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Aircraft Update : X-Crafts Embrarer E175/E195 v2.1


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E195_v2.1 Header.jpg


Aircraft Update : X-Crafts Embrarer E175/E195 v2.1


Late in December 2016 X-Crafts released the v2.0 of their Embraer E-175 aircraft. The move was to v2.0 which was an overhaul of the original version. This aircraft was followed by the E-195 late January 2017 which had the same upgrade to the v2.0 specifications.


The timing for a total complete version update was a little strange, because in X-Plane itself we were in the throes of a complete change over to X-Plane11. Wouldn't the changeover period have had more impact to do both at the same time? So to a point the upgrade was a little compromised. There was a few niggles as well and for me it took the gloss off and the aircraft deserved far more.


So here comes the v2.1 update and in reality the v2.0 update that should have been released when X-Plane11 went global. In this update both the E-175 and the E-195 have had the same modifications at the same time, so this is not a stuttered upgrade with one aircraft and then the other aircraft being upgraded. Also if you have purchased the (combo E175/E195) package then both aircraft included have had the updates upgraded to v2.1.


For these update notes I am focusing on the E-195.


E195_v2.1 Head 1.jpgE195_v2.1 Head 2.jpgE195_v2.1 Head 3.jpgE195_v2.1 Head 4.jpg



Most developers put out quicky fixes for X-Plane11. But here with both X-Crafts aircraft they are now fully X-Plane11 compatible. Not only do they conform to PBR (Physically-Based Rendering) rules but the biggest difference between X-Plane10 and X-Plane11is in the throttle or thrust parameters that has also been addressed. The thrust differences are quite pronounced if they are not addressed (mostly they cause throttle hunting) but both these E-Jets here are excellent, the fuel flow and Idle ratios has also been optimised to suit the new parameters.


E195_Ext 1.jpgE195_Ext 2.jpg


With PBR of course the aircraft get that shiny look, but the difference with X-Crafts aircraft is that the shine not as pronounced as with other aircraft that have been through the PBR process, mainly because the aircraft was very good and well done in this area in the first place, as it was always a very nice aircraft in the look and feel in the external view. The contrast between light and dark however is now very much more evident in X-Plane11 with the normal maps that are now more optimized for that platform.  You can still have the shiny, shiny look as well in X-Plane10 via Ddenn's reflection plugin and the details on how to install those reflections are provided with the aircraft.


E195_Ext 3.jpgE195_Ext 4.jpg


PBR does however make it feel more darker inside as well and the panel is far, far more darker than the light grey of the original versions as the below images attest. (v2.1 upper and v2.0 lower). But if you look at the light in the far right corner the light grey is still there but the shadows are far darker and far more dramatic.


E195_v2.1 Cockpit 1.jpgE195_v2.1 Cockpit 2.jpg


E195v2_Cockpit 2.jpgE195v2_Cockpit 4.jpg


I wasn't an out, out fan of the very light grey look, but the dark cockpit also requires a bit of getting used to, however it does feel far more realistic and it does depend on your current lighting conditions.



There has been a lot of attention given to the instrument panel. I never really took to the look of original version above, as it looked flat and bland (above lower images). 


E195_v2.1 Cockpit 3.jpg


The Primary Flight Display (PFD) has had a overhaul to take away that flatness, but most of all it brings the colour into the display. It is a huge improvement over the original and the VOR needles are now in magenta as per the real display. The Navigation Display (ND) has had a change as well, but more inadvertently than by design. In v2.1 the move in X-Plane11 to GNS data (sourced from Aerosoft) from the X-Plane10 nav.data source means the dreaded red line is gone to be replaced by the GNS version of sectional route points means it is now more modern and more realistic on the eye, turn curves (adjusted to speed) are also now visible as per GNS displays.


