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Sound Update : BSS v4 for JARDesign A320NEO

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Sound Update : BSS v4 for JARDesign A320NEO


Blue Sky Star Simulations have updated their excellent JARDesign A320NEO sound package to v4. More refinement and more sounds are now part of this sound experience, there is over 400mb of sound files in here now to create the most complete aircraft sound package in X-Plane.


a320neo_BSSv4_Ground 1.jpga320neo_BSSv4_Ground 2.jpg


There are simply just too many sounds to cover here and both the CFM56-5B and IAE V2500 Engines are updated to the new v4 specification (note the CFM Installation sound pack is required for the IAE sounds).


From start up to shut down every switch and every noise you can make on a real A320 aircraft is brilliantly replicated here.

New in the v4 update is first the cockpit and system sounds:


-Avionics fan and sounds
-Bat relay
-Numerous switching/selectors/buttons/rotary/levers
-Cockpit door, lock
-PAX chatter
-Packs smooth and correct timing
-Packs air will depend on engine thrust
-Tray table
-Outside blower/extractor
-Outside packs
-Open door logic sound smoother


Aircraft movement has been enhanced with :

-Centerline thumps, depending if nose wheel actually riding on centerlights
-Roll sounds
-Ldg gear turbulence
-Panel shake
-Brake fans


a320neo_BSSv4_Ground 3.jpga320neo_BSSv4_Ground 4.jpg


And with new surface sounds:

-Turbulence depending on flap position
-Smart wind sound
-Engine cowling wind sound


a320neo_BSSv4_Flying one 1.jpga320neo_BSSv4_Flying 2.jpg


New engine sounds include both Engines CFM/IAE:

-Sound volumes have been reworked to be the most realistic sounds you can get for an A320 aircraft, and all sounds are measured by prof. hardware in real the A320 aircraft.
-Cold section air bite at low thrust
-Bleed air rush
-More clean sounds
-Compressor/Fan sounds depend on how much air passes through them.


a320neo_BSSv4_Flying LG.jpg


I will note a couple of things. In the change from the earlier multiple sound packs to just one to insert into your JARDesign A320 plugin folder I found I lost a lot of the cabin sounds? In this v4 version they have been restored and the cabin now sounds correct (again).


Second is that I can't seem to adjust the external sounds very well? They are just as loud no matter were you put the "External" sound slider in the FMS and with the X-Plane default sounds off?  They sound great of course, but are quite loud if you switch often between the internal or external views.


a320neo_BSSv4_Sound menu.jpg


There is there some help in "Sound3d (Custom)" menu available from the "plugins" menu were you can adjust the sounds, but the external goes almost to the 10% before it drops in volume, but at least you can cut a little of the overbearing noise here.


a320neo_BSSv4_Flying 3.jpga320neo_BSSv4_Flying 4.jpg


There is also the option of adding in "Optional FA announcements" that are added into the "Custom Avionics folder.


Another option is to assign certain key commands to certain sounds...

ADF 1 flip standby – ATC chatter

ADF 2 flip standby – Passengers (the sounds will be playing corresponding to a status of cabin door)

Lavatory flush – white flashlight button (have to assign)


However I don't know why they couldn't have assigned these sounds from the keyboard plugin assignments?


a320neo_BSSv4_Ground 7.jpga320neo_BSSv4_Ground 8.jpg


Like engine startup, then shut down is a feast for the ears, and engine thrust changes are now more noticeable with the better gear wind noise also adds to aural feel, and altogether it is simply sensational on landing.


a320neo_BSSv4_Ground 5.jpga320neo_BSSv4_Ground 6.jpg


Always a big fan of excellent sound which I feel was very much neglected in X-Plane and so then if you want the best aircraft sound to date then this is it. Blue Sky Star Simulations are the best in the business and it shows here. If you have already purchased the BSS sound pack for the JARDesign A320neo, then go to your X-PlaneStore account and upgrade to v4 for free, If you want the BSS sound package then go to the X-PlaneStore below, but you have to have already the ARDesign A320neo to fit the package.




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Blue Sky Star Simulation Sound Packages by Real Pilots is available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here :

Airbus A320neo

a320bss_sm.jpg.c238fd32f091461be2175e32e   JARDesign A320 CFM Main Sound Expansion Pack

Price is US$19.99 (JARDesign Airbus A320neo US$59.95 is Required to use this sound pack)


5694736c01192_a320bssIAE_sm.jpg.72a14d87  JARDesign A320 IAE Sound Expansion Pack  

Price is US$7.99 (JARDesign Airbus A320neo and CFM main Sound Expansion Pack is Required to use this sound pack)



Blue Sky Star Developer Site : Blue Sky Star Company

Review by Stephen Dutton

22nd May 2017

Copyright©2017: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)


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