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Aircraft Extension : Quest Kodiak G1000 Expansion Pack by Thranda

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Aircraft Extension : Quest Kodiak G1000 Expansion Pack by Thranda


The Quest Kodiak was released at the end of October 2016 by Thranda or by another name in Dan Klaue who is an old sage in X-Plane developers. On the aircraft's release you were met with a very different sort of aircraft than you usually expected. It was full of innovations, interesting details and was or is quite different to fly than most aircraft of this genre. A full X-PlaneReview is here : Aircraft Release Review : Quest kodiak by Dan Klaue


As noted in the review the Kodiak is based on the principals of the extremely successful Cessna Caravan 200B, which is a single PT6A-140 868 hp (647 kW) Turboprop short-haul regional airliner and utility aircraft with a seating arrangement for nine passengers and two crew.


The word here is "utility aircraft" and a versatile machines these C200B and Kodiaks are. The initial release version was delivered with just the 8 + 2 passenger version and an "Expansion Pack" was noted as coming...  Well here it is and the expansion pack delivers not only the standard 8 + 2 seating arrangement but now an "Executive" version as well. Also in the new package is a Cargo version, Ski Version, Amphibian (Float) Version and a Tundra tired version. Which all together makes up a pretty extensive package.


Important is that you will need to first purchase the standard Kodiak version and then add on the new "Expansion Pack". Which is very similar to the Carenado Cessna Caravan arrangement, and so you can't just purchase one aircraft package of both roles.


On top of the new package availability, this release also brings the aircraft in both forms up to X-Plane11 standards as well as there is now also two versions available for both X-Plane10 and X-Plane11. Also to note that there are two separate aircraft files with one covering the Passenger, Cargo, Ski, Tundra versions and one for the Amphibian (Float) Version.





The "Passenger" version's new two seating arrangements are excellent, with first the original 8 + 2 version...


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Passenger 1.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Passenger 2.jpg


...    and the new six seater "Executive" version with nice animated fold out tables.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Executive 1.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Executive 2.jpg

Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Executive 3.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Executive 4.jpg


Although I will admit that last row is a bit cramped.


There was an update for the Kodiak for X-Plane11 the moment the beta version was released in late Nov 2016. But that was far too early in the new simulators beta run to be effective. This v1.4 covers the full revision of X-Plane11 features including all the main X-Plane11 areas of thrust calibration, ground handling, textures, flight dynamics, electrical systems and more improvements to the G1000 avionics suite. These in v1.4 changes now make the aircraft fully X-Plane11 compatible. Thranda also include an Auto X-Updater for the duration of X-Plane 11 to update the aircraft at any time without having to go and redownload the full package from your purchase store.


This review will focus mostly on the cargo version as I get most of my "jollies" from those aircraft in flying small loads of freight from larger airports to small regional or even very remote strips that most other aircraft could never service. For this task the C200B and the Kodiak are very well equipped and built for that certain specalised role.



But first a run through the comprehensive menu system that comes with the Kodiak to configure the aircraft to your specalised desires. Although the menu is basically the same as the original release menu, with the new "Expansion Pack" the menus are changed to add in the newer elements of the different types of versions available. I mentioned "comprehensive" before but extremely versatile also is the menu system is as well for different configurations and layouts.


The menu is accessed by the arrow tab on the left side of your screen. The colour of the menu is linked to the aircraft's primary colour and so changes if you change the livery on the aircraft. This can be from the pleasing cool light grey to some really gaudy colours that even makes the menu harder to read... 


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 1.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 2.jpg


The same set of main menu options are still set out in the same five menus of : General, Livery, Weight/Bal (Balance), Camera, Flight Data and MIsc.