This data change also allows for the default FMS to be also available as a pop-up option. The original Tekton FMS is also still built in with full SID/STAR capablity. But they don't cross, which means that a route activated in the default FMS does not run the Tekton and vice-versa, so if you program the default FMS then you have to use the pop-up to view your route. But one advantage the default FMS has over the Tekton is that you have the "step" command that allows you to check and then change (edit) the full route. The assembly of the SID-Route-STAR arrangement on the Tekton does not allow to do this. You can still edit all of the route in the Tekton, but if you can't see it then you don't know how you are going to pop out on the other end of the route? Certainly the Tekton is a far better FMS than the default FMS but the editing of routes is an important area and in this review flight I found myself popping up directly facing KATL (Atlanta) and not in the correct approach path via the STAR (SIMBA6) via MRCER? (one way around this is to program it correctly and check it in the default FMS and then transfer the correct waypoints to the Tekton, but this is slightly messy).


E195_v2.1 Cockpit 5.jpg E195_v2.1 Cockpit 4.jpg


Other Tekton changes are the DIRECT is fixed when the MCDU is on FLT PLAN page, EXEC is fixed on MCDU INDEX, PROGRESS 1 and FLT PLAN pages, The active FLT PLAN waypoint editing is fixed and you can now do a STAR reload enroute.


The engine fans have had some attention for fast spinning in flight (in other words they look better). Vortex plates on the engines have been retextured and bits and bobs to clear aircraft flicker noise has been done to clear away any unwanted noise on the aircraft.


E195_Taxi 2.jpgE195_Taxi 1.jpg

E195_Taxi 3.jpgE195_Taxi 4.jpg


The pilot's heads now move in all directions with the movement of your joystick, but neck stretching is only advisable while stationary!



The "Pushback" feature has had a bit of attention. Personally I am not a big fan of controlled pushback's I still do prefer joystick and throttle controlled systems. But in saying that the version here now works very well.


E195_Pushback 1.jpgE195_Pushback 2.jpg

E195_Pushback 3.jpgE195_Pushback 4.jpg


For the E195 the white finish parking graphic is correct to the aircraft, it now disappears once the settings are set (nice visually). It was a little jerky before but now it is much smoother with a more balanced speed. The tug doesn't just hard stop anymore either but slows down close to the termination point for realism. The tractor is nice and modern visually and the connect and disengage animations are now very good.


On the gate arrival all the door coordinates have been updated for "Autogate" docking to work correctly, a small thing but important now as the "autogate" plugin is now so wildly available, same for use with the Ground Services plugin.


Cabin Lighting

The nice new cabin is now well appointed with some very nice detailing, note the nice Embraer logo screens that changes to a map when flying.


E195_Cabin 1.jpgE195_Cabin 2.jpg


If you remember that the cabin lighting was connected to the cockpit lighting (it still is) and and it gave you either an all bright or all dark cabin with the knob adjustment.


But the lighting has been given some attention and now you can now actually find that compromise between a darkened cabin (below left) and a darkened cockpit that is now usable for landings as well (below right).


E195_Cabin 3.jpgE195_Cabin 4.jpg


Cockpit lighting is a lot nicer now and flying at night it is a far better place to be.


E195_Cockpit lighting 2.jpg



I always thought the v2 upgrade was a little to premature, a lot of changes were added to the X-Crafts aircraft but it felt slightly incomplete. So was this version the one of which that release should have been? I personally think so as a lot of the edges, smaller fine tuning and the inclusion of the X-Plane11 features changes the aircraft significantly.


This earlier v2 release was a paid update and one of the reasons I didn't totally warm to X-Crafts new version is that I felt that it was that the panel didn't feel special enough and neither did the details to warrant extra in what has always been one of my favorite aircraft. Timing as they say in comedy is everything, but even a few months or weeks can make a big difference. That is certainly the case here.


