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Aircraft Update : Boeing 777 Worldliner Pro 1.9.5 by FlightFactor/Vmax

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777-200ER_195 Header.jpg


Aircraft Update : Boeing 777 Worldliner Pro 1.9.5 by FlightFactor/Vmax


The big twin Boeing 777 Professional Series from FlightFactor/Vmax has been updated to version 1.9.5. This update makes the B777 Pro usable in X-Plane11 (not yet fully XP11 compliant) but this update does cover the important changes of the jet engine thrust parameters that was changed in the X-Plane11beta12 release. 


777-200ER_195 Head 1.jpg777-200ER_195 Head 2.jpg

777-200ER_195 Head 3.jpg777-200ER_195 Head 4.jpg


777-200ER_195 Head 5.jpg


Also with this update is the distinction now of completely separate aircraft versions of the aircraft for both _XP10 (XP10.52) and _XP11 and so you will have quite a few none usable aircraft now showing up in your selection menu. This multitude of versions are now going to grow prolifically as other developers follow this same trend and it is certainly noticeable here and certainly if you have the "Extended Pack" because there are four variants that is now doubled up to eight and four of those are not usable in either X-Plane application. These separate aircraft versions could start to fill up your menus very quickly unless there is compromise found to distinctively allocate the versions of aircraft to the acceptable platform application.


The new changelog notes the changes:


- split xp10 and xp11 files
- added a fix for xp11 beta engine issues (temporary)


However flying the B777 Pro you do feel far more items than on the changelog were attended to, to bring the aircraft to an X-Plane11 usable flying condition. It flies very nicely thank you very much, and the big smile on my face says "I'm glad to have you back", and certainly the option to be able to use the aircraft in X-Plane11 is a very big benefit as well.


777-200ER_195 Head 6.jpg


Those X-Plane11 features help any aircraft, but the B777 Twin looks very good with it's shiny new skin.


777-200ER_195 Cabin 1.jpg777-200ER_195 Cabin 2.jpg

777-200ER_195 Cabin 3.jpg


Everyone would feel the Boeing 777 cockpit is a slightly darkish place with all the browns, but X-Plane11 and the new PBR (Physically-Based Rendering) feature does now bring in a lot of life and dynamics to the whole space.


777-200ER_195 Land 1.jpg777-200ER_195 Land 2.jpg

777-200ER_195 Land 3.jpg777-200ER_195 Land 4.jpg


The "Extended Pack" includes four versions (below) of the Boeing 777 Worldliner, and the standard version includes the above Boeing 777-200LR.


  • Boeing 777-200 LR
  • Boeing 777-200 F (Cargo)
  • Boeing 777-300 ER
  • Boeing 777-200 ER


Not a big update by any means, but at least the aircraft is usable in X-Plane11 until the whole new X-Plane11 version goes final.


Go to your X-PlaneStore account now to update to the new 1.95 version (It may note the older v1.94, but it is actually the v1.95) and if you would like to purchase the Boeing 777 Professional Series packages then the details are set out below..



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


The 1.95 update is now available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


Price is US$59.95 - Boeing 777 Worldliner Professional

Price is US$84.95 - Boeing 777 Worldliner Professional - Extended Pack


- Designed by FlightFactor (Philipp and Ramzzess) and produced by VMAX

The 1.92 update is free to all users that have purchased the Boeing 777 (Pro and Ext) Series. Just go to to your X-Plane.Org Store account and log-in to download.



  • Fully Functional FMS - Plan your routes like a real pilot
  • Custom designed Flight Management Computer, integrated with other plane systems
  • Custom programmed LNAV logic for terminal procedures
  • Custom designed Navigation Display
  • Tterminal procedure database with RNAV approaches and transitions
  • VNAV managed climbs and descends
  • Takeoff and approach speed calculation
  • Custom autopilot modes for autoland
  • Optimum cruise performance and step climb calculation
  • True-to-life radio navigation with procedural-, route-, and navigation support auto-tuning
  • Custom programmed FMC navigation using GPS-, radio- or inertial navigation with individual position errors and management of actual and required navigation performance
  • Magnetic, true and polar grid course reference
  • Alternate airports, diversion and arrival management
  • Ground proximity warning system using real sounds
  • FMC can be used on external touchscreen or tablet, optimized for the new iPad
  • Incredible 3D modeling - the best eye-candy
  • Amazing virtual cockpit with crisp details - Dynamic reflections
  • Custom 3D sounds and Announcements
  • Add-ons: Push-back truck, Fuel Truck, Passenger bus and Emergency slides ...
  • On-Screen Menus: Configuration and loading menu, Quick Zoom 



X-Plane 10 Fully updated or  current X-Plane 11 - 64 bit required
Windows, Vista, 7 / 8/ 10 (64 bits) or MAC OS 10.10 (or higher - OSX 10.9 will not work), Linux Ubuntu 14.04LTS or compatible (older versions are not supported)
4GB RAM/512 MB VRAM (1GB VRAM Recommended)- 1Gb available hard disk space
Current version : 1.92 (last updated January 25, 2017)
Note: For this update to work correctly on Windows, you need to install the Visual Studio 2015 redistributables, which you can download here:




Developer Site: facebook

Dev Thread : X-Plane.org




Technical Requirements:
Windows XP , Vista, 7 / 8/ 10 (32 or 64 bits) or MAC OS 10.7 (or higher), Linux Ubuntu 14.04LTS or compatible (older versions are not supported)
X-Plane 10.30+. 32 or 64 bit (64bit recommended)
4GB RAM/512 MB VRAM (1GB VRAM Recommended)- 1Gb available hard disk space
Current version : 1.95 (last updated 13th March 2017)


Update Review By Stephen Dutton

14th March 2017

Copyright©2017: X-Plane Reviews


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