General: The main menu covers all the general items on the aircraft and notes: Realistic mode, Electric tug, reflections on/off and scroll (mouse) visualization on/off. Lower selections cover the Cargo pod on/off, wheel fairings on/off, chocks on/off and brakes on/off. The three "All" buttons in Covers, Tie-Downs and Doors activate all items in that segment, but you can also touch areas on the aircraft to open/close, add or take away all the different individual items featured on the menu.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 3.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 4.jpg

Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 6.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 5.jpg


Overall this menu is the same as the original except for one new addition in an external GPU (Ground Power Unit) - (above right)


Liveries: Selecting the livery button gives you a selection with more "PAINTED" liveries for you to select from with three added cargo liveries for FedEx, DHL and JAARS. 


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 7.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 8.jpg


The amazing "Dynamic" livery system is still there as well, which allows you build you own colour livery in the style you like and save it. I found it a little more efficient than on the original release were it would be slow sometimes changing colours and saving, it is far better now. I did a full description of this dynamic livery system in the original review.


Weights & Balances : "WEIGHT/BAL" tab allows you to set the aircraft weight (lbs) in fuel, passenger (weight) and cargo weight in the rear or with the cargo in the under fuselage Pod.

This menu option page is excellent for setting up the aircraft with the different weights allowed. Easy to use but a reset to default settings would be a nice touch.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 9.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 10.jpg


But not only now can you set up your passenger weights, but load up the aircraft in the cargo configuration as well.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 11.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 12.jpg


As the cargo hauler in you can get (a little) carried away, and you can easily overload your aircraft!  My tail was almost touching the ground until I saw sense and lightened the load a little. A really great touch is that as you add in your weights then the aircraft loads up with crates and boxes. You fly full there and empty back...  oh it is heaven.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 13.jpg


Camera : The camera button covers two set of views with one the external (walkaround) views via a set of red dots, and two a set of ten default (X-Plane) views as noted via the keypad or selecting one from the list and this menu is not changed from the original.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 14.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 15.jpg




The Audio/Slew panel was quite basic on the release version with just the master volume to switch the sound on or off. The sound menu has been expanded to now include: Engine Volume, Prop Volume, Ground Volume, Electrical Volume, Warning Volume, Button Volume and Aerodynamic Volume (wind).

The unfinished "slew" feature was also slightly problematic and that has also been refined but still not perfected. The idea is to allow you to place the aircraft at an new altitude or turn it around to a new heading very quickly and without going to the X-Plane local map to do the same thing but without that nasty bump as X-Plane kicks back in.


MISC : Although the MISC menu option in the original release was listed it didn't work. Now it does. The menu covers four squares that represent Skis, Tires, Cargo and Interior.


Skis : Skis allows you to add skis to all the wheels. All skis are really well modeled with even detailed cables holding them in place.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 18.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 19.jpg


Tires : Tires allows you to select the regular tire size or the balloon style "Tundra" tires for wetland use.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 20.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 21.jpg


Cargo or Interior : You can only use the cargo option or the Interior option with these selections.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 17.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 16.jpg


The Cargo version takes away the windows and fits the internal floor ready for hauling freight. In the Interior version you have the 8 + 2 seating arrangement or the "Executive" version as noted above.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 22.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Menu 23.jpg


As a note the liveries work with both versions in that you can have a FedEx livery on the passenger version which gives a whole new meaning to "Hauling cattle class".


Amphibian (Float) Version

The addition of floats to the Kodiak makes the aircraft feel huge! The fuselage is way up there and the aircraft stands well above the ground with these huge pontoons attached below.


Quest_Kodiak_Amphib- Head 1.jpgQuest_Kodiak_Amphib- Head 2.jpg

Quest_Kodiak_Amphib- Head 3.jpgQuest_Kodiak_Amphib- Head 4.jpg


The pontoon detailing is excellent, the best in X-Plane by a mile.


Quest_Kodiak_Amphib- Pontoon 1.jpgQuest_Kodiak_Amphib- Pontoon 2.jpg


Detail is outstanding with every rivet and screw shown. Pylons are aerodynamic and beautifully joined to the fuselage. The pontoons are well shaped and the bottom curves and shapes will be better seen in flight are excellent. The rear twin rudders can be raised or lowered by a lever in the cockpit between the front seats...


