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NEWS! - Plugin Updated : Mango Studios FF A350 sound pack v2

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NEWS! - Plugin Updated : Mango Studios FF A350 sound pack v2


Mango A350 Update header.jpg


Manga Studios have updated their addon sound package for FlightFactor's A350 XWB to version v2. This is a significant update and adds in a whole new dimension to the soundscape of the aircraft.


The FlightFactor Airbus A350 XWB has been an odd release from the FlightFactor developers. Notably there has been a profusion of updates from FlightFactor, but nothing that changed the odd core of the aircraft to a more well rounded design, the one sided flying position and the average cabin are now quite dated in this approach.


Worse was the sounds...  the original A350 XWB sounds were quite atrocious, awful beyond comprehension for a developer studio of this calibre. Droning and washing machine repetitive in flight soundscapes put me off flying the aircraft on a regular basis...  it is still not on my usual rotation of aircraft in asking for my personal flying attention.


Sadly to date BSS (Blue Star Sky) haven't done a sound pack either, like they have for the FlightFactor A320Ultimate (excellent), the FF B757, B767 and even the FF B777...  So A350 XWB always seemed to miss out on everything from each developer.


Mango Studio's however did do a sound pack for the FF A350 XWB in October 2020. It did make a huge difference, but still in reality it not also live up to the specialist requirements in sounds that is expected today from users. It felt basically rushed and did not have the aural depth required for the aircraft of this stature, so v1 was a step up, but not to high expected expectations required of an addon product. And the users were very unforgiving and vocal about that aspect. To a point they have a right to have a decent Airbus A350 XWB aircraft in the simulator.


So here is version v2, and this is the new feature list to build on the original sound package.

Custom sounds for tires on touchdown effects
Custom sounds for hydraulic pump effect
Custom sounds for fuel pump effects
Custom exterior rain effects
Custom fuel truck, and GPU effects

New, custom sounds for APU start/shutdown
New, complete, and custom exterior sounds for the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines, which include:

    -New custom, exterior start-up/shut-down sound effects
    -New custom, exterior spool-up/spool down sound effects
    -New custom, exterior backblast, surround sound, and flyby sound effects
New custom EICAS button, switch, knob, rotary, and handle sound effects
New custom FCU button, switch, and rotary sound effects
New custom OVERHEAD button, button cover, knob, rotary, and switch sound effect
New custom PEDESTAL button, button cover, handle, rotary, switch and throttle sound effect
New custom cockpit system sound effects include:
    -Autopilot disengages and engages sound effects
    -Complete Cockpit electrical systems, blowers, batteries, and buses.
    -Ultra-realistic cockpit wiper system
    -Complete EGPWS warnings, including retard callouts, callouts from 2500ft to 10ft, and all those in between.
    -Complete Cockpit warnings, which include Autopilot disconnect warnings, triple-click sound effects after autopilot disconnection, seatbelt chimes, no-smoking chimes, and flight attendant chimes.  
New Custom, Complete, and ultra-realistic cockpit environment effects which include:
    -Cockpit landing gear effects such as gear extension, retraction, touchdown, rolling, and drag sound effects
    -Other effects, such as Cockpit Rumble, Cockpit Rain, Cockpit Rotation, Cockpit Wind, Flap Drag, Spoiler Drag, sound effects
New Cabin Effects include:
    -New Air conditioning effect
    -New Cabin wind effect
    -Reworked Fuel pump system effect
    -Reworked Hydraulic pump system effect
    -New Flap sounds, from start to finish taking off a real A350- 2 individual sounds which vary in pitch for each wing.
New, complete, and custom interior sounds for the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines, which include:
    -New custom, interior startup/shutdown sound effects
    -New custom, interior spool-up/spool-down sound effects
    -New custom, interior backblast, surround sound, and flyby sound effects

So how will these new Mango sounds go to the hoards. Certainly they are far better than the original sound package, as the new list covers far more indepth details, but I still think the main RR Trent engine sounds could be a bit more of a higher quality, but then again I haven't spent a lot of hours on the airframe either to give a full warranted appraisal. Certainly these sounds are worlds away from the provided FlightFactor sound packs, for that aspect alone and for the popularity of the FF A350 XWB which is very high, it will be more than enough for the hoards to want this specialist sound pack in their A350 XWB. I am sure they will let all of us know in any real time soon.


There is also an included optional folder, to get rid of the sometimes annoying stock FF A350 cabin sounds and a User-Friendly UI that helps you bring some more customization to your sound pack!



For current purchasers the Mango Studios FF A350 sound pack, then v2 is now available to download for free from the X-Plane.OrgStore. Just go to your account and download the FF350 XWB v2.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Mango Studios FF A350 sound pack v2 is available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

Mango Studios FF A350 sound pack v2

Price is US$15.99



This is a Sound pack only. The Flight Factor A350 is required for this sound pack

Download Size: 89MB
Current version 2.0 (April 19th 2022)

News by Stephen Dutton

22nd April 2022

Copyright©2022: X-Plane Reviews


Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Right Reserved.

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This update is a great progress with this plane but I haven’t found the way to reduce the sounds when we are outside the airplane. It is really strong and the X-plane sound menu is totally inoperant.

Do you have a solution, my ears will thank you a lot !

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Believe it or not there is not any global adjustments on the A350 (I checked), as the Mango Sounds over-ride both the Default sounds and FlightFactor's...  very odd.

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