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News! - Aircraft Released! : PA22 Tri-Pacer By Carenado

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News! - Aircraft Released! : PA22 Tri-Pacer By Carenado

The Tri-Pacer is a family of four-seater, strut braced, high-wing light aircraft that was built by Piper Aircraft in the post-World War II period. And the PA22 with the 125 hp (93 kW) Lycoming O-290-D engine and tri-cycle landing gear arrangement is that aircraft released here by Carenado.


In a way this Tri-Pacer is an odd aircraft for Carenado to release? These niche types of aircraft are usually released under the Alabeo brand and not under the house Carenado name, but it would denote a slightly higher feature set and better quality HD textures (The differences lately between Carenado and Alabeo have also been closing release by release, so it is not as big as a quality difference as say even a few years ago), however the aircraft is noted as licensed by Alabeo.





The Pacer features a steel tube fuselage and an aluminum frame wing, covered with fabric, and much designed like Piper's most famous aircraft, the Cub and Super Cub. This is an aircraft prized for its ruggedness, spacious cabin, and, for its time, impressive speed and many Pacers still continue to fly today after the last Pacer (a colt) was completed on 26 March 1964.




No doubt there will be the usual Carenado quality and detailing, and features include:


  • Custom sounds
  • Full Xplane 10.5 and X-Plane 11 compatible
  • GoodWay Compatible
  • Superb material shines and reflections (full PBR in XP11).
  • Volumetric side view prop effect.
  • High quality 3D model and textures.
  • Blank texture for creating your own designs
  • Accurately reproduced flight characteristics
  • 64-bit
  • FPS-optimized model.






Included in the package:

  • 4 hd liveries
  • 1 Blank texture
  • Normal Procedures PDF
  • Emergency Procedures PDF
  • Performance Tables PDF
  • Recommended Settings PDF



Technical Requirements
Windows XP -7-8 (or higher) or MAC OS 10.8 (or higher) or Linux
Fully XP11 Compatible or X-Plane 10.5x
i5 (or equivalent) 2.5 GHz - 8GB RAM - 2GB Video card
295MB available hard disk space


The PA22 Tri-Pacer HD SERIES is available right now from Carenado...








The PA22 Tri-Pacer By Carenado is NOW available! here :

PA22 Tri-Pacer HD Series


Price is US$24.95



For WINDOWS users: Please ensure that you have all the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables downloaded and installed (click here)


Images & Text are courtesy of Carenado©

Developer site : Carenado.com



Stephen Dutton

9th June 2017

Copyright©2017 X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews


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