Quest_Kodiak_Amphib- Pontoon 3.jpgQuest_Kodiak_Amphib- Pontoon 4.jpg


...      the bigger front lever is for the undercarriage and not to used on land as it is a noisy and damaging experience. Animation (in flight) of the gear is excellent.


You do feel the realistic weight of the extra external appendages. Speed is slower and the centre of gravity is in a different place, but still the Kodiak is nice too fly. Note the extra fins on the rear tailplane for extra stability. 


Quest_Kodiak_Amphib- Flying 1.jpgQuest_Kodiak_Amphib- Flying 2.jpg

Quest_Kodiak_Amphib- Flying 3 LG.jpg


Movement and handing on the water is also very good, but the aircraft does sit quite low on the pontoons.


Quest_Kodiak_Amphib- Flying 4.jpgQuest_Kodiak_Amphib- Flying 5.jpg


If you have already flown the Kodiak then you will know it is a bit like a frolicking horse. This speed can be a bit strong to reign in and on the water with no brakes to slow you down it can be a bit disconcerting...


Quest_Kodiak_Amphib- Flying 6.jpgQuest_Kodiak_Amphib- Flying 7.jpg


...  as even in the low idle position and if throw out the anchor you will just circle around it like on a circus ride? Only a full propeller pitch change will make the Kodiak finally calm down.


But overall this Kodiak is a very nice aircraft in it's amphibian role and can be used in both the passenger and cargo versions.


Quest_Kodiak_Amphib- Flying 8.jpgQuest_Kodiak_Amphib- Flying 9.jpg


Flying the Quest Kodiak Cargo version

I love regional cargo flying. Distributing small freight to remote strips or just from regional airports to hubs. Of course the Carenado Caravan was a master of these routes, but the newer Kodiak can now give the old timer a better run for its money.


This route is a favorite, it is from KEYW (Key West) to KRSW (South West Florida) and small hop but a vital link in the chain of delivering freight to the end of the keys. The route out was lightly loaded, but coming back I filled the Kodiak to the line of what is allowable in weight to get off the ground. As much fun in simulation is found not only in the actual flying but in the ground work before the actual airborne work.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Flying Start.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Flying Load.jpg


The Kodiak is really one of the best in this case in not only selecting the way I want to fly the aircraft (Wheel Fairings on) but in the way that I load the aircraft. Both pilot and cargo weight distribution is excellent and with a great scale to show the centre of gravity and load balance. This weight balance is very important in the Kodiak as it does affect the way the aircraft flies as it should in the real world.


This was noted in the original review in that the Kodiak is not a simple aircraft to fly easily. You can't just slip into the pilot's seat and fly off into the sunset. It does require a bit of time and feel to get under this aircraft's skin and the way the aircraft handles. Certainly different load factors affect the handling, but it is very tricky on takeoff and landing and requires a very firm feel and cool head to get it right.


So it will take a few flights before you will feel comfortable with your place at the helm, a bit of practise helps as well. As I found heading out of KEYW to KRSW and all of a sudden the earlier flying reminders came flooding back and I had to adjust accordingly. But like most aircraft in this manner you do adjust but it won't be without a little time in getting back into the groove again. My advice is that to spend time in the Kodiak to get the very best out of the aircraft. The more mileage you do the easier the aircraft becomes, it certainly is not a hop in and out of again machine because you certainly won't get the best out of it in that way of flying.


First issue is power or idle thrust. I rarely moved the "Condition" lever out of low idle except for takeoff or climbing, as on the ground at high idle you just head off directly into the scenery once the brakes are released, never land even if the manual says not to in high idle, you won't stop or even get any sort of taxi speed that is controllable. And put in also a soft bouncy undercarriage and the Kodiak can test your nerves on the ground.


In the air the aircraft is far more stable but challenging. But that is in the fun flying and control sort of way than in a challenging painful way.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Flying 1.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Flying 2.jpg

Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Flying 3.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Flying 4.jpg


There is a lot of feedback and you need to use that active yoke trim tool to balance the aircraft correctly if you are going to fly any distance and even before you use the S-Tec Fifty Five X Autopilot, and to note the manual trim down by the seats is impossible to use anyway while holding the yoke steady and your eyes on the floor using it. Thank god for the yoke positioned switch.


