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News! - Aircraft Upgraded to XP11 : PA-34 Seneca V HD Series by Carenado

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News! - Aircraft Upgraded to XP11 : PA-34 Seneca V HD Series by Carenado  


Earlier this year Carenado released their excellent PA-34 Seneca V HD Series aircraft. They did note at the time that as soon as X-Plane11 was in a final release they would then update the aircraft to X-Plane11 specifications. This has now been done with the v1.2 release and now available for download from the X-Plane.OrgStore or Carenado. As this aircraft was released under the six month purchase point then this upgrade is free to all current owners of the aircraft.


PA_34_Seneca_V_Return 2.jpgPA_34_Seneca_V_Return 3.jpg

PA_34_Seneca_V_Byron 6.jpgPA_34_Seneca_V_Byron 5.jpg


I am a big fan of this aircraft, lovely to fly and it has great avionics in the Garmin G500 navigation system.


PA_34_Seneca_V_Cockpit 1.jpgPA_34_Seneca_V_Cockpit 2.jpg


The v1.2 upgrade includes:


The package includes two aircraft files: one updated file for X-Plane 10.5x, and one completely re-authored file for X-plane 11, which is calibrated to X-plane 11’s new flight dynamics engine, PBR materials, and other XP11-native features.

  • -Added full support for X-Plane11 (new .acf file for XP11)
  • -Implemented PBR (Physically based rendering), both interior and exterior
  • -Replaced “SuperManipulator” (proprietary scroll wheel) with X-plane -native scroll wheel control.
  • -Re-did entire flight dynamics for XP 11 version of the aircraft
  • -Calibrated fuel consumption
  • -Calibrated ground handling
  • -Calibrated interior HDR lights.
  • -Tweaked flaps and elevators
  • -Nav To/From indicator fixed


PA_34_Seneca_V_Cabin 1.jpgPA_34_Seneca_V_Cabin 2.jpg

PA_34_Seneca_V_Cabin 3.jpgPA_34_Seneca_V_Cabin 5.jpg


A full X-PlaneReviews review of the release version of the PA-34 Seneca V is available here : Aircraft Review : PA-34 Seneca V HD Series by Carenado




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the PA-34 Seneca V HD Series by Carenado is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

PA-34 Seneca V HD Series


Price is US$32.95


Update notes are courtesy of Carenado©

Developer site : Carenado.com


Requirements :

Windows 7+ (64 bit) or MAC OS 10.8 (or higher) or Linux - 64bit Operating System
X-Plane 10 fully updated (any edition) - 64bit mode
3 GHz processor - 8GB RAM - 1Gb+ VRAM - 2Gb VRAM Recommended
Windows users: Please ensure that you have all the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables downloaded and installed.
CARENADO G1000  database must be installed



Stephen Dutton

17th June 2017

Copyright©X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews


Logo Header X-PlaneReviews 200px.jpg



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