this world, even with the now eight month distance from release, you can still see the dynamics of the XP11 lighting that brings the interior alive. It will be even with my guess the benchmark in textures in a modern form for still quite awhile yet.


panthera 312_Detail 1.jpgpanthera 312_Detail 2.jpg

panthera 312_Detail 3.jpgpanthera 312_Detail 4.jpg


Chrome and metallic surfaces were also in a new realm, and again the Panthera was the front-runner to what we now take for granted.


panthera 312_Detail 5.jpgpanthera 312_Detail 6.jpg


Interior detail is also of the highest quality, great fabrics and leather is supremely recreated as just look at those seats...


panthera 312_Detail 7.jpgpanthera 312_Detail 8.jpg


Update v3.1.2

You must be saying "well, well that is all very nice, but wasn't this update overview about the new version?". Well it is, but first impressions are still important as well to understand the benchmark that is already set, and in reality it isn't a very large update, but there are a few nice things in the release.


The update log is quite short with:


  • Fmod support for XP11
  • added engine volume control in cockpit
  • objects cleanup
  • changed some slider duration
  • Fixed oxy_sound dataref
  • fixed issue when dialing freqs on GTN750/650


First is the new sounds and FMOD support. The sounds on the original were very good anyway, so the absolute differences are not that big a gap. But it is certainly a big step forward in v3.1.2 the directional sound patterns and the dynamics of the sounds which are different and they are also better in the split levels of the sounds, the mix for different sonic directions with Doppler and Flanger effects, in other words it is like the older mono to the newer stereo in context. All the switchgear is now also more highly audible with their clicks, clacks, thumps and other 3d sounds.


You can also now adjust the volume of the engines sounds internally via the earphone jacks on the left and right sides of the panel.


panthera 312_Detail 9 LG.jpg


More sound adjustments are with the oxygen sounds. Move the slider now and the rush of oxygen is more pronounced, but to note the engine sounds will usually hide any small low freqeuncy sounds like the rush of air.


A few of the cabin objects have had attention, as is the small issue with setting the frequencies on the GTN750/650, which I missed because I mostly use the X-Plane local map fill to load in my radio frequencies, but it has been fixed anyway.




panthera 312_flying 1.jpgpanthera 312_flying 2.jpg


A quick flight and circuit found the aircraft feeling a little different from what I remember...  it is a slightly more niggly, or sharper feel under the stick and rudders. Maybe more windy?  but my real guess is that is the different X-Plane11 dynamics that have had in the mean time a lot of adjustments, because I sometimes feel the same differences in other aircraft as well, but it is anyway still that slightly more pronounced movement here than what I remember.


panthera 312_flying 3.jpgpanthera 312_flying 4.jpg


That is not to say the Panthera is not now nice to fly because it is, in fact when you adjust to it, it is with a finer more feeling aircraft than before...


panthera 312_flying 5.jpgpanthera 312_flying 6.jpg


...  the excellent systems are also great, the pop-out "Dynon SkyView" and GTN750 and GTN650 systems are so good and certainly in this category one of the best glass cockpits in X-Plane.


panthera 312_flying 7.jpgpanthera 312_flying 8.jpg


panthera 312_flying 9.jpgpanthera 312_flying 10.jpg



So a very nice tidy up and better sounds for the Pipstrel Panthera with v3.1.2 and just before Christmas, and if you like these composite style modern aircraft then you won't go far wrong here, it was a class leader earlier in the year and this quick reintroduction only confirmed why, the Panthera is overwhelming in the quality stakes and in its Dynon SkyView and GTN750/GTN650 instrument systems, This aircraft is for only X-Plane11 users to take advantage of the latest simulation dynamic features...  and it is the best of the composite class aircraft.


A full and deeper review of the systems of the Pipistrel Panthera v3 is here: Aircraft Review : Pipistrel Panthera v3 by Aerobask



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


The Pipistrel Panthera v3.1.2 by Aerobask is available! from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


Pipistral Panthera v3


Your Price: $34.95
This update is free if you have already purchased the Pipistrel Panthera v3, just go to your X-Plane.Org account and download the v3.1.2 upgrade.
Exclusive features
  •  In-house coded GTN 750 and GTN 650 with touchscreen and scrollwheel support:
    • Exclusive multi-threaded and fps-friendly map and terrain display
    • Map topography display based on actual X-Plane mesh data
    • Terrain awareness display based on actual data
    • Configurable map rendering
    • TCAS with online flying support
    • Airways, SID and STAR support (waypoint-based)
    • Flight plan import/export compatible with stock XP10 fms format
    • Built-in chart viewer - easily import yours
    • COM support for PilotEdge (Connect/disconnect, TX/RX, COM1&2 volume control)
    • COM awareness for IVAO and VATSIM (connection status)
    • COM, NAV and XPNDR dialing pad
    • Interactive checklists
    • Resizable pop-ups
  • Latest revision of Dynon Skyview with added scrollwheel support
    • NEW! Scrollwheel support on lists, map, HDG, CRS, MDA, ALT, VVI, etc...
    • Airways, SID and STAR support (waypoint-based)
    • Weather map display on multiple screens and orientations
    • TCAS with Traffic Advisory and Resolution Advisory
    • Resizable pop-ups
  • Dual compatibility XP10 and XP11, with PBR support
  • Volumetric propeller (XP11)
  • Compatible with  GoodWay 5
  • High quality 3D model reauthored with:
    • UHD 4K textures
    • Ambient occlusion
    • Specular map
    • PBR normal mapping (XP11)
  • New FMOD Sounds environment 
    • Realistic full 3D sound environment.
    • Realistic sound engine, designed from a real Lycoming.
    • Doppler and Flanger effects.
    • Variety interior sounds for all switches, buttons, key, doors, etc...



    X-Plane 11+ (not compatible with X-Plane 10)

    Windows, Mac or Linux - Running in 64bit Mode
    2Gb VRAM Minimum. 4GB+ VRAM Recommended 
    Current version: 3.1.2 (Last updated Nov 14th 2017)


Update Overview by Stephen Dutton
20th November 2017
Copyright©2017: X-PlaneReviews
(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)
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