The look of the Kodiak in the air in X-Plane11 is different from the look in X-Plane10. The ultra shinyness is gone to be replaced by the more natural PBR look in X-Plane11 and that is not a bad thing as the aircraft does look sensational in X-Plane11. The ultra shiny look was artificially created anyway. In that vein the Kodiak looks excellent in the air in X-Plane11, far better than I remembered like it was in X-Plane10. Detailing is superb and I really love this bulky looking cargo version going about its work.


Cockpit and instrument panel is still overwhelmingly dark. You don't really get used to the blackness but it is faithful to the real aircraft.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Cockpit 1.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Cockpit 4.jpg

Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Cockpit 2.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Cockpit 5.jpg


Those clever air vents that can be not only a adjusted for position but also the inner flap for the right airflow to your face (small fan facing face is highly recommended for authenticity) but they are also now in a perfect chrome look courtesy of X-Plane11's metalness feature, internal lighting fittings also have the same metallic feel as do small metal items on the aircraft.


G1000 avionics feature is very good now with updates since the original Kodiak release. Only the map is still a little laggy in turning and loading and the weight of the system although now refined does still require a bit of PC power behind it.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Cockpit 6.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Cockpit 3.jpg


But the cockpit detailing is excellent, so much detail and every switch and lever works as it should. X-Plane11 refinements mean you get more flying feedback and good sounds to create that big experience. Nice PBR shadows help and with the aircraft fully loaded with cargo you feel like you are flying a huge full backback strapped on behind you, but you wouldn't want it any other way.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Flying 5.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Flying 6.jpg

Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Flying 7 LG.jpg


Hauling in the best sense. The route is only an hour's flying time, but up here at 8500ft you are enjoying the view.


On the ground at KRSW and a quick turnaround with even a larger and heavier load back to KEYW. You notice the difference of the weight, but more so in that with all that extra load it does make the aircraft a little less squirmy on takeoff and landing, not by much but it does help in keeping the aircraft more straight.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Flying 8.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Flying 9.jpg


In the air the extra weight also means a far slower climb back up to 8500ft, almost twice as long as the first flight.


Key West is straight ahead over the water, and the need to adjust the rev's to the best speed setting vs not over running the engine is paramount.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Flying 10.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Flying 11.jpg


So there no doubt in that the new expansion pack adds in a huge difference in the way you can now use the Kodiak. Cargo running is my game, but you can also find your fun in either the Float version, Skis up in the mountains or just the usual passenger island hopping to your heart's content, this Kodiak will do all and do them all now very, very well.



The original set of liveries are in the original review, so here they are what they look like on the passenger version of the amphibian version, just note again they will work on every version of either the passenger, cargo and ski aircraft.


Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Livery N667KQ.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Livery RedBlack.jpg

Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Livery Thranda.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Livery JAARS.jpg

Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Livery FedEx.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Livery DHL.jpg

Quest_Kodiak-XP11_Livery Amazon.jpgQuest_Kodiak-XP11_Livery Tiger.jpg


Note the excellent extra water detail on the "Tiger" float version (above right)



It is important to first note that you will need to purchase the base or passenger version of the Thranda Kodiak and then add in the extra cargo, Ski and amphibian elements of the "Expansion Pack" into the folders of the main package (details below).


This is also a double package in not only with the new expansion pack, but also the compatibility to X-Plane11 for the Kodiak. Both are certainly worth the effort and purchase.


Do I recommend the Quest Kodiak to only experienced fliers? It is a tricky bird to fly to full capacity. If you are very familiar with Carenado aircraft then you should easily convert to the Kodiak as their traits are very similar as long as you are aware of the extra area of weights and the centre of gravity settings. Otherwise don't expect to jump in an just fly it like a pro when you are not. It will take awhile to get the feel and control of the machine but once you get it, then it all falls into place and the aircraft will then reward you hugely in return. Most if not all purchasers simply love it because of these traits and they will also certainly love this updated aircraft.


