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NEWS! - Aircraft Updated : McDonnell Douglas MD-11 v1.1 by Rotate

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NEWS! - Aircraft Updated : McDonnell Douglas MD-11 v1.1 by Rotate


MD-11 v1.1 update News_ header.jpg


Rotate have released a v1.1 update to the their MD-11, an aircraft released only a week or so back. There is nothing really new in this update that wasn't presented in the HOTFIX released last week, this just makes the version v1.1 official.


The v1.1 update covers

Loss of speed during cruise. Power has been adjusted to tables for max weights and altitudes.
- LNAV flight path is abandoned. Fixed a problem with waypoint/segment sequencing. (We are still working on some instances of this issue.)
- LNAV winding flight path. Roll PID has been tuned for high speeds. (Still working on this issue.)
- HDG guidance error when heading change crosses 360.
- Brakes and tiller not working as expected with hardware controllers. (We have updated the manual regarding this issue: see chapter 12 in Rotate MD-11. Introduction & Product information.pdf.)  
- ILS CDI frozen in ND.
- ILS courses are shown as true instead of magnetic in NAV RAD page.
- Fixed an issue with Artificial Horizon.


The update covers the loss of speed at altitude, or the performance limitations, and the continuing saga of the LNAV (which is still being worked on). Brakes and Tiller options have now been added into the "Options" menu page. But you can only have the hardware option (joystick yaw and rudder pedal toe braking) and not use the X-Plane COMMAND braking and tiller settings, or the other way around...  Rotate are also still working on this problem as well.


There are also still issues with Mac activations in preventing correct activation with: - macOS 10.13    High Sierra - macOS 10.14    Mojave - macOS 10.16    Big Sur (workaround) - macOS 12   Monterey (workaround) The following workaround is now working for most Big Sur users.


I have personally done several block to block flights with the MD-11 "HOTFIX" version and the aircraft performed correctly, the only discomfort was the no COMMAND braking on my pinky trigger, but the pedal toebrakes still worked perfectly. I am still trying to get my head around the LNAV issue, because I don't get the problem? just slightly wide tight turns at altitude.


I will note that the ILS Freq setting that is causing distress, but is not broken. But there are a few rules to follow to make it work correctly, so I will REPEAT them again here.

Only insert the main ILS Freq number with no course number i.e. "108.35" and it should say If set correctly the ILS runway code (ILNW) - (LEIPZEG/HALLE Rwy 26R) for that ILS approach. Notable is that the system AUTOMATICALLY selects the ILS Frequency... so if you are too far away from your arrival airport there is a very good chance the system will select the wrong one? I found you had to be almost in the landing circuit to get the correct ILS Freq to appear in the NAV RAD selection. Notable also in the v1.1 update is that now ILS courses are shown as true instead of magnetic in NAV RAD page, so the selected "Course" degree should now also match your approach charts.


Rotate also noted future ongoing work...


"-Activation issues in OSX version. We are facing random crashes that are proving hard to fix.
-LNAV calibration.
-LOC only navaids (downwild ILS) cannot be tuned correctly.
-Wrong ILS navaid is tuned in some cases during approach or it is tuned too late.
-VNAV descent path 

We are investigating interactions with Active Sky plugin that may be causing our autopilot to malfunction."


Obviously Rotate are looking into all the issues and creating fixes, so expect another update soon.


Rotate-MD-11 - MA 1.jpgRotate-MD-11 - MA 2.jpgRotate-MD-11 - MA 3.jpgRotate-MD-11 - MA 5.jpgRotate-MD-11 - MA 4.jpg


There is no updater system with the MD-11, so to update to the new version v1.1 you have download the full version update from your account on the X-Plane.OrgStore.


A full MEGA X-PlaneReviews review on the Rotate MD-11 is here : Aircraft Review : McDonnell Douglas MD-11 by Rotate



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 by Rotate is currently available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

Rotate MD-11

Price is US$83.95



X-Plane 11 (Fully updated, non beta version)
Support for X-Plane 12 when available
Windows, Mac or Linux  (read about Mac activation)
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM recommended
Current version: 1.01 (April 3rd 2022)

News by Stephen Dutton

4th April 2022

Copyright©2022: X-Plane Reviews


Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Right Reserved.

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