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Scenery Update : EIDW - Dublin v2.0 by Aerosoft

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EIDW v2_Header.jpg


Scenery Update : EIDW - Dublin v2.0 by Aerosoft


Solid reliable scenery is important to get the best out of your simulation flying. To land at good scenery gives you another level of immersion and realism that can make your flying immensely satisfying. My cornerstones of scenery in the UK are actually all Aerosoft sceneries, in EGCC - Manchester, EGLL - Heathrow and EIDW - Dublin, all are extremely good but EGLL - Heathrow is very framerate heavy, not so much in the actual scenery, but the sheer amount of surrounding autogen,that can even easily bring any strong computer down to it's knees.


EIDW - Dublin from Aerosoft was a great scenery from the start as I noted in the release review here: Scenery Review : EIDW - Dublin by Aerosoft


That v1.0 Dublin release was way back in September 2014, and here is the update to v2.0 and it is now X-Plane11 compatible as well.


EIDW v2_Head 1.jpgEIDW v2_Head 2.jpg

EIDW v2_Head 3.jpgEIDW v2_Head 4.jpg


Outwardly it looks the same as the original, and that is not a bad thing as the original release of the scenery was very good quality scenery in the first place. But early Aerosoft sceneries although very good in the visual sense, where not very good the using the X-Plane features and effects, that is the overall focus here with this updated scenery and with even the newer X-Plane11 features thrown in for good measure.


EIDW v2_Overview 1.jpgEIDW v2_Overview 2.jpg

EIDW v2_Overview 3.jpgEIDW v2_Overview 4.jpg


In the overview it looks like the exact same EIDW I have flown into for years...  but the textures have been upgraded to eliminate and refine the older blurry textures and you certainly notice the difference on approach.


EIDW v2_Approach 1.jpgEIDW v2_Approach 2.jpg


....   but on closer inspection you now also have that "Volumetric Grass" feature that Aerosoft are famous for.


EIDW v2_Grass 1.jpgEIDW v2_Grass 2.jpg


You can turn the feature on/off as well if you have a poor or weak processor. I have found that grass has never had much impact on framerate and I doubt it here as well because there isn't that much of a volume to talk of anyway, but it nice to have it from a visual point of view.


X-Plane Animations

Another new feature to EIDW is that all the (marginal) airbridges now work as well!


EIDW v2_Approach 3.jpgEIDW v2_Approach 4.jpg


Your guidance marshall is set to one side, but the alignment is correct and all the animated airbridges work very well on the airbridged piers in three and four. A note in that most parking here at EIDW is mostly stands than gates as this is Ryanair's base after all?  but you do have a really great cross section of gates, stands and remote stands to choose from. Another point is that there is now a lot of ground service vehicles than there was before, now there is huge amount of them and to the point of clogging each other up on the ramps, and yes the default ground service vehicle feature (to the aircraft) now also works here as well.


EIDW v2_Ground support 1.jpgEIDW v2_Ground support 2.jpg


The animated ground service traffic here at Dublin is HUGE in a lot of a lot of vehicles scurrying all around the ramps and it makes the once very empty and static scenery now very active place, and yes I love that.


EIDW v2_Ground support 3.jpgEIDW v2_Ground support 4.jpg


Most original Aerosoft scenery was in part conversions from their Flight Simulator products and they mostly left their scenery barren for add-ons like ultimate traffic and Traffic X. But in X-Plane that then just gave you a really empty airport. There was a static aircraft filler option and there still is, but you now use the "Aerosoft - Static Aircrafts" (library) folder for all Aerosoft static aircraft and not the individual packages for each airport, again you can switch them on/off.


But more importantly is that EIDW - Dublin has had all its ground routes redefined for use in X-Plane for the default ATC/A.I. system, but also for use with X-Life the AI traffic plugin by JARDesign. But the redefined ground routes they are also usable for WorldTraffic3 operations as well, and they are shown in operation in all the images here as I prefer WT3 to the other A.I. traffic options.


EIDW v2_Ground routes 1.jpgEIDW v2_Ground routes 2.jpg


There are still more animations as the landside road network now also has cars and vehicles running through the airport.


EIDW v2_Car animations 1.jpgEIDW v2_Car animations 2.jpg


You can't adjust the volume of vehicles anymore in XP11 (well you can with FlyWithLua but not officially) so the volume is quite low, but at least it is done and now working.


Aerosoft have also gone to a lot of trouble to replace all the 3d static vehicles in the scenery (mostly in carparks) with the default versions for increased framerate and more vehicle coverage and it shows and it does overall make a significant visual difference. Again you can turn this static car feature on/off to save framerate.


EIDW v2_Car static 1.jpgEIDW v2_Car static 2.jpg


One small note is that the main airport boundary does not seem to have any fencing? You can walk straight over to the runway from any roadway?


Reflective Glass

For X-Plane11 users there is the reflective glass feature. Here at EIDW it is really well done, but you have to have the right lighting conditions to take in the full advantage of the feature.


EIDW v2_Glass 1.jpgEIDW v2_Glass 3.jpg


As there are great and different glass areas at Dublin, with old and new buildings giving you different perspectives and it all works in really well together.


