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News! Early Preview : Phenom 100 by Carenado

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News! Early Preview : Phenom 100 by Carenado


Early facebook images of Carenado's next plane project is Carenado's first X-Plane jet with the Phenom 100!





Jet aircraft from Carenado have been in the works for quite awhile and also available in FSX/PrePar3d for quite a few years now and there is actually two version in the Phenom -100 and -300 Series. But no doubt the coming release will make the wait worth it, for the Phenom comes with a full G1000 avionics suite as well, and is a HD Series (High Definition) Aircraft.




As the FSX version is also noted as US$39.95, it could be also the most expensive Carenado released in X-Plane yet as well.





It might be a good idea to start saving now, no actual release date or detailed aircraft features are yet available, but my guess is a release around Easter.


Images are courtesy of Carenado©

Developer site : Carenado.com



Stephen Dutton

13th March 2017

Copyright©2017 X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews


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Such a lovely little jet, have been waiting for Carenado jets to be ported into XP for a long time. 

However, I gather from Carenado that this model won't be equipped with a WX radar, which is a massive disappointment when our weather depiction has become real and so accurate. 

Perhaps I am destined to fly the Phenom on the other platform, and use the soon to be Aerobask Eclipse in XP?

Hoping Carenado have had a change of heart. 


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This was taken from another post thread I commented on. I felt this was relevant to this topic as well.


Wow, I was not aware that the Carenado G1000 does not have SIDS and Stars integrated into the system.  Thank you very much for the heads up, and that explains why when I was coming to approach at one of my flights, there was no procedures for me to use to follow RNAV to the runway.  Personally just yesterday ( April.12.2017) as of this post, I did buy the Phenom 100 for the looks of the airplane and the reputation of a Carenado product.  But after playing around with the aircraft briefly stated above, I quickly realized the missteps that the product has.  
First off besides stated briefly above, the quality image textures are vintage 2014, 2015 2K textures which I will say are not bad but we are in 2017 with 4K.  But this is not a deal breaker but I was willing to overlook this blemish.  A lot of the sounds I noticed in the aircraft were similar to the Beechcraft 1900D that I own.  So Reusing existing assets is not a deal breaker as well but a bit of a letdown.  

But the biggest in glaring issue that force me to ask for my money back from the Xplane.org store was the G1000 itself.  Based on my experience of the Skyview via the epic 1000, the G1000 is very cumbersome to use to the point where frustration sets in and you're better off using outside utilities to cut and paste your routes out of sky vector and convert them into FMS files and then loading them into the navigation system.  The G1000 did not flow very well at all.  You need a very well thought out workflow avionics system so the pilot spends less time trying to find things or figure things out.  And spend more time in doing what we like to do best, and that is fly.  The whole purpose of a glass cockpit is the ease of use.  We live in the information, electronic age, not the mechanical, industrial age.  
Because of these failings,  regrettably I requested a refund and settled on the Eclipse 550 NG.  Now to be fair, I have already have experience with the Skyview navigation system because of the epic 1000. When I bought the Phenom 100, I was expecting the same kind of ease of use as the Skyview but in a different way, and didn't mine that as long as the end result was the same. But sadly I was mistaken. The flight dynamics of the aircraft are good and I really enjoyed the flight model itself while I had it.  Also the looks from a distance looks really good too.  The interior was very nice with no complaints, I enjoyed the fact the lights were on gamble's which I felt was a nice touch.  Couldn't get the tables to work if there was tables for the aircraft.  From anesthetics point of view, the aircraft is pleasing a look at and flies well.  But as we all know, that is only half of the experience.  The other half is that the pilot needs to have fun, and sadly I have to say the G1000 falls short tremendously.  Because of this, I'm on the fence for me to buy any G1000 products in the future because of the before mentioned G1000 issues as stated above. No Stationair with the G1000, no TBM850, Kodiak Quest G1000 and the list goes on.  All these products are products I would love to have and purchase over time.

So what is the resolution: on paper it is simple, create a better workflow environment which in turn creates ease of use for the G1000.  Make all actions with a G1000 clickable with the mouse (IE.…  Touch screen interface, simulated).  Maybe RE-brand the product as the G3000 which is a touch screen platform.  It's up to the developer to decide, but it is up to us the paying consumer if we choose to buy the products they produce. It's really simple, give us what we want, and we have no problem in paying for it.  Now I know Carenado has spent a lot of Time & Resources to develop the G1000 avionics package as it is, but from my point of view and others that I've read in the past, they really need to review the product and make it better.  Time will tell if the developer is willing to put in the effort to it and make their existing products and future products better.  We shall see

Dion Markgraf
AKA: Dionsol
Flight Simulation (X-plane 11 Pilot) & Aviation Enthusiast

PS: if you want to see somebody fail in trying to do a review of this aircraft my Twitch channel here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/135249607 part 2 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/135248755

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Your appraisal of the Carenado Phenom 100 is fair and honest. 


I have a real weakness for the little Phenom 100 by Embraer, as it's a gorgeous little bizjet with much presence. 


In terms of capability, well, the real thing is way up there with a magnificently capable Garmin/Prodigy suite. 


As you say, Carenado's version falls short, and what a sad and desperate situation this is. 


This would be a hot selling product if it met with expectations, not just ours set against the real aircraft, but also in terms of Carenado's FSX/P3D variant. 


The lack of procedures is a major omission, as is the lack of weather radar. 

I feel that you have summarised the situation very nicely. I'm hopeful that like many, the failures in this model do not equate to a general "downer" against Carenado, as many of their products are perfectly adequate and fit for purpose. 


In the case of the Phenom, I feel that they have missed the mark, and significantly too, for they have knowingly brought to market a sub standard product at roughly the same time at the little Aerobask 550NG appeared (a beautiful little aeroplane that is enormously capable, but at the same time an enigma too, as Skyviews with GTN's are non an avionics option). 


Instead of leaving things as they stand, Carenado might consider that an overhaul to encompass procedures and SID/STAR plus WX radar is not just optional but necessary, even mandatory.


Carenado have not falsely advertised this could-be gem, yet they might have been clearer in the lack of procedures and WX radar; for instance, their P3D models had WX radars removed due to crashes, and this was clearly stated. Also, a G1000 system might reasonably be expected to offer procedures, so I feel Carenado should have been clearer in this regard, not just at launch, but during the pre-launch build up. 


I fully agree that the unit is hard to use, and without a useable flow. Whilst I do not own the Phenom 100, I do have the Kodiak, and I understand that the units are one and the same. 


One option I had considered was implementing the SID/STAR Python script that can be used in the FF A350 to generate procedures in a subdirectory of default navdata, but I couldn't work out how to get the Garmin to open subfolders (or copy FMS files into the flight plan folder - messy though!). This maybe is a viable short term solution but NOT a fix. 


The other thing is the lack of WX radar, and this for me is a deal breaker, unless somehow I find how to map even the default "stormosope" gauge into the VC somehow. With today's weather rendition and accuracy, why-oh-why has this been left out? The real aircraft may not receive certification without it. 


Im looking forward to a fully featured future iteration of the Carenado Phenom 100.


In fact, I'll be first in line!




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