On its release last late October 2016 the Thranda Kodiak was certainly a very ambitious project, with a lot, no a huge amount of features and creative ideas featured throughout the package. It was all very good, but with such an ambitious aim there was always going to be a few things not ready and also it being released on the edge of X-Plane11's release as well. An early update (to X-Plane11 beta) covered most areas, but it is really in this release that the full X-Plane11 package and details can now be seen . It is good, very good, if not the best all round quality package for an aircraft of this type of aircraft and at a very value packed price. So the best point to make is that this update and "Expansion Pack" does make the Quest Kodiak from Thranda a complete all round and up to date package, it comes from one of the very best developers in X-plane and you can't simply get better than that.




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Quest Kodiak by Thranda (Dan Klaue) is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


Quest Kodiak G1000 by Thranda

Price is US$33.95

If you already own the original Quest Kodiak then this update is free, just go to your X-Plane.OrgStore account and upgrade to v1.4

Kodiak Expansion Pack

Price is US$19.95 (currently) with US$5 off!


Features Include (v1.4 expansion Pack):

  • AMPHIBIAN VERSION (Floats with Retractable Landing Gear)
  • SKI VERSION (with animated skis that adapt to ground angle and bumpiness)
  • EXECUTIVE INTERIOR (with seats facing each other, and animated slide-out tables). Weight and balance manager graphics adapt to seating configuration.
  • CARGO VERSION (featuring covered windows, flat loading area, and cargo visualization that adapts to the weight set in the weight and balance manager)
  • TUNDRA VERSION (featuring larger balloon tires to tackle any rough terrain. Affects flight dynamics and ground handling)
  • Amphibian version includes control for retractable water rudder, extra aerodynamic surfaces on the tail of the plane, retractable gear, and dynamic paint scheme adapted textures.
  • Several menus in the slide-out window adapt dynamically to the configuration selected by the user.  (E.g. cargo pod is not available for float version)



Requirements :

X-Plane 11 or X-Plane 10.50+
Windows, Mac or Linux running in 64bit mode
16Gb RAM -  2Gb VRAM Minimum. 3Gb+ VRAM Recommended
Current version 1.4 (last updated June 15th 2017)
The plane comes with an auto-updater. Free auto updates for the life-cycle of X-Plane 11
Windows users: Please ensure that you have all the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables downloaded and installed.
Carenado navigation database installed



Installation : Base Kodiak Download is 300.70 mb which is unzipped to your X-Plane Fighter folder at 623.80mb (both packages). Key authorisation is required.

Expansion Pack Download is 151.85mb and is installed as noted below...


Expansion pack comes with three folders: Into_Liveries, Into_Objects and Into_Quest 




Installation is quite easy in that you just deposit the correct contents in to the same folders (Liveries, Objects and main aircraft root folder) in the basic Kodiak aircraft folder and replacing or adding the same in those folders.


When running X-Plane there are two Kodiak aircraft files (.acf) to choose from, with one version for the Passenger, cargo and ski choices and another aircraft (.acf) for the amphibian version.


Only the X-Plane11 version has the X-Plane11 features noted in this review.


You must have the Carenado navigation database installed (840mb) in your main X-Plane root folder, download from the link.

Documentation : includes



Review by Stephen Dutton

21st June 2017

Copyright©2017: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)

Review System Specifications:

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - GeForce GTX 980/SSE2 - Samsung Evo 512gb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.02

Addons: Saitek x56 Pro system Joystick and Throttle

Plugins: Environment Engine by xEnviro US$69.90


- KEYW - Key West International Airport V1.0 by FletcherJ (X-Plane.Org) Free

- KRSW - Southwest Florida International Airport by Aerosoft (X-Plane.OrgStore) US$24.99


Logo Header X-PlaneReviews 200px.jpg


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