EIDW v2_Glass 2.jpgEIDW v2_Glass 4.jpg



The original Aerosoft EIDW had really average lighting? The lighting was a conversion of or practices of Flight Simulator lighting and this being X-Plane it just didn't work...  The result was a bad box or a frame of light around the source, so I was not surprised and very thankful that Aerosoft have found their inner X-Plane and redone all the lighting with the X-Plane lighting system.


EIDW v2_Lighting 1.jpgEIDW v2_Lighting 2.jpg


Lighting and sources are now quite comprehensive, there is now a variety of lighting and from a distance perspective the airport looks really great.


EIDW v2_Lighting 3.jpgEIDW v2_Lighting 4.jpg


Airside and landside lighting is (slightly) different, but mostly it is the small standard spot lighting.


EIDW v2_Lighting 5.jpgEIDW v2_Lighting 6.jpg


Ramp lighting is very good, but the throw is not very far and that in a few cases creates dark working areas, but overall you won't have any problems working down on the ramp.


EIDW v2_Lighting 7.jpgEIDW v2_Lighting 9.jpg


The original building night textures were very good, if a little dullish, but the combination of the new overhead and the old building textures does work very well here and it feels very realistic close up (note the nice drop lighting on the side of the building).


EIDW v2_Lighting 8.jpgEIDW v2_Lighting 10.jpg


So compared with the first Aerosoft Dublin the lighting is really night and day, and with no pun intended.


EIDW v2_Overview 9.jpgEIDW v2_Overview 8.jpg


I do love the merger of the old and the new at Dublin, the older legacy carriers also interacting with huge amount of LCC traffic, it is a great place to visit and use as scenery.


EIDW v2_Overview 7 LG.jpg



Aerosoft's early scenery was and is very good, but they never really understood X-Plane in the way it is a very more default built in active simulator, with its animations and lighting. Their approach was always the add-on Flight Simulator angle and so most early scenery released was good but very soulless.


You need X-Plane developers to do X-Plane scenery, even in a conversion as noted with Aerosoft's Bali scenery which is brilliant scenery but let down by no X-Plane interaction.


This EIDW - Dublin was like that. Great amazing scenery, but missing the X-Plane features and activity, but this excellent v2.0 update fixes almost everything about that aspect, you get a lot if not everything X-Plane thrown in here, with in areas like ground service vehicles to even the total maximum effect. There are now 3d grass and cars, reflective glass, animated airbridges, vehicle traffic and excellent ground routes and finally great (X-Plane) lighting that totally brings EIDW totally alive and more and that is because Aerosoft (finally) used an X-Plane developer to convert an X-Plane scenery and the difference is highly noticeable.


A great deal also allow you to upgrade from the original v1 version to this v2 Dublin for only US$5, see details below and get the discount code from the X-Plane.OrgStore.


As noted I use EIDW as a cornerstone of my flying in Europe and the one of the main triangles of routes between EGCC (Manchester) and EGLL (Heathrow) for most of my UK flying, and so to a point a really good EIDW is very important to my X-Plane flying, but now the overall experience is far more highly elevated with the newer X-Plane features now besides the already great scenery that was originally in place, so overall this is a five star scenery, a must have if you fly comprehensively in Europe and the UK...  so simply it is now major requirement have for your collection and for its greatly enhanced X-Plane11 use.




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg

Yes! the "EIDW - Dublin Airport" scenery by Aerosoft Is now Available from the X-Plane.OrgStore! :

Airport Dublin v2
Price is  US$24.95


  • All buildings and installations at and around the airport
  • High quality models and photo real textures
  • High resolution runways and taxiways
  • Highly realistic night time effects
  • High resolution textures
New in version 2.0:
  • Entirely X-Plane 11 compatible
  • Uses advanced X-Plane features such as 3D spill lights and glass reflections
  • Complete taxiway network for use by ATC and AI aircraft
  • Animated service vehicles
  • Volumetric grass
  • Animated road traffic
  • Animated jetways and marshallers (AutoGate plugin required)
  • Compatible with X-Life
  • Added 249 road segments for X-Plane’s road traffic
  • Added 1,198 new HDR lights
  • Replaced all 7,176 old parked cars with better X-Plane default cars
  • Added 9,834 additional parked cars and 136 semi-trailers
  • Added 30 missing buildings
  • Fixed blurry ortho textures



X-Plane 11

Windows, Mac or Linux
2Gb VRAM Minimum. 4GB VRAM Recommended
Current version : 2.0 (last updated September 7th 2017)
Download size: 500Mb
Previous owners of  'Airport Dublin' (v1)  can buy this new  v2  version for only $5: Check your original  Dublin  invoice at the store. the discount code will be listed there.
WT3 : WorldTraffic3 conversion was overall excellent, there is however a strange ground route interaction around the V section of intersecting runways 28 and 34? In most cases the aircraft will route through correctly, but in a few cases they will get confused...




Upgrade Review by Stephen Dutton

27th September 2017

Copyright©2017: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)


Review System Specifications:

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - GeForce GTX 980/SSE2 - Samsung Evo 512gb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.05

Addons: Saitek x52 Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini

Plugins: Environment Engine by xEnviro US$69.90 : JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe plugin - US$14.95 : WorldTraffic 3.0 Plugin - US$29.95

Scenery or Aircraft

- Boeing 737-800 X-Plane default aircraft with ZIBO MOD installed


Logo Header X-PlaneReviews 200px.jpg


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