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Released! - Bell 47G-2A1 by FlyInside

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Released! - Bell 47G-2A1 by FlyInside


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We wrapped up the year 2021 with a helicopter release (CowenSim 206 B3) and start the New Year 2022 with guess what... another helicopter release! This time around it is the famous bubble cockpit Bell 47G-2A1 of M*A*S*H* fame.


The groundbreaking Bell 47 took its first flight on December 8, 1945 and became the first helicopter certified for civilian use on March 8, 1946.  The Bell 47 has been used for flight training, crop-dusting, by the military, and even by NASA.  The Bell 47 makes for a beautiful low-and-slow VFR aircraft, providing excellent views out of its giant bubble canopy.


The FlyInside Bell 47G-2A1 features completely custom flight dynamics that are sure to challenge you.  Thanks to our built-in configuration screen, the Bell 47 can be tuned to fly as easily or as realistically as you'd like, on the fly. Currently the aircraft is "Windows" only.


  • Revolutionary and realistic flight model, developed and tested by an experienced Bell 47 pilot
  • Support for full helicopter flight physics including effective translational lift, ground effect, transverse flow, flap-back, auto-rotation, and more
  • Support for failures and dangerous regions of the flight envelope including vortex ring state, engine failure, and retreating blade stall
  • Extremely detailed 3D model with high quality PBR textures and animated drive and control systems
  • Realistically modeled engine parameters, including full start-up and shutdown procedures
  • Highly customizable realism settings allow for a smooth, easier flight model for those who are less experienced, and a hardcore, realistic flight model for the veterans experienced with the complex and challenging flight dynamics of helicopters
Interior Features:
  • Detailed 3D cockpit model
  • 100% operational switches, levers, and gauges
  • Removeable doors
  • Realistic night-lighting
  • High-quality sound design
Exterior Features:
  • Beautiful exterior model
  • Fully modeled engine
  • Animated mechanics including swashplate, rotor-head linkages, tail torque shaft, and more
  • Functional lights and beacons
  • Ten distinct liveries














Images are courtesy of FlyInside



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Bell 47G-2A1 by FlyInside Helicopter is now available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


Bell 47G-2A1

Price is US$34.95



X-Plane 11
Windows Only At This Time
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Download Size: 658 MB
Current Version: 1.5



News by Stephen Dutton

5th January 2022

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