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NEWS! - Aircraft Updated : McDonnell Douglas MD-11 v1.03.9 by Rotate

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NEWS! - Aircraft Updated : McDonnell Douglas MD-11 v1.03.9 by Rotate


MD-11 v1.03.9 update News! header.jpg


This is another big update in v1.03.9 to cover a lot of bugs and fix a load of areas for the new McDonnell Douglas MD-11 by Rotate. You can now only currently download the update by the X-Plane.OrgStore as there is currently no updater used with the aircraft.


There is no doubt that the Rotate MD-11 was one of the most controversial aircraft releases in X-Plane, if ever, certainly in the time I have been in the simulator. Talk about a firestorm, it was actually quite embarrassing to watch from the sidelines. Several things are to be noted here, one is that any X-Plane user should know that any release of an aircraft, then it will come with release bugs, certainly with one of this complexity and it's deep systems.

It is the speed in which the developers (in this case Rotate) reacts and covers those fixes and bugs, and in the speed in how they do that, and in this aspect Rotate has more than delivered. They don't know the bugs sometimes until they can see them.


So what went wrong. To a point both sides had to take some of the blame. For one the hype and buildup was off the chart, nothing released could live up to those sort of orbital expectations.


We found very early on in the beta testing this was not a normal aircraft to fly and learn, it was on another level again, and you must readjust to another skill level of flying with these very complicated machines. I took me a week to do so (an early warning in there that this was not going to be an easy release), early versions were extremely buggy and that did not help, but in the last beta we received it was really very good and everything fell into place, yes I crashed, yes I fell into the ocean (I have the pictures to prove it), yes I had to double-click actions, but gradually we mastered it, then the MD-11 really started to shine. Then I really fell in love with this very confronting aircraft, when it worked it really was sensational and challenging.


So I had my serious concerns that way before the release the MD-11, seriously over hyped, seriously difficult to learn. Rotate didn't help the situation by holding the release version from everyone and too close to their chest, including the beta testers. We had noted the fixes required, but didn't actually know what had been until the release version RC was put up for sale, that aspect was a mistake by Rotate, beta testers would have seen earlier that the bug list had not been totally covered in the release, and that left Rotate exposed.


The Vloggers didn't really help either. In their rush to beat each other to air (more numbers means more clicks) they made serious mistakes in setting up the aircraft, creating errors that users picked up on early, the vloggers again should have had advance copies to sort out the minute of the aircraft before broadcasting.


Then came the release, and it turned into a firestorm of pure juvenile inadequacy, I was ashamed and even offended by some of the vitriolic comments made about the developer and the product, Basically there was a few areas that the users just couldn't work out (It took me a days to work it out as well remember), the odd one was the ILS setting, I admit it was an odd way to set the ILS Frequency (no course degree) but that just threw everyone, second was the power settings for takeoff, another tricky way of setting up the aircraft, but again you had to set the aircraft up correctly, to fly it correctly, then the odd LNAV the biggest annoyance which was one I just couldn't get my head around, as the Rotate MD-80 does exactly the same thing? Then to relate the Rotate MD-11 to a MD-11 release from Flight Simulator, and one released over a decade ago was sheer lunacy...  seriously no two releases are exactly the same anyway. Most wanted their money back, but you had to step up to the aircraft and not the other way around. It showed a lot of users were almost illiterate in their flying, and their weak skill base was exposed. I admit the release aircraft was not perfect, far from it, I never expected it to be.


Once the users got a handle on the systems the forums settled down, they still complained of course but their comments were meaningless as the experienced users got their heads around the aircraft, and even the real world pilots noted how good the aircraft is compared to the real deal and recommended it. And Rotate has also quickly updated the aircraft to compliance. Overall it was seriously embarrassing episode for the X-Plane simulator.


This update covers a lot of the minute details, and should have been by all accounts been the release version, so you can say the MD-11 is now stable, even though there will be a still a few gripes. And yes the LNAV/VNAV has again been adjusted and so have the FD Bars.


Version 1.03.9 (May 8th 2022)
- Fixed deceleration predictions computing VNAV profile.
- Improved T/D detection.
- Adjusted transition to descent phase.
- Fixed a bug in VNAV flight-path calculation causing too steep descent at high altitudes.
- Fixed speed restrictions and deceleration schedule below transition altitude.
- Fixed issues crossing the 180º meridian.
- Fixed 2D menus in multi-monitor setups.
- Adjustments to Flight Director bars response.
- Tuned engine thrust at high altitudes.
- Tuned cabin climb rates.
- Prevent LSAS/CWS PIDs from resetting on AFS disconnect.
- Support tiller with mouse.
- Give hardware throttle priority when ATS servos are off.
- Ignore hardware throttles when ATS servos are engaged.
- Fixed engine 3 rotation issue.
- Fixed gear lights logic.
- Fixed center gear deploying on landing when commanded up.
- Support reversers with throttle commands.
- Fixed cabin pressurization rate.
- Fixed AP DISCO transition to LSAS/CWS guidance.
- Fixed a bug in F-PLN page time fields.
- Fixed arrival airport/runway symbols in ND.
- Fixed T/C and T/D calculation in some routes.
- Tuned descent performance predictions.
- Fixed descent flight path calculation in power-on-path descent legs.
- Fixed reversers N1 limit.
- Improved thrust reversers command logic.
- Fixed ILS tuning of some navaids.
- Fixed clearing of VOR2 CRS in NAV RADIO page.
- Fixed transition to early descent using V/S.
- Fixed EICL messages colors in EAD.
- Fixed wind indication in PROGRESS page.
- Removed sign of STAB setting in TAKEOFF page.
- Tuned fueld burned/predicted data.
- Fixed AFS speed target logic during takeoff.
- Fixed CTD when entering duplicate lat/lon names F-PLN page.
- Show dialed frequecies correctly in radio heads.
- Fixed aileron indications with deflected aileron configuration.
- Tuned brakes heating/cooling rates.


Rotate-MD-11 - MA 1.jpgRotate-MD-11 - MA 2.jpgRotate-MD-11 - MA 3.jpgRotate-MD-11 - MA 5.jpgRotate-MD-11 - MA 4.jpg


Note: the Rotate MD-11 has now been tested in X-Plane12 and will be fully supported when the new X-Plane version is released, no news if that aspect will be an upgrade price or a free update to users, personally I think it will be free as the time difference between both releases (MD-11/XP12) is small (in months).


A full MEGA X-PlaneReviews review on the Rotate MD-11 is here : Aircraft Review : McDonnell Douglas MD-11 by Rotate



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 v1.03.9 by Rotate is currently available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

Rotate MD-11

Price is US$83.95



X-Plane 11 (Fully updated, non beta version)
Support for X-Plane 12 when available
Windows, Mac or Linux 
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM recommended
Current version: 1.03.9 (May 8th 2022)

News by Stephen Dutton

10th May 2022

Copyright©2022: X-Plane Reviews


Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Right Reserved.

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