The X-Plane11 version is certainly gives the aircraft a huge lift, but it has been the fine tuning and attention to the panel to take away a lot of the flatness and give it a more 3d feel that has worked wonders here, simple things in the end, but they all have a big impact on the final aircraft. The dreaded red line is gone (in X-Plane11 only) is another good step forward, but if anything this aircraft does represent is the move to X-Plane11 as your current platform. X-Plane10 as good as it is, is now starting to recede into the distance as X-Plane9 did with X-Plane10 a few years ago.


So certainly this update for both the E175 and the bigger E195 is a more complete and genuinely really good E-Jet now. The gap is closing and the aircraft are getting better in X-Plane all the time. This is a very worthwhile update if you haven't taken the move up to V2 or require an E-Jet for your flying.




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Embraer E175/E195 v2.0 by X-Crafts is NOW available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here :


Embraer E-175 v2.1

Price is US$39.95


Embraer E-195 v2.1

Price is US$39.95


Twin Embraer E-175 and E-195 v2.1 Set is also available for US$59.95

Embraer E-175 and E-195 Package


If you have already purchased either the Embraer E-175 or E-195 from X-Craft's at the X-Plane.OrgStore then go to your account and upgrade to v2.0 for only US$5.00, Please email sales@x-plane.org to get your discount code and include your original order number.


X-Crafts E-175 v2 review is here: Aircraft Review : Embraer E-175 v2.0 by X-Crafts

The E-175 v2 review does have a comprehensive look at the TEKTON FMS© and it is not that much different to this aircraft's E-195 version.


Features of both models:

  • Accurate dimensions based on drawings and documentation provided by Embraer ©
  • Windows, Mac and Linux compatible
  • Custom TEKTON FMS© by Steve Wilson
  • Custom improved pushback plugin with animated tug. A white silhouette will show the final position after the pushback!
  • On-screen checklist plugin 
  • Plugin menu for door control, ground objects or GPU
  • Suitable for beginners - Just load and fly within seconds!
  • Great for advanced users  -Enjoy the complexity of the Custom FMS!
  • Mouse scroll wheel support (E195)
  • This add-on comes with the NavDataPro dataset by Aerosoft



Both the custom and stock FMS are available on the pedestal or as popup panels More details about the TEKTON FMS© below



X-Plane 11 or X-Plane 10.50 +

Package is X-Plane 11 only
Windows, MAC or Linux - 
8Gb RAM - 2Gb VRAM Minimum. 3Gb+ VRAM Recommended
Current version: 2.10 (last updated  June 2nd 2017)
X-Crafts Support Forum : Support forum for the E-195



Change log:

Embraer E195 v2.1 CHANGELOG:

•    Thrust optimized to more accurately match reality 
•    Vortex plates on engines retextured (you won't see any lines from the liveries on them anymore)
•    Also fixed the problem where the ATHR wouldn't push the throttles far enough to maintain speed at high altitudes
•    Slight changes and fixes to the cockpit model
•    Pilots now have animated heads (based on yoke position)
•    VOR needle color changed to magenta
•    Noise above cockpit window fixed
•    The artifitial horizon now looks more like the one on the real aircraft and is fixed
•    The inability to disable AT after landing fixed
•    Wing registration was blinking red with beacon
•    NAV map only shows airports with paved runways 


•    Generaly the whole plane has been updated to run smoothly on XP11
•    Fuel flow optimized for XP11
•    Idle ratios optimized for XP11
•    Added the new FMS, you can now use either the Tekton or the new FMS available in XP11
•    More metadata of the plane was filled out
•    Added locations for the service vehicles 
•    The windows get darker by day
•    Some parts that had flickering noise on them in XP11 fixed
•    All normal maps were optimized for the new PBR graphics engine
•    Autothrottle was going nuts in v2.0 in XP11. This is now fixed
•    The "Next waypoint" section added back to the MFD NAV map
•    Pop-up FMS knob was missing the middle select button
•    "Hide reflections" function didn't hide also the side window reflections



Release notes by Stephen Dutton

5th June 2017

Copyright©2017: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)


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